Is My Weight Really a Big Deal to God?

I always considered my food struggle to be a small thing in light of the bigger challenges of life. I mean, it’s not as big of a deal to God as attitudes of selfishness,
worldliness, or pride — or is it?

I can remember saying, “God, you can mess with my pride, you can mess with my anger, you can mess with my money, you can mess with my selfishness, you can mess with my frustration with my children, you can mess with the times I disrespect my husband . . . you can mess with all that, but don’t mess with my eating.”

However, small things can easily become big things.

Through the years, I began to acknowledge the “big” emotions that often accompanied my “little” food struggle. I realized that I constantly bounced between feeling deprived and guilty; deprived, then guilty. My frustration with myself stripped me of the peace and joy that I wanted to be the hallmark of my life. Us having peace is a big deal to God. Scripture tells us to let the peace of God rule in our hearts (Colossians 3:15).

I think peace is what we want in every area of our life — even our health.

Is your heart dominated by feelings of inadequacy, self-loathing, or defeat about your food struggles? Those are big emotions.

And whenever we feel defeated by an issue, it can prevent us from following God completely.

Consider these questions to gauge where your heart is:

1) Do you measure your worth as a woman by the numbers you see on the scale?

2) How many times have you rationalized “Oh, I deserve this sugary delish. I’ll just start my diet again Monday” but later felt like a failure?

3) How often do you compare your body to your sister’s, a friend’s, or a stranger’s?

4) Do you ever make mental comments about yourself and your weight that you’d never let another person say about you?

If you can identify with even just one of these, let me take you by the hand and whisper to you today… You. Are. Not. Alone. I knew to ask you all of those questions because I’ve said yes to each and every one. It’s good to do a heart-check every once in a while.

To help us, I’ve put together a free 21-Day Challenge based off of my book Made to Crave so we can start satisfying our deepest desires with God, not food. Each day for 3 weeks you’ll receive Biblical encouragement in your email inbox to help you find God’s peace on this journey to get healthy.

Click here to sign up.

And if you just need some Jesus girls to surround you in prayer, leave a comment below. My team and I will be praying over your needs as we head into the weekend.


  1. connie says

    Please pray that I will allow God to have control of my addiction to food
    I have before and lost 100 pounds with his help. I kept it off but have regained 40 pounds over last two years during some difficult circumstances in my life.

    • Allie says

      Connie, I am praying for you! You are strong for being honest and asking for prayer.

    • Lois Eaton says

      Praying for you, Connie. Can you commit yourself to loving God more than you hate your circumstances? Can you commit yourself to thanking God for your circumstances? Can you commit yourself to craving God more than anything?

  2. says

    I have been on steroids for 15 years for Lupus and the have destroyed my body. I ballooned up 85 pounds in the 1st 4 months. I have to take a significant dose of these for the rest of my life or my kidneys will fail. I am so hurt that I will never be that hot, sexy wife that drives my (amazing) hubby wild. He is so good to me, says he loves me and I’m beautiful. But it’s so unfair that on top of being so ill with Lupus, I have to be fat too. 🙁 it’s not from overeating. I am on the verge of having a feeding tube placed because it hurts so much to eat and throw up-like my stomach is digesting razor blades. Please pray for me, Jesus girlfriends. I would give almost anything to have one night to be sexy and beautiful and blow my husband’s mind. I know it’s selfish and vain, but I want him to remember me the way I was before this $&#%! Lupus stole my body and how I look away from me too. I love you, sisters, and am praying for all of you as well.

    • Lois Eaton says

      Somehow I get the impression that your wonderful husband DOES remember the way you were. BUT HE ALSO LOVES YOU THE WAY YOU ARE. I wish I could say the same of my husband. Lupus is a terrible disease. But neither God nor your husband have stopped loving you. Are you willing to take a step in faith and accept that God’s love for you (and your husband’s) makes you a worth while person? Even if your husband had rejected you, God hasn’t. That alone makes you worthwhile.

  3. Mary Stephenson says

    As I sit waiting for the next part of your Outrageous & Contagious 4 conference to begin, I’m thinking, more like struggling with my weight and my lack of want to.i need your prayers! I believe in God but I have NO faith in myself. You are right I have the know how just can’t find the want, even though I am so disgusted with myself. Dear Lord please change me.

    • Lois Eaton says

      You have reached the end of yourself. What a wonderful place to be – now there is no way to go but UP. Pray for grace to truly crave God. Praying for you.

