6 Healthy Eating Go-To Scripts

It’s mid-January and if you’re anything like me those changes we decided to make that seemed so exciting January 1, don’t feel so thrilling today.

Have you been having any of these thoughts…

Why is this healthy eating thing such a challenge?

Why does this have to be my issue?

Why does the scale insist on revealing my secrets?

Should a Christian woman even worry about getting healthy?

I’ve already blown my healthy eating commitments this month, so I’ll just start next month. Or next year. Or never.

If any of these resonate with you, I can totally relate. I was stuck in such a cycle of defeat over this issue for years. And honestly, if I’m not careful, I can slip right back into a cycle of defeat so easily.

I’ve never craved a carrot stick in my whole life and don’t think I ever will.

That’s why I have to have Biblically-based healthy eating go-to scripts to help me. Maybe you’ll find these helpful as well. They are from my book, Made to Crave – satisfying life’s deepest desires with God not food.

It’s my gut honest look at the reality that God loves me just as I am no matter what the scale says. But He loves me too much to leave me in a state of defeat.

God made me to consume food, but food was never supposed to consume me.

I pray these scripts are as encouraging and helpful to you as they have been for me.

Healthy Eating Go-To Scripts

Today we are celebrating a milestone at Proverbs 31 Ministries. Over 30,000 have signed up to participate in our Made to Crave online Bible study. If you are looking for a group of women with whom to journey through the ups and downs of making healthy changes in your life, this is a great one to consider. All you need to do to join is:

* Buy your copy of the Made to Crave book here (or wherever the book is sold.) Or you can borrow it from a friend or check it out from your library.

* Sign up for the online Bible study here. There is no cost to join!

For more information on the book, Made to Crave, visit www.MadetoCrave.org by clicking here.

And if you leave a comment below telling me of a friend you’ll share this post with, I will pick five commenters to send a free copy of Made to Crave to!

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  1. Rainy says

    I just pinned the script for easy access no matter where I am. I’m also going to share it with my Mom-we are always commiserating, so now- we can turn this around! I so want to get this under control so my daughter (2) will never have to experience it.

  2. says

    Okay- so you say you read every comment, so I am going to trust that you apparently don’t sleep for days in order to do this! Good Lord, there are a lot here!!

    I have such a burden to share this post I wrote with you and your readers, because although it may not speak specifically to your book, I so long to drive this message home to the hearts of those that struggle with body image issues and weight control etc. I pray it’s okay to share it with you here! I tried to email a while ago, and didn’t get a response. I understand- of course. But I have a passion for writing and sharing His Love to the mainstream population of women bloggers, and I pray they see God through my words.
    Here is the link to my friend’s blog who wanted to publish it. Her article that inspired my post was heartbreaking and sadly a reflection of many, I’m sure. We are losing hearts to weight… as our appearance is taking over our priorities and it saddens me deeply to see our culture’s downfall into a superficial purgatory.


    Would you make my dream come true and read it? I know that sounds a bit creepy, but seriously- you have no idea how much I want a platform for my message. And well, during the Holidays we played a game that asked this question: “If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be?” You, Lysa. I would pick you!
    Promise I’m not nuts- just passionate!! 😉 XOXOXO

  3. Nancy says

    My daughter posted to my Facebook page that she signed up. After reading and seeing what it was all about, I signed up also. I have shared it on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  4. Susie Yost says

    Please pray for my niece, Heather. She was once a Lt. in the Salvation Army until there was a divorce. It seems ever since the weight has been there. She loves the Lord. I know this study would be a blessing in so many areas, so I am praying she will give it a try.
    My love and prayers to all involved at your end. Susie

  5. says

    I belong to a TOPS group (Taking Pounds off Sensibly), and I’m posting this to our facebook page. We ALL need this godly encouragement! So, I’m sharing with Colleen, Arlene, Tim, Judy, and Julie!!!

