3 Free Writing Resources

A few months ago, I asked if you would be interested in learning more about writing.

Your response overwhelmed me in the best way.

Some of you said you are interested in writing your story. Others want to learn how to more effectively pursue the dream of getting published. Still others want to have a greater impact when writing a blog or business memo.

My team and I read your comments. Then we dared to pray and dream and wonder, “Could we do this?”

After many conversations, I’m excited to announce the new monthly membership site we’re launching called “Compel – Words that move people.” We will be opening registration on September 23rd.
Compel_logo-07But today you can get a sneak peek at the type of training we’re offering with Compel.

We’re offering:

To get these resources, just click here to sign up for a reminder email to be sent to you on September 23rd. This will ensure you get into the program at the introductory price of $25/month.

And make sure to help us spread the word to your writer friends.

Leave a comment below telling me how you spread the word about Compel today and you’ll be entered to win a one-year membership for free. We’re giving this away to a randomly chosen commenter from today’s post.

I’m so excited about this new training I could do a cartwheel. Except that’s not really smart for someone who has birthed children. So, I’ll just hoot and holler and thank God for all the amazing fun we’re about to have together.


  1. Jessica Baucum says

    Wow…you are amazing Lysa, and I am so excited to get started in the Compel Program. I am allowing the Lord to lead me as I begin my writing career, and finding out about your new program was certainly His doing. Thank you for being such a blessing. Almost forgot…I shared on Facebook and with family and friends.

  2. says

    This is truly exciting. Your stories are such a powerful part of your writing, Lysa. Look forward to this launch. I liked the new site on Facebook.

  3. Sue C says

    I am sharing on Facebook–what a wonderful idea–look so forward to this new adventure and launch. blessings

  4. Lillian Rudd says

    After reading about the launch I immediately forwarded this in email format to all my friends and associates who inspire to write!!! I am so grateful God literally dropped Proverb 31 Ministries in my lap!!

  5. Shannon G. says

    Very excited about this God given opportunity of Compel! Ultimately he is teaching me through his precious vessel Lysa, thank you for being willing & obedient to his call.

  6. Laura says

    Shared on FB, and will continue to share verbally as I pray about whether this is really a call on my life right now.

  7. says

    I was very excited to hear about Compel! I’ve shared it on facebook, twitter, and will also share with the women’s Bible study group I currently lead on Thursday nights. Guess which study we are doing and being super blessed by? “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” We are into week 4. A.ma.zing!

  8. says

    Hi Lysa,
    Thank you for sharing this valuable information. I’ve already read the 20 Smart Things and listened to The Power of Story. I laughed and I cried. Wow. That’s what I want to be able to do when I talk with people. To communicate on such a valuable level that people get invested by their response. Did I say thanks? Oh, I did. Well, thanks again…it was doubly good.

  9. Lisa Turner says

    I have a group of women who are near and dear to me, will share at our next gathering. Excited about the opportunity.

  10. Krista Clouse says

    Just started reading Unglued. I had received an excerpt via Faith Gateway, watched the session video and prayed about ordering the book. BTW, it was my first day back from a two week vacation – I’m the administrative assistant (the ONLY administrative assistant) for a Baptist church here in Spokane. Throughout the day, what I had read and watched kept coming to the forefront of my brain. You see, just about everything you wrote or said was like my own life being on display. I ordered the book, study guide and DVD. I’ve decided to read the book first and then work on the bible study.

    I have just one request, and I hope you don’t mind. I’ve never been able to retain much of what I read, part of which has been caused by a Chiari 1 malformation of my skull (too many brains, ha!). I had corrective surgery just before my 47th birthday (7 years ago this past Sept 1) and things are a bit better, but retaining what I read can still be a challenge. I would deeply appreciate prayer that God would supernaturally implant those words that WILL be life changing for me, as and if the Lord brings me to mind.

    Last night I read about being chiseled. I deeply want to be released from the rock that has withheld my best for the Lord.

    Thank you so very much for saying “Yes!” to Jesus and writing this book.

