The Secret For Unleashing God’s Peace In Your Situation – #BEaNOTICER

I’ll never forget the night I helped my son edit his college term paper. Something he wrote was so powerful it jumped off my computer screen, grabbed my heart, and challenged my perspective.

If there was ever a secret for unleashing God’s powerful peace in a situation, it’s developing a heart of true thanksgiving. My son, Jackson, knows this.

#BEaNOTICER Challenge

The truly thankful person is a truly peaceful person. They have made a habit no matter what to notice, pause and choose.

Notice something for which to be thankful no matter what circumstance they’re in.

Pause to acknowledge this something as a reminder of God’s presence.

Choose to focus on God’s presence until His powerful peace is unleashed.

Jackson’s paper was about the corruption and greed that caused the civil war in his native land – Liberia, Africa. He did a great job recounting the facts of the story. But the difference between Jackson and most other kids explaining a historical event is before we adopted him, he lived in the midst of the horrific conditions of this war.

During one part of the paper, he described what it felt like to be naked digging through the trash looking for the treasure of thrown away food.

The treasure of thrown away food.

I can hardly type those words without crying. This is my son.

And yet, despite the horrific conditions of his childhood there was an unexplainable thread of peace woven throughout his recollection of the story. A powerful peace centered in the awareness of God’s presence.

I doubt any of us will find our treasure in thrown away food today. But will we be a noticer, a pauser, a chooser – a person of thanksgiving no matter what circumstance we’re facing?

I find this truth about the power of thanksgiving over and over in Scripture. What was the prayer Daniel prayed right before being thrown into the lion’s den and witnessing God miraculously shut the lions’ mouths? Thanksgiving.

After three days in the belly of a fish, what was the cry of Jonah’s heart right before he was finally delivered onto dry land? Thanksgiving.

How are we instructed to pray in Philippians 4:6 when we feel anxious? With thanksgiving.

And what is the outcome of each of these situations where thanksgiving is proclaimed? Peace. Powerful, unexplainable, uncontainable peace.

“And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus,” (Philippians 4:7).

Interestingly enough, one of Webster’s official definitions of thanksgiving is: “a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness.”

Will you join me in celebrating God’s divine goodness today?

This week I’ve been posting about how to #BEaNOTICER (click here if you missed the first post, and here if you missed the second post.) Our final focus of this challenge is to be a noticer of the treasures in our hard circumstances.

Leave a comment below telling me how you are cultivating a heart of thanksgiving and seeing God in your struggle today. I’m choosing 3 winners for my #BEaNOTICER giveaway, which includes a copy of Unglued, Unglued Devotional: 60 Days to Imperfect Progress, and a set of Unglued key tags.

You can also share what you’re doing to be a noticer on social media. If you’re on Instagram or Twitter, post a picture and tag me @LysaTerKeurst using the hashtag… #BEaNOTICER.


  1. Lynne Lancaster says

    I retired from teaching at the end of this past school year to be available to be the primary caregiver for my mom in our home who receives HOSPICE services due to her being physically incapacitated and having significant issues with dementia. My dad had passed away a little over a year ago and we had managed to keep him and my mom at home though both of them had very significant multiple health issues. Besides caring for my mom, I wondered how I could maintain contact with others and be used by God in other ways despite being often confined to spending so much of my time at home. I learned that God could use the struggles that I faced and that I could be a support to others through posts and messaging on Facebook when I noticed those who were facing similar trials with dealing with a loss or caring for aging parents. Not only could I be a support to others but I gained much encouragement as I faced my own situations in knowing there was someone else out there who was helping to pray me through. Having gone through multiple tragedies in our family, I have found that when I start praying Lord let me be a blessing to someone else down the line because of what You teach me in the midst of the storm, that things start to look so much brighter and I climb out of that valley experience as I start to notice the needs of others.

    • Eunice Dettering says

      GOD IS A GOOD GOD. I went trough the same thing with my mom.I would do it again if i had to.My. mom had cancer. That was a hard pill to swallow. To see ur loved one to go tru.But i lean on GOD’S hands and he took both of us through it. Thank You. GOD. 1st time sharing this.Thank you for sharing this. It was hard for me.

