Friday Favorites: A Relaxing Weekend

If you’ve already taken a sneak peek at the picture below to see what my Friday Favorites are for this week, you may be thinking, how do all of these random things relate to each other?


That’s what all of these things speak to me. Sweet, sweet ways to relax.


1)  Okay, so this is an old school movie ticket. I know. I wish they still had old school movie prices – yikes. But I do love spending a weekend afternoon with my kids at the movies every once in a while. We check the reviews, make sure it’s appropriate, and off we go. No real planning involved – just an opportunity for us to spend time together.

Then after the movie, I make sure to engage my kids in talking about what we saw. We’ve had some amazing conversations around topics like courage, adventure, and faith after watching good movies.  Do you know of any family friendly movies due out this summer? Do tell.

2) Another thing you might find me doing with my girls is taking a little trip to the nail salon. Sometimes it’s my treat if we are celebrating a special day. Sometimes it’s dutch treat — which means they have to save their own pennies for this fun time.

My personal favorite color for this time of the year? O.P.I nail polish color “Bubble Bath.” It’s light, fresh, not too much of a statement — but still kinda girly. And that’s just perfect for me.

3) Speaking of bubble baths, I love to take them. It’s an easy way to relax in the comfort of your home — no spa appointment required. It’s also a prime location for some serious quiet time.

4) Lavender. Maybe one of the most lovely relaxation inducers known to womankind. This stuff is great. And if you poke around Pinterest long enough you’ll stumble across tutorials on how to make lavender bundles to enjoy personally or give as gifts.

5) Putting something on your calendar that you’re excited about and can look forward to is always fun. My family and I take time each year to go to Camp-of-the-Woods in New York. It has become a memorable tradition that is wonderfully relaxing and spiritually enriching.

For us, this is the perfect getaway spot. For those of us that like to sit in the sun lakeside and make the most strenuous thing we do all day turning the pages of our book, we can do that. For others in my family who are crazy wild and need zip lines, putt-putt golf, and fishing for creatures, they can do that.

Then at night we sit around the campfire and bond (get in crazy fights) while we lovingly (compete like no body’s business) play family games.

I won’t tell you who usually wins. Me. Okay, I couldn’t hold back.

How will you be relaxing this summer? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll choose one person to win an Unglued Summer Sanity Saver Bundle complete with a copy of Unglued, Unglued Devotional, and a set of Unglued key tags!


  1. Crystal says

    I will be enjoying as many beach days this summer as I can. Listening to the waves in the background while I enjoy a good book makes me feel like I’ve left the world behind. And every once in a while God blesses me with a dolphin swimming by 🙂

  2. Katie Call says

    I will be hanging out with my kiddos by the pool, beach, and making sure that there are plenty of parades we go to see. 🙂

  3. Lisa Dilleshaw says

    I enjoy all you mentioned, but I adore watching movies and even though I’m shy, when I polish my nails, they usually make a statement :). I have the blessing of keeping my granddaughter two days a week, which sometimes can feel like not such a blessing! Did I mention she’s 2 and a half! Also, my mom, who lost her husband in December is coming to live with us. My husband is turning our garage into “mom’s place”. Even though we’re the best of friends, I’m sometimes uncertain of this new adventure. My main form of relaxing is scrap booking. I get lost in it! Starting with the right backdrop (the paper) and choosing my embellishments, then deciding which colors I want to pop! Oh, my! For me, it’s the best! I’ve really been enjoying your blog, actually when my mom gets here, we’re going to try to get her started on one, she loves to write. Well, I’m sorry this got so long, guess I kind of enjoy writing too! 🙂

  4. Rosey says

    Our summer relaxation as a family is volunteering at a Christian teen camp every summer. we have 3 children, none of which are teenagers. But God has used us each year to minister and teach the teens and help them grow closer to Him. My kids look forward to it every year, love the campers to pieces, and themselves grow in faith even though they’re so young. We arrive home physically exhausted yet spiritually rejuvenated and on fire. We all agree it is completely worth the lack of sleep. 2 of our children have gone to this camp to serve since they were born.