    Believing God,
    Krista Clouse
    Joshua 1:9

    • Debi says

      This is for Krista: I started reading your post about reading “Unglued”, and had to go back to look at your name, because I’m in the very same place in the book as you……
      I’m grateful to Lysa for not only her vulnerability, but for the remarkable way she uses word pictures to (hopefully) make a more-nearly-unforgettable impression on our brains.
      Back to the subject of this post: I’ve been told for years that I should write my story, but due to a combination of a perfectionistic reluctance to even start such a massive undertaking and a lack of time while raising two children alone I haven’t gone beyond brainstorming a possible title. 🙂 Compel sounds exciting and motivating! I will share a link on Facebook today.

  11. says

    writing. for me… has become a way of communicating my passion to those around me. & that passion is, CHRIST. everything in me; flaws, insecurities, strengths, doubts, fears, i want to convey to all that it’s about the Creator who molded me that can give me the absolute strength and confidence i need- because on most days, i am not the most confident! just a women and mom seeking continual spiritual guidance! and i want to use my writing to ENCOURAGE CHALLENGE UPLIFT all those around me FOR HIS GLORY! we all have a voice. a journey. a story and the Creator Above wants us to spread His name so if that is through writing, one of many gifts that God gives to people, then why not perfect it in His name through a course! so we can encourage other women who also want to challenge themselves and improve their writing – learn together under His name by spreading the news to others! & see who joins and feels a nudge toward this!

  12. Julie Durchholz says

    You have been such a blessing to me, Lysa. Thank you for saying yes to God and “watering” others’ seeds of creativity. You ROCK!

  13. Kathy says

    I am so excited about Compel. I have forwarded your email to all my email friends who I know want to write better and maybe publish one day. I have written a few things already but haven’t had the courage to investigate publishing. I am looking forward to learning from you. Thanks again for all you do to bring out the best in all of us!

  14. says

    Thanks Lysa! I’ve shared this with my friends in the social media and most importantly, my daughter who would like to write her story! I look forward to learning from your wisdom and experience. Thank you for giving of yourself and living for Jesus.

  15. Rhonda Bourland says

    My Step Mother Verla has been talking about wanting to right a book about her God experiences. Financially she could not pull off this minimal amount each month but I would love to see her fulfill her dream. She is 70+ and could probably write a seven book series on all God has done in her life. Thanks for the consideration I would love to be able to bless her with this means to her dream. 🙂

  16. Elizabeth Jones says

    How awesome & what a valuable resource! I’ll look forward to September 23! I’ve shared on Facebook & pinned on Pinterest!

  17. Janet Maikenti says

    Compell would have been a dream come through for me in Nigeria.But I will have to plan for some other time because of the Financial commitment.Please do let me know when the next one will commence.Thanks for giving many of us the opportunity of a life time….writing,writing,writing.May the lord bless your ministry and I look forward to participating.Will share it on my wall ASAP and by word of mouth with as many as I can.Just saw it today.

  18. Leigh Faison says

    I finished reading your book, Unglued, a few months ago, and I just wanted to thank you for allowing yourself to open up and be so honest with other women about what has caused you to come “unglued” in your own life and how to prevent it from happening again. Your book was so familiar to me I felt almost as if it were written for me. I know there is an unlimited number of women that must feel the same way.
    For years I was in a very unhealthy, emotionally abusive relationship with my in-laws. I was very young when I married into a very wealthy family who valued social status more than personal relationships. For years I thought I could win them over with love, when actually nothing I could have done would have changed how they saw me. What mattered most to them was if I was at the correct social event dressed appropriately and replied with the correct responses when asked a question. For years I felt like there was something wrong with me, even though I was raised in a very loving Christian home. The fact that my in-laws shallow world view affected me so strongly that it lessened my own personal value really shocked my parents, because they couldn’t understand why I allowed them to place value on me. It wasn’t until I had children of my own and saw how my in-laws very conditional love affected them that I realized I had to do something. The reason I am telling you this is because of a statement that was in your book was life changing for me. In Unglued when you wrote something like if people are walking all over you instead walking beside you in a Christian relationship then it is OK to take yourself out of that situation. For years guilt lingered in me for removing myself and my children from that relationship, even though my husband was at peace with it (and what is most ironic is that they are his biological family). My husband had never been close with his family and for years I tried to keep them in our lives. I don’t feel guilty anymore, but I still hope that one day we can have a Christian based family relationship based on love and forgiveness with my in-laws.