  6. Caroline says

    How exciting!!!! I cannot wait until the beginning, I have shared this with my friends who are struggling with their weight. Thank you so much for the book and this study. God bless you!!


  7. Martha says

    My dear friend shared about this Bible Study with me and now I’m going to pay it forward and share it with my friend whose heart is open to God changing her. I want to do it together with her.

  8. Judy Barnhard says

    I have a friend who is recovering from Cancer and I will be sharing this study with her. The cancer tumor effected her eye sight and reading is a very big challenge so I will be the reader to her with this Bible study.

  9. Julie says

    I will share this with my daughter. We both need this. She has been trying to lose weight so she can get pregnant

  10. Daw Linden says

    I have just singed up my friend Teresa to do it with me. we are both struggling very hard right now and we plan to meet together and do this all the way together. I have been in studies but never online, she hasn’t either. very excited. i am trying to get her the book but I will be getting it through B&N so i can read it BIG on my laptop. Best wishes to you all on this journey

  11. Senait Afework says

    I will share this with a friend and I hope together we will benefit from this session and we will adopt a healthy eating pattern. God help us!!!

  12. Donna Steadman says

    Thank you Lysa, this is so timely. I have a 21 year old daughter which I pray over her each morning. There is never enough prayer. As a mom I do tend to want to be everything to her and yet know only Jesus could be that. May our hope and faith in Christ never waver. I too can say ” Hello, my name is Mom! Not God.”

  13. says

    I often ponder how to pray for my children. I pray that they follow the Lord but have always felt that some of my prayers should be more specific to their individuality. I just love that you have posted these specific prayers on your site. I would love the opportunity to win. Your posts encourage me everyday to keep moving forward and help me to allow the changing power of our Lord Jesus to change me into the woman HE planned for me to be.

  14. Kathy Fisk says

    I will share this post with my cousin, Mandy Thompson. She began her journey last year, but she is stuck. I pray this will give her Godly motivation to continue towards her goal.

  15. Nancy says

    I am signed up for the M2C online study, but I don’t recall seeing this in an email. So, just want to make sure I did not miss something. I know it starts tomorrow.

  16. Rosalie Shinsato says


    I have already read Made to Crave once and am now reading it a second time and journaling. Thank you so much for this book, it is exactly what I needed to get the right focus, not just for weight loss but for getting the big picture – I was made for more!!
    QUESTION: What is the plan that you followed/are following? I have cut out the “whites”, but am wondering what are the specifics to that.

  17. Melissa Ewen says

    I so want to share this with my mom. We both have shared our weight loss and gains together. I can’t wait to add this to our journey. <3

  18. Ainsley says

    I’m doing this with some of my friends… there’s power in prayer and fellowship! We will replace our cravings together!

  19. mary davis says

    I am sharing this with my mom as we have both struggled way to long with eating healthy. I am confident it will be different this time. I believe and I receive!

  20. Amanda says

    I will share this with my daughter… She is only young but I know that one day she will struggle with her weight whether she is thin or not, we all crave something and I want her to always crave God…

  21. Michele says

    This website was just shared with me by a dear friend. I can’t wait to read the book and sign up for the Bible study. I can’t wait to see the journey this takes me through. Thank you for your wisdom and for sharing this with the public.

  22. Vicki says

    I am sharing this book with my daughter. She has struggled with weight loss and the humiliation of being called names all through school. She is a very loving person and always wanting to help hers. She has raised 3 beautiful kids and now raising her 2 grand daughters. I want her to see how beautiful she really is inside and out.

  23. Julie says

    Thank you for your encouragement and all that you do for women. This is the year for real change.

    God bless you and this ministry!


  24. Cheryl says

    I’ve only recently become acquainted with you and Proverbs 31 Ministries. Seems like I can’t get enough of this!!! Thanks for your inspiration.

  25. says

    You are so encouraging. Definitely pinned this so I can constantly have these scripts with me. I am going to send it to my friend, Eileen. She is trying so hard and needs some encouragement right now.