  2. Barbara says

    We are to give thanks in all things… I was taught this my entire Christian life. It’s so easy when it’s blessings that God bestows upon us… but what about the moments in life that are not so good. Yes we are to give thanks even then. My mom was sick on and off for 4 years… on and off life support. She suffered a lot in the last few days of her life. I remember when she passed away… everyone there was crying. I slipped into a restroom by myself and as hard as it was I gave thanks to God for taking my momma… and relieving her from all the pain she had endured. Immediately peace covered me… a warmth I cannot explain. So, yes… it has taught me… Give thanks in all things and God takes care of the rest!

  3. Kim Carr says

    I can never put into words how your devotionals on emotional eating have impacted me. Since one of your very first devotionals in 2014, where you empathised that God should be fulfilling us- not food and the act of eating. I have asked God to help me with this issue. My food struggle was that I eat to fill myself up not filling myself with God and His truths. I am not a large person but I have been carrying around about 25 extra pounds and through your experiences with food you have helped me to lose 21 pounds. Thank you for sharing your personal human failings with this reader and Wow what an impact your words thorough and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ have moved me in a totally healthy way of looking at food!

  4. says

    The past 2 years have been truly amazing. First I found myself in the path of a drunken driver. I would be crushed and my body broken but would experience God in such a mighty way. He reminded me of forgiveness and as I recovered,I would meet the man who had caused me such pain, and pour out the beauty of our painful encounter with the power of Christ and his love for us. My pain is temp. My relationship is eternal. I would later find I had a rare blood disorder and in the middle of panic would grasp his presence and praise his love for me. He saw fit to give me another challenge to glorify him through. My husband would donate a kidney only to find his remaining one had formed a rare disorder. Again, in my moment of defeat I was delivered. God has not forgotten me he has favored me so I might share my amazing journey with others and help them understand that defeat is a choice and deliverance is freely given by a gracious God!

    • Natalie says

      Love that last statement! May I post on facebook the last part of that statement beginning with the word “defeat”? I just saw that demonstrated today in my granddaughter’s life..

  5. Micah says


    I know that you adopted some of your children from Africa and my husband and I are also wanting to adopt. We have been trying to reach out to people that have been through the process already and can recommend a reputable agency that we can work with. We are both hopeful and prayerful that by reaching out and sharing our story with others, we will be able to connect with people that will be able to help us on our adoption journey. Thank you so much for sharing stories about your family; they have given me hope and I am truly looking forward to being a mother someday 🙂

  6. Becky Webb says

    I have a great life – a fabulous Christian husband, 3 great, happy, healthy little kids, a warm house, a stable income from a job I enjoy. Yet… I have struggled with thankfulness and have complained too much. It’s a good life, but it’s not the one I imagined for myself. I used to be a world traveler (pre-marriage) and always hated the idea of stability, of the “American dream”, for myself. Now, I struggle with contentment. But God’s been talking to me a lot lately about letting go of that old view of myself and finding purpose in my work as a mother and contentment and thankfulness in the life God’s given me. I appreciate this post. It comes on the tail of other similar messages in the last week and is, I think, God working with me to reshape my view of myself and the purpose of my life.

  7. Esther Farnham says

    I just had to write a quick note after reading your devotional today on “BEaNoticer”. I was leaving the pediatrician’s office with my 7 year-old son, Benjamin. I had prayed for him today in a Mom’s in Prayer group – for his health. Benjamin has struggled for the last many months with sinus infections, asthma, neck pain. I worry about him. He is so precious, but his health always seems vulnerable. We prayed for his health today. Yet, he arrived him from school, I could tell he was struggling. His cough was frequent, he was weak and running low grade fever. I could not help but think – “God, but I prayed for Benjamin’s health specifically today”. Nevertheless, God was present. The pediatrician’s office fit us in quickly. Two doctors’ consulted on Benjamin’s recent visits and developed a “game plan” for his recovery, and sent us on our way to Walgreens to pick up a new antibiotic. As we departed Walgreens, Benjamin and I noticed a homeless man sitting on a bench outside the Walgreens. His eyes were blank and sad. He didn’t ask us for anything, but watched us walk away. I got in my van with Benjamin, knowing I would not give the man money, but feeling pulled to help him. This longing to help the man made absolutely NO SENSE given our circumstances. I had Benjamin in the car coughing. I had antibiotics in my purse that he needed to take, and two other kids at home waiting for me to start dinner. However, I felt a strong pull to help the man. I asked Benjamin for his 7 year-old advice. So, we pulled into Bojangles, ordered the “Bojangles Supreme”, sweet tea and turned our car around. Long story short, we pulled back to the bench at Walgreens. Both, Benjamin and I got out of our van. We delivered the food to the man, and asked him his name. And do you know what he said, “My name is Benjamin”. My son and I stood shocked. My sweet Benjamin made a new friend tonight. Another Benjamin. They agreed to pray for each other tonight. We prayed together on the bench. The two Benjamin’s are both praying tonight for each other’s health and rest. And our new friends asked us to check on him again soon. Well God, I guess you call us to “Be Noticers,” and to find thanksgiving in all circumstances. It’s cool to see the Holy Spirit at work! Thank you for your devotionals Lysa! Esther Farnham