  19. DeAnna Boling says

    Lisa I am so excited about Compell! I write inspirational posts daily on FB and get such compliments from people who say they look forward to them daily. My mother encouraged me to write a book several years ago and I know I have it in me. September 23rd is her birthday and I can’t help but feel this is a complete God thing!

  20. Beth says

    I posted a link to this post on my Facebook page…this is coming at the perfect time. I wrote a little monthly column for many years for a local monthly newspaper, but just wrote my last one. I was finding myself wanting to write about my Christianity and my relationship with God as it related to my mothering relationship with my girls, but b/c it was a public newspaper, I couldn’t. I feel the need to find a Christian outlet for my writing, but haven’t gotten very far. Thanks for the giveaway and, in advance, for Compel!

  21. Gwen Nail says

    I have no idea how I’ll spread the word about Compel; I only know it is an accurate descriptor and an answer to prayer. For some time, God has been telling me I need to tell my story. But I have no idea how. One thing that has been impressed upon me (and that I hope you’ll deal with)… is clearing it first with those that might be harmed if it is revealed. I assume if God wants it out, He’ll deal with them… but how do I approach them when they don’t know that anything happened? Anyway, I am so looking forward to this…!

  22. 4chicksmommy says

    Shared on Twitter and Facebook today. I am excited to learn how to be a better writer. I want my words to move people for Him. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us! I cannot wait to hear you in Kansas City this month 😀 (emoticons are probably not professional writing tools).

  23. says

    Hi Lysa. Oh you are such a sweet, generous soul. I was just at your FB party and immediately clicked over here after you mentioned your new program. My husband had a MASSIVE stroke last year. It is a miracle he is alive. God has shown us this blessing in disguise with many miracles and blessings, but financially we are on a “needs” basis. I am involved in your OBS and am growing closer to God. I even was motivated to start my blog during the Let.It.Go study. I have always received compliments on my writing and encouragement from the blog and other things I have done. I would LOVE to be involved in this program but really have to pray about the cost. It is so affordable but things are still shaky with my husband. I don’t want to commit to something that I cannot follow through on.

    Anyway, you asked how we are spreading the word. I am on Pinterest, FB, and Twitter, and I have a blog. I am going to write a page on this and add it to my blog for as long as you have it. I fully believe in this and have changed greatly since I started with the OBS and even before that when I became exposed to Made To Crave. You are a true gift to so many women. I thank you for the opportunity so come here and share. I thank God for you and P31 and OBS. Being home for my husband has been a tremendous blessing and gift from The Lord. Blessings and hugs!

  24. says

    I just want to say, I am truly blessed by you, Lysa. I love hearing you speak. I really think you should have a podcast. You stories reach so many women and are such an inspiration to me. I was listening to you when you were on KLOVE the other morning. You were talking about how each of our stories can reach someone and how you story helped a father see how wrong it was for him to try and convince his daughter to have an abortion. I was in tears. Since listening to you and following you blog, I have felt an overwhelming passion to share Jesus with people in my life. I am praying that God will help me improve in my writing and speaking skills so that I may someday reach even a small percentage of people. I pray that your ministry continues to grow and bless many people. Thank you for what you are doing. Thank you for always speaking on how God can use imperfect people. It is so encouraging.

    I have shared compel on facebook and twitter and I hope that many of my friends will use this tool! I sure hope to.

  25. says

    Resources like this are so valuable to new writers. I have been so thankful for people like you who have come alongside me during my writing journey with Healing Hereafter. It never would have been published without such help!
    May God continue to use you greatly!

  26. says

    I shared about this great opportunity on Twitter. I’ve been passionate about writing for most of my life, but just recently entered the blogging world a few months ago. I’d love some valuable tips about how to use the online community to further my writing dreams and reach a wider audience. Thanks!