    • Lois Eaton says

      Are you truly craving The Lord? As Lysa has so beautifully put it, that is where we must start on our weight loss journey. Praying for you

  4. Olga says

    YES and yes to all your questions! I do feel horrible, defeated and broken…lately life has beaten me up and food is there to make me feel “better” but that is a fleeting moment and quickly followed by guilt…I need help!

    • Lois Eaton says

      There is NO condemnation to those who walk with God. NONE. If those walking with God never got it wrong this verse would never have been written. It was written because we fail time after time after time. But God NEVER stops loving us. Thank God that He has his arms around you ALWAYS and will never stop loving you. If the God of the multiverse has accepted you, how can you possibly see yourself as a failure?

  5. Kati says

    I am super discouraged by how out of control my weight has become. I feel so defeated everyday and cannot seem to get a handle on it. I desperately want to be healthier and gain control if this part of my life. But I can’t seem to control my food intake or stick with an exercise plan. Prayers greatly appreciated!

    • Lois Eaton says

      mIght I suggest that instead of focussing on your food intake, you focus on craving God?
      Praying for you.

  6. Heather says

    Please pray that I stop overeating. I know what to do and I’ll do good for a few days and then I just let loose. I feel stuck in bondage. I’ve been believing good for a break through. I’ve been doing my part too as in praying and speaking scripture. I have the made to crave book and dvd. I feel like a whirlwind going around and around and can’t get out of the mental stronghold. All I think of is food and it’s driving me completely crazy. I feel like it’s because I’m focusing on it to much… what I can have, what I can’t have. What started out as losing 10 pounds has increased to 20 instead. I’m gaining instead of losing. Love u guys thanks for the prayers

    • Allie says

      I completely relate to the constant thoughts about food. Is struggle with that everyday. It definitely helps to talk about it. I am praying for you. 🙂

    • Lois Eaton says

      hi Heather,
      I too can totally relate to this. Have you asked God to help you keep your mind on Him? Have you asked Him to help you crave Him so much there is no room left inside you for food cravings? Praying for you.

  7. Janice Bittner says

    I got up this morning, and just felt like everything was soooo wrong, and I have been near to tears all morning. The snow, the ice, life, work, home, everything just seems WRONG. I got to work and God blessed me with a good friend who helped me understand what is going on, why I am feeling this way. I have been working through the Made to Crave bible study, and yesterday I started week 4 – Truth. My friend helped me understand that my feelings were the work of Satan. He is getting more and more upset that I am working on growing closer to, and CRAVING God. And the devil doesn’t want me to do that. He wants me to stay right at the place I am. And for me, the easiest way to do that is by trashing me emotionally. Week 4 is Truth. Which is one of the hardest things for me to accept. That I am a beloved child of God, that I matter, that I’m worth more than what I think I am. But since I know that the devil is working against me, maybe THIS time, I’ll be in a much better position to fight that. But I sure could use all the prayers I can get. I don’t want to run to food they way I have in the past. I don’t want to feel like garbage. I want to believe.

    • Lois Eaton says

      I came home from work Monday in tears. I teach in a school for behaviour problem teenagers. One had turned on me with totally unjustified abuse and foul language and just wouldn’t stop. Normally as soon as I got home I would have turned to food. I told myself firmly that I loved God more than I loved food and IT WORKED. I was able to pray through the situation instead of turning to food. This is a HUGE step forward for me. God’s love and grace is there for you too! Remember that He has promised He will NEVER leave you. Thank Him that He is there for you ALWAYS. Praying for you.

  8. Kim says

    I’ve been in a very tough place for almost 4 years & have struggled greatly with keeping my head above water while trying to see God’s direction in the midst of some intense craziness. Stress has been off the charts. And yes, I’ve turned to food over & over again. Now I’m wearing my stress all over my overweight body. Most days defeat is added on top of the mounds of stress & fatigue & difficulty. I barely recognize the woman looking back at me in the mornings as I brush my teeth. Your prayer support is appreciated. I want to be healthy, but more important, I want God to be the first place I turn. I want to find my comfort & strength in Him, not food.