  8. Sharon Wise says

    Lysa, I attended the Win Some Women on Mackinaw Island this past October. After going home I sent a message to let you know that I had previously heard you speak at the North American Christian Convention in Cincinnati 2012. However, I recently realized that the city was actually Orlando where the convention was held that year. That was the time I first heard you speak. In January this year, I began facilitating a Sunday School class for women and selected the Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl curriculum. The women are loving it. I have noticed how the women are relating to the themes in this study. They open up during small group time and share from their hearts and their tears. Thank you being obedient to God’s call on your life.

  9. says

    Hi Lysa! I am being a noticed as I pray for God to work in my husband’s life, specifically with the care he receives from the VA hospital. My husband is a disabled veteran who was injured in a training accident 15 years ago when his Humvee was run over by a Bradley tank . As a result, he is in horrible pain everyday, despite the medications he is taking, and the VA refuses to do anything else for him, even the alternative treatments we have tried which help him, and that out church has blessed us in helping to pay for. We are frustrated, worn out, weary to the core-but instead of focusing on how I feel, I focus on the truth that my God is with me, and goes before me and He is not moved by the world or afraid of my husband’s pain or the VA, or anything else I face because He is I AM. I am thanking him in prayer daily for what I KNOW He is going to do because He works ALL things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to HIS purpose. (Did I mention that my husband surrendered to preach the gospel). I am determined to notice where I see God working and answering prayer in this situation 🙂

  10. Teri says

    Dear Lysa-
    This post was timely for me. We have a son who struggles with addiction and we have walked this road for many years. The past year has been especially difficult in that just as it seemed he was on the road to recovery his longtime girlfriend overdosed and died. He relapsed and though we offered to put him in private rehab the judge sentenced him to a year in the county jail. Though this is not what I wanted, before that sentencing I was on my knees pleading with God to do whatever would save this boy’s life. So now as he serves a year in jail I thank God every day that he is warm, is being fed, that he is safe and he is clean from addiction. Just last night I spoke with his girlfriend’s mom who has continued to be a loving support for our son. She too said, “Even though the grief of losing our baby is still almost unbearable, we are so thankful that we know that she is safe in the arms of a savior who loves her and watches over us until we see her again”. I feel God’s hand constantly in my ability to accept what has happened and to see how He continues to bless us. Thank you.

  11. Deb says

    I love this post! This concept of being thankful and truly SEEING the gifts of people in our lives… and of God’s miracles despite overwhelming situations in our lives… this is what has held us together. Our son Connor lived with severe medical issues for 8 1/2 years before passing away. He lit up our world, our lives… our hearts. I look back over his life and see God’s hand throughout his life. I see grace and hope. I see peace as God has given us HIS peace… HIS hope…HIS joy. I see the gift of our beautiful adopted son Micah as God’s gift of love, hope and joy as we continue to walk this journey. When Micah was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease at the age of 2 1/2, I see God’s hand all over this little boy’s life. Micah has incredible joy! He loves God’s promises and learning about God’s love. I have absolutely no doubt that God is already using our family, Connor’s story and Micah’s heart to touch so many around us… and to change our hearts and lives completely. We are truly and completely blessed.

  12. Suzanne R. says

    I am keeping my eyes open, b/c I know He is seeking my attention, if I will only pay attention

  13. Lindsay McGhee says

    Our circumstances create opportunities for thankfulness…even in the midst of great trials. It reminds me to Ps. 119:71 (NLT) which says, “My suffering was good for me, for it taught me to pay attention to your decrees.” I never thought I would be thankful for my sufferings: however, as I learned to thank Him for them, His peace overwhelmed my soul only to change the way I view them. Though I still do not want to suffer, I am thankful for it as I wait with great anticipation to see what beautiful fruit it will yield. Thank you for your continued obedience which blesses us all.