  27. says

    God has confirmed tbis creative process. May I be faithful to use the gift He has given in my hands to improve his gift with your resources. That’s a fancy way to say I would live to learn to write better in a more compelling way. Love lysa’s blog, I am a everyday reader of her amazing greatness in words.

  28. Debby Yarbrough says

    I would love to take this course. I love telling life stories and how God has moved me and used me to help people. I think this course will help me! Lysa you are the bomb along with the entire staff of P31!

  29. Ashley says

    The timing of all this is such confirmation for me as God has asked me to hand over the dream I have clutched tightly to my heart! I can’t wait to start and have shared this info through Facebook and the proverbs 31 ministry page. Dreaming with God is SO exhilarating!

  30. Andrea says

    My mom shared this with me on Facebook today, and it’s so exciting! Writing is one of my greatest passions, and since I’m only 14 years old, this could help me so much with my writing! Trusting God for this one!:)

  31. Rosie from TX says

    Truly awesome! I so look forward to being a participant. I have started to develope a desire for writing and consider it to be Gods timing for my life. I will be sharing through Facebook and word of mouth with my friends and family.

  32. Michelle Lee says

    Spreading the word:

    I have three girlfriends who have teens who are excellent writers. One is a young adult. The other two are seniors in high school. One of the girls has already published one book: Never Broken by Emily Audirsch. And the last is a sophomore in high school who adores writing. All of them are artists as well.

    All four of these will make amazing writers one day. I’ve already read some things they’ve written and couldn’t believe it came from people their age. Might invest in our future generations as well!

  33. Nicole Fellows says

    I just shared on Facebook. My OBS group leader (21 on FB) keeps encouraging me to write….and I kinda started a book….I will join this group as soon as I can pay the membership! I am so excited….I am inviting my mom directly!

  34. Mirna Chamorro says

    I thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to receive your e-mail. Your resources and new writing course is truly an answered prayer. I am sharing by forwarding my e-mails to my friends, on facebook and word of mouth. My daughter (16) is the first one to know about this blessing.

  35. Jenny says

    Just saw this post on one of your other blog posts and I was compelled to find out more. I have 3 blogs now and really could use some instruction on writing better and more impactful posts. 2 of the 3 blogs are personal blogs that I write from time to time just for the pure enjoyment of writing…a hobby. The third blog is a bible study blog I have helped set up for my church which is my newest endeavor and boy, am I nervous! I don’t feel qualified but God keeps calling me to do this. I am saying Yes to God on this one but I am scared! I have shared this blog post on my personal Facebook page as well as on my personal blog FB page. I will be praying that God helps me find a way to afford another $25 a month. Are there other blog writing forums that are free?

  36. Lindsay says

    Wow! This is really great! I have been hearing God call me to write a book for a little while now but it was reading “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” with my small group that actually made me listen. I have no experience writing and am terrified of going beyond my comfort zone to write a book and try to get it published with no knowledge in this area. But, I guess this is one of the signs that I am hearing God’s voice and not my own, right?! I am excited to start this endeavor and potential ministry for so many women and pray that my experiences and those of others that will be in my book may help others who have dealt with similar situations. I know that when I was going through my hard time, I would have loved a book like the one I am hoping to create and publish. I look forward to getting some guidance and inspiration from you to assist me on this crazy journey I believe God is calling me to. Thank you so much!

  37. Cindy says

    Hi Lisa, I’m so excited about Compel I haven’t been able to join yet but really looking forward to this. I am going to share the program on facebook, a good way to spread the news. Good luck and God Bless, Cindy

  38. Lisa says

    I am very excited to be joining “Compel”. In fact, I get daily email alerts from Encouragement for Today and I also recently purchased your bundle for your book, Unplugged, and hope to bring this to my church soon. I attend a fairly large church and I’ve just signed up to serve in our creative writing department. Everyone WILL soon know about compel. I also teach at a local college, here and my entire department (mostly women) will also know about “Compel”. We have been on quarter break, but return tomorrow. God bless you with this assignment to train women to put pen to paper, because I will soon be a published author 🙂