Thank God for Smelly Shoes

Hi friends! I’m so glad you’ve joined me for week 3 of the 4-week series I’m doing to speak to fragile mama hearts everywhere. (Click here if you missed week 1 or click here if you missed week 2.)

In my motherhood journey, how many shoes will I pick up and put back, only to pick them up and put them back again…and again…and again?

One day, when my children were younger, I remember counting more than 14 pairs of shoes that were just within eyesight of where I was sitting. I was frustrated that these shoes weren’t where they were supposed to be. Visions of chore charts and consequences for leaving things out started dancing about in my mind.

I even went so far as to think that this was yet more evidence that my kids are not as thankful as they should be. Kids who were truly thankful for their shoes would care enough to tuck them into their closet shoe racks.

But as I mentally chided my children for their ungratefulness, I felt God gently give me a piece of my own reprimand.

Was I modeling thankfulness in this moment?

Scattered shoes are a normal, everyday thing with a hidden treasure about them. It’s all in how I choose to look at these shoes that will determine whether I feel drained and frustrated or filled up and thankful.

I stopped and thanked God for this evidence of life. Some had grass and dirt on them as proof that our kids were healthy and strong enough to run and play. Some had scuffmarks from one too many dances on the concrete outside. Some had teeth marks from our beloved dog, Champ, whose favorite pastime is chasing kids, balls, and stray shoes. One had paint on it from a school project. But all were well worn, broken in, and definitely used.

These shoes tell stories of life, if only I make the choice to listen.

Maybe you’ve felt a little frustrated with the shoes scattered about your home as well. But the next time you pick them up, instead of letting frustration whisk you away, listen carefully to the story they tell. Listen carefully and thank God for each and every precious soul who wears those shoes.

Today… let’s look at it all through the lens of thanksgiving. Instead of seeing a mess and frowning, let’s see rich evidence of life and smile.

I want to see it all through the lens of thanksgiving...

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  1. Cherie says

    Lysa – Thank you. I see these posts and think. Wow. The complaints, the murmuring, annoyance – all cover the blessings freely given by God who loves, nurtures and protects. Thank you for removing those scales that prevented me from seeing Him and His love.