  9. Darcy says

    I am reading your book, Made to Crave, and have an interesting take on being around “the skinny people.” I am surrounded by overweight people. None of them seem at all concerned about their weight, at least to the point of seriously doing anything about it. Many of them often talk about changing their eating patterns and exercising, but this is usually connected to the lastest fad or popular current trend. Two of them participate in working out at home and at the gym, they even drink healthy smoothies, all the while continuing their excessive portions, special coffee drinks, and treats. Because I weigh less than any of them, yet 30 lbs overweight, I am often criticized annd mocked for my weight loss efforts. I am constantly told that I look better and healthier with more weight. This is very difficult to overcome and persevere. Your book is extremely helpful and encouraging. I am finding new hope and support in your words. Thank you! I look forward to sharing this with my clients.

  10. Karina says

    Hi ladies,
    I ask for your encouragement and prayers. I have struggled with food issues most of my life. Even when I was slim I hated my body. I am sure most of you can relate. I am now divorced and have two small children – I had to have c-section births for both. I weigh 230 pounds and i am a yo yo dieter – always after the quick fix. Like Lysa I feel as though i have hit rock bottom with this struggle as I go into my 40th year. God graciously sent me a beautiful partner and man of God to do life with. Whilst we believe and try and focus on the journey God has led us on I know he struggles also with my weight and I also struggle and worry about the physical aspect of our relationship. I have many times ended up in a ball on the floor in tears for this struggle and I cannot feel Gods presence during those times. I am clouded and disconnected. I ask for your prayers to overcome not only the food issues but the issues of my worth and self loathing. Thank you and God bless you all.

    • Lois Eaton says

      God’s love for you is infinitely greater and more powerful than your hatred of yourself. And if God loves you, there is NO justification for self rejection. He has never rejected you. His grace is there for you!!! praying for you.

  11. Cheryl says

    Hi everyone. Karina, I just read your post and can completely relate on so many levels. I began reading Made To Crave this morning and I must say that I am terrified to start this journey. I have tried and failed to manage my food addiction too many times to count. I have dieted, exercised, prayed…but something is missing. I have always tried to go to God with things, but I really feel like this is something I keep holding on to. Not sure why I’m so afraid to let go, but I have to. It has caused problems in all areas of life, including my relationship with God. So, I just ask for prayers as I start this journey toward freedom and health and know that you all will be in my prayers as well.

    • Lois Eaton says

      Cheryl, I am praying for you that you will be able to make that decision to crave God and God alone. God is there with you, longing to help you make that decision. Lois.

  12. Allie says

    Hey girls,

    Two years ago I began my journey to recovery from binge eating and compulsive overeating. While I have made leaps and bounds in my recovery, I still struggle with one huge question.

    Does God want me to eliminate all of my trigger foods completely and rely on him to follow a daily food plan OR does God want me to rely on him to find balance in all food groups, find moderation with treats, and enjoy occasional feasts the way that Jesus did?

    This debate continues to baffle me, and it is holding me back from finding peace and serenity in recovery. When I try to eliminate all trigger foods and follow a daily meal plan, I sense that I am still trying to control my life. But when I try to rely on God for balance, I find that I cannot control how much I put into my body.

    I hope that someone else out there relates to this baffling question, and I would love any feedback or experience that y’all have.

    It is so good to read all of your testimonies here on this blog. I am praying for all of us who struggle with food addiction and other eating disorders. I know God wants us to live for more!


    • Lois Eaton says

      I would suggest staying completely off trigger foods till you lose interest in them – then it may be safe to try one of them and see what happens.

  13. Lois Eaton says

    Thank you, thank you thank you for writing that book and making it free on the internet!!! At last a book about weight problems that I can actually relate to! (Are you sure you weren’t reading my mind when you listed all the excuses and justifications?) Now when I look at unhealthy food I just pray “Thank You Lord, that I love You more than I love that bad food”. IT WORKS!!! I am losing weight, slowly but surely. The next step is for me to seriously repent over my portion sizes. I am getting there slowly. As soon as I read about the cravings it all made sense and I was able to respond in faith
    Thank you again.
    Love, your sister in The Lord,

  14. Tricia says

    Food is a huge struggle for me and I have been trying to lose weight and focus on God through the book and readings. I did great the first two weeks I started to figure out what foods my body burns and what it does not. I am working with low carb, low sugar with higher amounts of protein and veggies. After the first two weeks, I stopped losing again! Its very frustrating and difficult to maintain when you feel like your getting no where. Please pray as there has many of my eating triggers being stomped on by the evil one this week!!!