  14. Mary says

    The Lord speaks to my daughter and me through your honesty, love for God, and love for others. Thank you for sharing your faith and walk with us. My daughter has been struggling, terribly, with stress/expectations that she needs to be perfect to be of worth. She is working so hard to believe in the truth God says about her, and trying to learn to have victory over her stress. Daily battle. Imperfect progress. The other night, during a meltdown of frustration and anger, all of the sudden she started giving words of thanks. It just started pouring out. She thanked her parents, she thanked God. I could see her visibly relaxing, releasing the stress, and peace coming over her. In the future, when she is unable to get out of the panic, I am going to start thanking God outloud over her until she has that peace.
    And, btw, I broke down and bought a second set of your “Unglued” books finally. I had snuck back into her room to reclaim my books, but when I saw her prayers, thoughts and reminders, I just couldn’t take them. Her heart was poured out to God, and she has received so much encouragement through them. Thanks for walking with us through life. Counting on that victory!

  15. Bekki says

    I will be writing a book about it, and iI was wondering how you got into speaking with someone about it? I want to share this message with others. My family’s story of handling my 5th child’s death is nothing short of Gods grace and love. I want others to feel that no matter what happens, God is really there. Any help you can give?

  16. Bekki says

    I will be writing a book about it, and iI was wondering how you got into speaking with someone about it? I want to share this message with others. My family’s story of handling my 5th child’s death is nothing short of Gods grace and love. I want others to feel that no matter what happens, God is really there. Any help you can give?

  17. Bekki says

    I will be writing a book about it, and iI was wondering how you got into speaking with someone about it? I want to share this message with others. My family’s story of handling my 5th child’s death is nothing short of Gods grace and love. I want others to feel that no matter what happens, God is really there. Any help you can give?

  18. Roxanne says

    Oh, my goodness, I just yesterday signed up to get the email devotions, and the one Lysa had this morning, well, I thought, she was writing about me! I always pray boldly, but, lately, it seems every bold prayer has come out, shall we say, different than what I had prayed for? My tendency is to have an internal temper tantrum that I did not get my way. But, I will definitely take this devotional to heart. God certainly know what is for our best, so much more so than I do! Thanks for the words of scriptural wisdom, Lysa. :O)

  19. Nicole says

    Hi Lysa. I have been reading your book “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God”. Well, in fact, this is the second time I have read it and my small group is reading it and discussing it also.

    In the “I Can’t” chapter, I realized that I Can’t Trust. I can’t trust my husband to take care of me or our finances, any friends to hang with me through thick and thin, my children to not up and leave me some day, etc. What that really means is that I don’t trust God. It is debilitating and suffocating. And, it has found it’s way into hardening my heart.

    Loving your books and your real wisdom like I do, I was wondering if you could help me in finding a good study I could do on Trusting God. I mean, REAL trust in God … not necessarily in the “why does God let bad things happen” sense, but in the “trusting Him with my every day”. I know that if I do not deal with this issue with Him, it will likely destroy me and my marriage, and my relationships with my children, family members, and others.

    I appreciate your help.


  20. says

    Hi Lysa,
    I have read several of your books but “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” was most influential. In the last two years, I have had to say “Yes” to God in some situations where I wanted to say “NO!” My sweet son was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder last year and now my second son is showing similar signs. There have been many points in our journey that I have had to stop and stare hard into a future I wouldn’t have chosen for myself or my children. Your book helped to me at those points to say, “Yes, God. I will walk this road. Your will be done. I trust you.” And it’s amazing how God has rushed into bind my heart and give me the courage to fight for my boys and to help them grow and overcome. I never thought I’d be where I am, but I’ve also needed the presence of God so much, and it’s a good place to be. And through this I can say “God is good. We are blessed.” It’s a blessing to be a watcher of miracles as my children overcome battles with autism. It’s even more amazing to watch my children be a blessing to others. Thank you for helping me again to refocus on God and #BeaNoticer of his glorious character and powerful works, even as we persevere on a difficult journey.
    Thank you!

  21. tana says

    Thank you for this blog! Anytime I find myself feeling sad alone hopeless depressed whatever I let my tears of & then push away from myself to really humble myself before God who has blessed me more than I deserve & my circumstances while not what I wish are not as bad as many other people in the world are dealing with & they’re certainly not as painful as sending my son to die on the cross for the worlds sin… Then I thank God for all that I have & ask for his guidance in my situation& that my actions & re actions glorify His name & point people towards Him. He fills my soul & I feel amazing love.

