Recapturing “US” in the Midst of Our “RUSH”

Mary and Ken lived right down the street from me. They were famous for their amazing hospitality, adorable farmhouse, and parties that stepped right out of the pages of Southern Living.

Mary was alive with creativity and was always thinking of ways to bless others. Ken adored living out his retirement years helping his bride create a haven for family and friends.

They were still young and vivacious with many plans. But cancer swept in and, before long, Ken laid Mary to rest in the arms of Jesus.

I remember seeing Ken in our restaurant not long after Mary’s funeral. He and Mary had been regulars for years. I knew I needed to stop and say something. But what?

I felt so unsure as I walked toward my grieving friend.

As I approached, words escaped me, so I just bent down and gave him a hug. Tears filled his eyes, “The silence is killing me Lysa.”

“Well then, you must come to our house for dinner. I can’t always promise it will be tidy and I’m certainly no great cook, but one thing is for sure… my house is never silent.”

Thus started a tradition – Monday night dinners.

I have to admit that I didn’t feel adequate to have Mary’s husband over for dinner. He was used to Mary’s lavish meals… all I had to give were quick and thrown together kid-friendly offerings.

We never had candles or tablecloths or even a properly set table. But the noise of our family was an orchestra of comfort and healing to Ken’s lonely heart.

We just did life and let him join in. I would often ask about Mary’s ways of doing things and his face would light up at the opportunity to keep part of her alive.

One night, as Ken was leaving our home, he stepped off the sidewalk to make his way over to a bush in full bloom. He tenderly picked up one of the flowers and pressed his face close, breathing deeply its scent.

He then looked back at me standing in the doorway and said, “Don’t miss this. Don’t rush through your life, Lysa. Make time to stop and breathe it all in.”

I’ve never forgotten that.

My family and I still preserve that sacred space for Monday night dinners. We invite co-workers, acquaintances, and friends that feel like family to join us. We take time to talk. Laugh. Process life. Breathe it all in.

Although our to-do lists and schedules tug at us to get our attention, we don’t allow anything to take priority over these moments. I refuse to let the people I’ve been entrusted with get my ‘less’ instead of my ‘best’ because I’m distracted.

It’s amazing to me that what started out as a simple gesture to help a grieving neighbor became one of the greatest blessings of my life. And I’ve done a lot of breathing it all in, ever since.

If you ever feel like the relationships you treasure most are constantly getting your ‘less’ instead of your ‘best,’ I’d love to invite you to join me for a Monday night dinner conversation around my kitchen table. I’ll be webcasting from my house and teaching on powerful ways to recapture the “us” in the midst of our “rush.”

You don’t want to miss it. Here’s all the information:

Who: Me, you, and friends…
– Renee Swope
– Chrystal Evans Hurst
– Melissa Taylor
– Nicki Koziarz
– Paige Klein
– Tonia Bendickson

Where: Broadcast from my house to your home! Join us here at www.LysaTerKeurst.com.

When: Monday, September 8th – 8pm EST

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Leave a comment below telling me a few of your friends you plan to invite to watch this. I’ll randomly pick three commenters to win a $25 gift card to either Target or Walmart – your choice!


  1. Toni Berry says

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to grow and share! This past year has been extremely stressful for me and I had been praying for God to send me girlfriends. My heart was aching for that special support that only close girlfriends can provide! One day, my 13 year old son was trying to convince me that we needed to move into the neighborhood where all his buddies live. Well, we did end up moving and God blessed me with the greatest group of ladies! They are the Moms of my son’s buddies! They welcomed me wholeheartedly and I have never felt so blessed! So, I will be inviting each of these wonderful ladies:)

  2. dawn says

    This is a great tradition to start. I’m inviting cyndi nelson, Tammy cleveland, heidi young, and Leah Ann dixon

  3. Christy Belisle says

    I will be inviting a couple friends from church and the Fit Moms for Life group that I lead.

  4. Kimber Bates says

    We are starting this study this fall at my Women of Faith group and I’m so excited to be a part of it! Looking forward to the webcast! I’ve never seen you lovely ladies but Jesus has brought you into my life for this very purpose.

  5. Jami Platt says

    I plan on inviting my husband and our 5 children to be a part of this. In doing so, I hope this will start our own tradition of having family and their friends over 1 night a week. Thank you for the invite and I look forward to starting something new with my family. God’s blessings to you and your family.

  6. Lisa says

    I have already invited my best girl friends that I don’t see enough of. So far, we are a group of 4 to tune in. Thank you!

  7. says

    I will be inviting my hubby & two boys as this is our family day and night together after a full weekend of 3 services and football! I want them to here all about the Best yes! My husband actually shared Micheal Hyatt review on his blog at our church staff meeting last week! So cool.. So I want him to hear you !

  8. Kirstin Bolt says

    I’ve been incredibly inspired by Lysa and can’t wait to see how her words press deep into my soul. I’m looking forward to this webcast, shared with 8 of my girls.

  9. Linda H. says

    This is such a wonderful post. A reminder to live life to the fullest by reaching out to others and not taking any moment or gift for granted. Thank you so much.

  10. Ginny says

    I will be at the beach sharing a condo with my parents, aunt and sister and each of our families so this is perfect timing for us to tune in!

  11. Pam D. says

    I will invite my 2 friends from church, Donna and Rosemary. We have started hanging out sometimes for girl time together and it’s been good for my soul!

  12. Julie Naylor says

    Lysa , I love this story ! I have two dear girlfriends , one being my cousins wife . They were both widowed suddenly & I thought of them first. We live in different states but my prayer will be that someone will take them under their wing & invite them to just spend time with them . So I will invite Debbie , Sue, Joanne , Tammy & I’m sure they will pass along this information too . Thank you for sharing !

  13. Brenda says

    Our church Moms group studied your book and learned how to be ‘more than good Bible study girls’–I know several who keep up with the daily devotions and will ‘be there’ Monday night.

  14. Rhonda Adams says

    Really looking forward to this webcast. I have invited 5 ladies to this event. My daughter, my soon to be daughter-in-law and her mother, and two neighbors. We plan to make this a girls night out with preparing a gourmet meal including an appetizer and dessert!


  15. Teri says

    Hello! I’ve invited my girls from our home Bible Study…. Sheri, Karen, Patty, Danna, Linda and Janet. We dawdled over Unglued for weeks on weeks- so much to discuss and learn and give up to God!! We’re so looking forward to the new study!! Its gonna be a pizza nite 🙂

  16. Leah Claibourne says

    I plan on inviting my new neighbor to come watch this with me. My plan is to invite her into my apartment and we can watch it and be blessed together! 🙂

  17. Kim Painter says

    II sent out a huge invite to many of my lady friends. So far I have nine that say they are excited to attend. I have Barbara Swisher, Kathy Rule, Sandy Huffman, Linda Brooks, Cindy Marshall, Traci Marshall, Bobbie Miller, Denise Wells, Zuzanna Loar. We will be enjoying dessert while you are enjoying your dinner. 🙂

  18. Tracy Larson says

    I am sending out an invitation for a BEST YES study… and will invite them all to join you as well 🙂

  19. Shannon says

    I’m inviting my husband, our 2 high-school kids and our 2 college-aged daughters! Being a family of 10 we so need this! Thank you!

  20. Tara says

    I’m using tonight’s webcast for our Ladies Bible Study tonight. We’re gonna use the youth room where there are couches and recliners .. gonna get cozy comfy with coffee and snacks, too!

  21. Rosie from TX says

    The last two years I’ve spent working with the youth @ our church. This year I had to say no to allow myself time to hear from God and grow spiritually. I will be inviting my family, my support system and inspiration.