Women of Faith Webcast Replay

I had so much fun with my friends at Women of Faith and Saddleback Church on Tuesday. Here’s a snapshot from our planning meeting for the Women of Faith tour this fall. It was all business with Lisa Harper, Sheila Walsh, Holly Wagner, Christine Caine and me.


Spending time with these friends was incredibly refreshing.

And then we did the webcast! We talked about everything. And I mean everything.

Let’s just say Spanx came up in conversation. Honestly, I was relieved at their stance on said unmentionable due to the little problem it caused for me a few weeks ago.


Anyway, if you didn’t have a chance to catch the webcast, the replay is available to watch below!

P.S. If you’re looking for the sneak peek from my new book, take a look at yesterday’s post.


  1. Cindy says

    I love your message; “I am a child of God therefore He’s there for me!” I was Miss Insecurity now trying to be Child of God! This webcast-Women of Faith-has challenged me. Your message that we are the hand-chosen parents for our children is reassuring. This challenges me to go to my strengths instead of my weaknesses.
    Thank you!

  2. Leigh Anne says

    Lysa, I completely identify with the not liking surprises so much! My husband (and extended family) know not to try to do anything for my birthday without running it by me first. I usually end up ruining it! 🙁
    I also have to tell you: I did the 6 week Unglued Bible Study with ladies at church and loved it! I couldn’t stop sharing with everyone how much I was learning and how it was shaping my “imperfect progress” of life! My sister just informed me today that she went and bought the book, too! She’s so excited about it! 🙂 Thanks for following God’s leading to help others biblically work through their emotions.

  3. Kiza says

    Good day, can anyone tell me if the winner was announced yet for the contest to get the books? Have a blessed day.

  4. Karen McSwain says


    I love your blog. You help put things into perspective. Thanks for all you do.

  5. says

    Thank you Lysa & Sheila! Amen! I can relate to many of the stories… homeschooling, line from our child’s weakness, and the faulty voices.. all the insecurities. God is so much bigger and stronger than Satan… if we allow Him to work His Love in us! I look forward to seeing all of you at Women of Faith – Believe God Can Do Anything in Des Moines! My dream and goal is to meet you – perhaps at the conference… My passion is to help other Christian Women Business Owners and I look at you and Sheila as mentors!

  6. Dee says

    I am so into the message. Everything hit a raw nerve for me and jerked me back into the reality that I am not alone in the day to day struggles we all face. It can be so stressful when our children make poor choices and I can easily fall into the bad mom role – good mom role based on the choices they have made. Thank you for the honesty that has touched my heart and helped me see more clearly my role as one of God’s Girls!

  7. says

    I would hang the Family Rules poster in my living room or kitchen as this is where everyone gathers at my house & it would be seen by all who enter my home. I especially love that the first line is the most important & says LOVE JESUS. Thank you so much for your ministry Lysa.