  22. Emily says

    Hi Lysa! Thank you so much for your encouraging words, and the reminder that we must maintain an attitude of gratitude – no matter what. God doesn’t just expect or suggest it, He commands it. Just a short 18 months ago I found myself without any hope as an unemployed single mother with a drinking problem (one that slowly progressed over the years.) A stranger invited me to a church where for the first time, I heard the good news of the gospel and gave my whole heart and life to Jesus Christ. Three short months later God blessed me with a job I love and a new relationship with an amazing man and fellow church member (he is a bible teacher/interpreter for deaf people). We wee married last October in a breathtaking ceremony in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pa. When I trusted myself to navigate through life, I ended up lost and disappointed at every turn, but when I put my trust in the Lord – he transformed me from the inside out. I have hope and a future now through no efforts of my own. Gratitude? I am overwhelmed with it every day and pray my testimony will encourage others. -Emily
    “The joy of the Lord is my strength”. Nehemiah 8:10

  23. Kathy Fogarty says

    Today’s struggle/challenge: Right at this moment, my husband is taking a stand at work and explaining to his boss he can’t work on Sundays. Although there are uncertainties, (if he will have a job) taking a stand for God will lead us to His certainty. The fear that I feel is not part of His certainty. On my knees I will stand. I notice God through thanksgiving; thanking Him for giving me a husband who stands for Christ and truth. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you this past weekend. I was with my daughter-in-law at First Baptist in Russellville, AR. You some about not attaching our identity to our insecurities. Then you mentioned about how you just started out writing a blog and through different circumstances next thing you knew, you were writing a book. Through that time you felt insecure about writing a book. That helped me so much! You see, you met my daughter-in-law; the one who lost her daughter to Spinal Muscular Atrophy(SMA). She showed you pictures of her children, my grandchildren. 🙂 During Briley Faith’s 61 days here, I, Granna, wrote a blog, my first. Through God-orchestrated circumstances I am now writing a book about that journey and God’s faithfulness. But, because of my insecurity in what I feel I am capable to do, it has been hard to even walk to the computer. It takes all I have to begin each writing. So, thank you for letting God use you to brake that chain of insecurity for me. I continually pray that lives will be changed through my blog. Only God could get it in 61 countries and over 20,000 views. I covet your prayers for wisdom in knowing how, when and where God’s words should land. All I have is a willing heart and God has the rest. Briley’s Daily Dose blog address is http://www.brileysdailydose.blogspot.com.
    Thank you again for being at your appointed time for me on February 28-March 1. Many blessings and happy faces!

  24. Sherri S says

    I have been trying to focus on the good in my “bad” or stressful situation. Instead of being upset that my husband is working an 18 hour day, I have thanked God for giving me a husband who wants to work and support his family. Instead of being anxious that my daughter is sick, I’ve thanked God that I have a beautiful daughter who is otherwise healthy and only has a cold and allergies. In short, instead of focusing on what I don’t have in the moment, I’m focusing on what I DO have in the moment, even if it doesn’t meet my expectation.

  25. Teresa T says

    Thanksgiving is a key part of my continual prayer life. Throughout the day, I try to say short prayers. I look around and pray intercessions or thanksgiving. Right now, I am thankful that your family welcomed the boys into your lives. Adoption is a beautiful thing. I am thankful that He adopted us too.

  26. Keetra McGee says

    God bless you Lysa! I’m doing a women’s bible study at my church over Unglued and it has truly been a blessing!

  27. says

    Slowly walking out the backdoor of depression, I see peace and thanksgiving holding hands on the porch. After two years where thanksgiving became a foreign tongue, my heart is shyly trying to speak the language again. Selling our unlisted house in two days. The wisdom of my counselor. Tender grace. A great new teacher for my daughter with a learning disability. Sunshine. The sweet dance of gun-shy joy. The opportunity to write. I am beyond grateful! Especially for the peace that welcomes my return.