  5. Sue says

    We went to the Blue Ridge, GA for 5 days and stayed in a wonderful cabin in the mountains for a long Memorial Day weekend. The view was gorgeous and our time there was restful and relaxing. Then we had to come back & go back to work. That was the extent of our “summer vacation.”

  6. Kathy says

    I’ll be relaxing this summer reading Christian Fiction on my parent’s 35 ft. Mainship when I’m not helping kids play the summer reading game at work (public library). I’m also currently reading Made to Crave, so I know I’ll be busy enjoying food that is good for me and praising God for guiding me onto the right path.

  7. Sheree says

    I’m going to hang out with my husband…he’s a preacher and I’m a teacher so we will have lots of time! I will also spen quality time with my children who are 22, 20 and 15!

  8. Amy Tapp says

    Since I’m a teacher, I will have some time this summer to read books that I WANT to read!!! Currently, I’m reading “Unglued” and I LOVE it! I’ve reread several chapters, especially the chapter on “negative inside chatter”—I can so relate! Also, I enjoy cleaning out cabinets and closets that are neglected the rest of the year due to being too busy teaching. I enjoy spending time with my precious family, my husband, Tim, my daughter, Carrie, who will move away to college in the fall, and my 13 yr old son, John. My goal this summer is to exercise on a regular basis, lose 10lbs, and tone up; so far, the Lord has provided some wonderful summer time fruits and veggies which are so much better for me than the high carb foods and joined a teacher’s aerobics class! We would like to go somewhere for the summer, but we must save our pennies to help with our daughter’s college expenses.

  9. Pam Stewart says

    I love to read read read!! And I like to do it while sitting on our deck w/our 2 black labs (one 10 and one 11so they’ve seen their fair share of mama reading time!!). Thanks Lysa for sharing these Friday fun give aways!! You’re the best!!

  10. pattyap says

    I’ll be having fun with my three boys as much as possible before we all begin school again in the fall. I’m sure the beach is included in there, alot.

  11. Tonja Herbel says

    I hope I get some time off this summer. I like to go to San Antonio to the Riverwalk with my husband. And this year we are taking our two granddaughters with us. I also will be taking my grandchildren to the beach.

  12. Amie says

    We will be bowling, going to the movies, VBS, and the beach. Relaxing as much as possible.

  13. Maura says

    We’ve just come home from a concert in City Park. Took a picnic, got under a shady tree and enjoyed the evening listening to jazz. Greatly looking forward to silent listening prayer times all summer, swimming laps daily, and ranch-sitting for a friend in the mountains for my “vacation” away from home. All blessings from God!

  14. Heather Keeton says

    I currently work 2 jobs so I will be working all summer. October will be my first break and that will be for my wedding.

  15. Mandy Barr says

    My husband and I will be taking our four month on her first family vacation…and first trip to the beach at Hilton Head Island in a couple of weeks. It will be the first family vacation I’ve been on in quite some time with my family. My parents have offered to keep our baby one night, so that my husband and I can have a night to ourselves. We don’t really get to go on dates since Riley was born. I am looking forward to seeing my daughter’s face when she experiences the ocean and the sand for the first time.

  16. Amanda says

    I love to relax by reading a good book. As a teacher I get my summers off, so hopefully I will be able to read many books this summer. I also hope to get some of my many project ideas accomplished.

  17. says

    One of the ways I’ll be relaxing this summer is going to see my parents, about 2,000 miles away. Now that my kids are older and can’t get away from summer jobs and such as easily, I go see them alone, solo, just moi. And my parents still spoil me and take care of my every need when I go see them. Bliss!

  18. says

    We just love doing things as a family…I am looking forward to sitting around the campfire, splashing in the back yard pool, a wooded hike maybe a quiet trail ride on one of our horses. Looking forward to many different ways to relax this summer and just take a break from normal–what ever that might be with 9 kiddos!

