Whoops! Sorry about that last email.

You might have received an email from me yesterday with the subject line ‘Speaking-Dylan.’ We had some maintenance going on with my blog and that post went out by accident. I’m sorry about that!

My technical genius dude Tyler sat at his desk yesterday wishing he could hit ‘unsend.’ Which is actually such a fine reminder to us all, that once our words go out … we can’t unsend or unsay them.



I assured him y’all are basically the kindest blog readers in the world and would just smile and delete the crazy 2-word email.

I love that about y’all. And I hope you have an amazing Tuesday.


  1. Andrea says

    Oh but for the grace of God, there go I! Poor Tyler! We’ve all done it a time or two. It’s a great learning opportunity and like you said, a valuable reminder to choose our words {and email blasts to blogs :-)} wisely. It takes only a few seconds or minutes to speak in error, but it can take MUCH longer to heal the wounds of words spoken in error. Thank you for reminding me of this!

  2. Marcie says

    Lysa: your ministry is an enormous encouragement to me (and scads of other Jesus seekers too). Please tell Tyler that I see him as a powerful minister too, using his genius skills to encourage many. Grace and peace to all techies! Love mop

  3. Leslie says

    well…. actually I clicked on it and discovered you will be in Lexington, SC in January, I live in SC, eeekkkkk! So finally you will be close enough for these SC devotee girls to go!!! Please thank him for the mistake:)!

  4. Amber Paulsen says

    How awesome God is that He takes little mini-mistakes and turns them into good and for His glory. Reminds me of His amazing promise in Romans 8:28. Great lesson for today on being mindful of our words before we say (or send) them! And no worries on the error. I love how the Lord used it for good anyway (even things we can’t even see). Maybe we’ll find out in eternity. 🙂 Be blessed, Lysa! Be blessed Tyler! Be blessed everyone on this blog!

  5. says

    There are so many emails coming out, if one doesn’t make sense to me I just delete it!!! ‘Speaking – Dylan’ just didn’t sound like it would come from you; so I just deleted it, NO PROBLEMS here!!!!!! Tyler and you should just keep sending out the emails that simply remind us/me that we are ALL people!!!! Oh, and THANK YOU for your quirkiness…I feel right at home!!!

  6. Laurie Fritsch says

    I love it! I’m glad I’m not the only one who does things like that. Tyler – no worries. Take a deep breath, smile, and say, “Oh, well.” Nobody’s perfect. Trust Lysa’s insight here. I got a good chuckle out of it, and needed that, too!

  7. Christi Brotherton says

    Oh, Tyler,

    Please don’t give this a minute of worry! I just deleted yesterday’s email when I opened it, because it didn’t seem like Lysa.

    It actually makes me feel better knowing that others make those kinds of mistakes too!

    I thank you and Lysa for all you do!



    Actually a BIG Thank You Tyler!! I see where Mrs Lysa will be in my city speaking and I am going to sign up so I can go hear her!! I would not have known her speaking schedule without you!! THANK YOU!!

  9. Danielle Drollette says

    That email might have been a mistake but I was able to see that you are coming to Montgomery, AL
    in September of 2016. That to me is a blessing!

  10. says

    I’m asking today for Gods prayer Girls to pray with me – for my sisters strength and her husbands health – please lift them up in Prayer and Blessings and the knowledge that God is in control and they will be okay ⚓️❤️~Gigi

  11. Dianne says

    Has happened to all of us at least once. Maybe God used this to remind some of us to be cautious with our words. God uses all circumstances for His purposes. Thank you, God for this reminder

  12. Rachelle says

    Yes, I just smiled, laughed actually. It made me know that I am not the only one to make the mistake of hitting the send button, and wishing someone would invent the “un-send” button. 🙂

    Many Blessings,

  13. Suzanne R. says

    Thanks Tyler… we needed a little “can’t undo” reminder message ,,, and apparently many of us found out Lysa’s speaking schedule as well!
    God is so amusing at times 😉

  14. Sherry says

    Lysa that email went out for a reason – I clicked on one of your recent articles and that is just what The Lord needed me to hear. Remember sometimes you might think it’s a mistake but He already had the details worked out.

  15. Liz Walker says

    It’s all good, I actually clicked on some of the links on the message and found some interesting things.

  16. samuel Indonesia (Ina) says

    My God bless Mrs Lisa ministry, I learned a lot about how to communicate with God.
    God Bless You all