  28. Judy J. Larios says

    I currently going through a separation. the first couple of months were the worse and the hardest thing I have ever done. I could not find a way out of the emotional/depressed hole I was in. My whole world had changed and I did not understand why or who this happened. Nothing was working, talking to friends & family helped temporarily and then it would hit me , reality hit me right where it hurts the most. I started praying more and I started attending mass regularly. I know I have a long ways to go but in this process I am learning to be thankful for my blessings, to notice what I do have around me, my 2 kids, health, a job, food & shelter. To accept that if this is what God wants for me even if I don’t like it I will take it. I want Him to reveal what he has planned for me and my children. Since doing this I have noticed I am more at peace. I am able to bring myself back down when regret, doubt and fear come over me.

  29. Nicole says

    I just want to thank you for your book Unglued. I am reading the book and watching the DVDs with my church. It could not have come at a more perfect time. My husband of 12 years left me and our three kids almost 2 months ago. God has been using your book to speak to my heart and finding Proverbs 31 on Facebook had added that much more to my life. Times are hard for me right now. I’m tired and worn from the battle against Satan but through it all I have found being thankful for what I do have is at the center of it all. I have 3 healthy children, a great job as a nurse, friends and family that are here for me, and most of all a God who is bigger than everything. Impossible is not in His vocabulary and I’m eternally grateful for His grace and mercy in my imperfect progress.

  30. Rachael M says

    Lysa, thank you for your blog. It’s just what I needed to find this morning. I’ve been struggling with the challenge of seeking God first. He’s my best friend, my Father, and my Lord, but this world distracts me. Earlier this week I got very sick and ended up in the hospital. I’m 31 and the symptoms and pain came on over just a few short hours. I thought it was really time to go Home. Come to find out, it was just time to go to the ER. I begged for Gods mercy on my pain. He brought it, eventually. I’m completely fine now, but I find myself wanting to know why I had to go through that. Seeking God first has been a common thread as I read this week, and I didnt know how to do this….until I read your blog post just now “Notice something for which to be thankful no matter what circumstance they’re in. Pause to acknowledge this something as a reminder of God’s presence. Choose to focus on God’s presence until His powerful peace is unleashed” thank you. I feel like I’m headed in the right direction. With love, rachael

  31. says

    After reading Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts”, I took up the challenge of writing my own 1000 gifts. It lifted me from my pit of depression and suicidal thoughts, and helped renew my thinking. This year I got a friend to join me in the three day challenge of writing our gifts so by the end if this year we both will have written 1095 gifts down. With my friend joining me in the challenge it keeps me focused on daily seeing the Lord at work in my life in the hard and easy, fun and boring parts of life. Thanksgiving has turned my stinking thinking into healthy and constructive thinking and has calmed my spirit. When I feel negative thinking threatening to swallow me, I turn my thinking to the many ways I can see God at work all around me now.

  32. Sharon says


    Thank you so much for listening to God’s leading and writing Unglued. Just reading the 1st four chapters has helped me navigate days more successfully. I can’t wait to finish the book and watch the video. It has taken me 30+ years to “notice” that my hurt, solitary life has resulted in a separation from God that can’t be done over. Oh, I was a Christian! I just wasn’t a very good one. I’m praising God that He is the Great Restorer. I may have lost years of growing more intimate with him, serving him as He leads, and letting my life be a real example (not just words but no action).

    I can truly say that now I’m looking forward to the next 30 years and not looking back at the regret of the last 30. I finally noticed some of God’s plan for me and can hardly wait for more.

    Blessings to you and your ministry.

  33. says

    Hi Lysa,

    this is the first time visiting your blog so I’m glad to be here. Your son’s words touched me also. at the beginning of the year God gave me two keys to peace/shalom: gratitude (thanksgiving) and commitment, here is something I wrote re gratitude.

    “It is often at the end of the year and the beginning of another year that people tend to feel awful about their situation and their life and can’t wait to have another go in the New Year, they are way too goal-oriented. The thinking here is that everything in the past was so bad that we need to get as far away from it as possible and do everything better to achieve our desired goal asap, but truly, I don’t think you can authentically and in grace move forward with YHWH God without looking back and looking back with gratitude.”

    The link to the whole post is here http://ontheroadtohealing.org.uk/blog/2014/01/13/gratitude-commitment-keys-for-success/

    Perspective is what makes us a notice as you put it, it seems that your son ‘s view of the world and his circumstances both past and present has enabled him the perspective of thanksgiving and gratitude – this is a precious gift that not all of us have at such a young age.

    Praising God for him and the people who have helped nurture this perspective.