  19. says

    Your lake trip sounds so great! We have 2 kids, 7 and 5. We plan on packing up some camping supplies and hitting the lake that is 20 miles from the house. Unplugging is the best way to relax!

  20. Janelle G says

    We, six adult siblings, our assorted children and our parents are going to Fort Robinson, NE for and extended family weekend ;~} We love to hike, take in Gods beauty and spend time together. Sooo excited.

  21. Tina Hamilton says

    Thanks Lysa for being such an inspiration :)) I would absolutely love to do all the things you and everyone here have mentioned. I remember as a child my parents taking us on roadtrips, camping trips to the beach and mountains, or even the backgroung bbq ‘s. Unfortunately for me now, we are unable to give our children all of those wonderful experiences. You see I am unable to work due any to many health issues and my husband doesn’t earn enough to support our family of five. So anything extra is impossible. The best we can do is, by the grace of God, spend as much quality time with them here at home and let them know how much they are loved:))

    much they are loved.

  22. Joyce G says

    We are taking a motorcycle trip to Yellowstone Park and the SD Black Hills, to enjoy God’s peace and beauty, with my husband, my best friend. We will be going over Beartooth Pass in MT. It is a spectacular ride and the ability to get closer to God and nature than you can imagine. It will be a time to reflect on the awesomeness of out Maker and refresh our souls. We have been blessed in so many ways this last year and we want to praise God from the mountain tops. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  23. Karen R. says

    I love your ideas for summer fun! Don’t get me started on Pinterest! I am addicted!! LOL I love the pool, s’mores, and just all around everything about summer! I am also enjoying a online bible study this summer! 😉

  24. Janice Wright says

    I will be going to my nephew’s wedding a week early so I can help cook for the reception!! And yes, that kind of cooking will be relaxing (even though I struggle with what to make and when to make it for dinner every night at home). Also seeing my mom and sister for that week is a real stress-reliever for me, especially coupled with the fact that my husband and 10-year-old son will be taking care of each other back at home for a change!

  25. Jessica Butler says

    I love to go camping with my family. Yep, we pack up the tent, canoe and everything but our kitchen sink. There is nothing more relaxing than getting away from our busy schedules, internet, computers, smart phones, etc. We have made so many wonderful, and cherished, memories during our camping trips – playing games, sitting by the campfire, hiking or while discovering new areas of a lake in our canoe.

  26. Lorie Lovingood says

    I’m fortunate enough to live on the coast, so at least one day a week is devoted to the beach. When I sit there with my feet in the sand, the waves crashing around and no other sounds, I feel closest to God and can truly feel like I’m in his presence. I know God hears all my prayers, but I feel like I can really talk to him at those times. Besides my beach days, I plan to enjoy cookouts and gatherings of family and special friends, and the added benefit of just “being” with my kids – no pressure for homework or strict bedtimes.

  27. Maureen says

    I will also be enjoying a relaxing, restorative week at Camp of the Woods! We are going the same week as you, looking forward to seeing you there. I can’t say enough good things about the camp!

  28. Karen Underwood says

    I will be going to Camp-of-the-Woods for my 30th year in a row this summer!!! I look forward to my week there every year. We first started going to Camp in 1983 as a young couple without a family. We sat in the Hill dining hall with an older couple (at that time they asked if you’d like to sit together or alone). We had a wonderful week with this couple and kept in contact with them for several years. Over the years at Camp we had our family of one daughter and two sons who each enjoyed learning about God’s love from nursery through the teen shack!! Two of my children were on summer staff and now my son Tim is married and on Full-time staff!!! He met his lovely wife Lynnette while on summer staff in 2009. We have invited many friends and family members up over the years who have all loved Camp and continue to come year after year! I can’t put in to words how much this little slice of Heaven means to me!!

  29. Brenda Sue says

    I will get to travel some but my biggest relaxation is sending the rest of the family off to Grandma’s for a few weeks so I can enjoy being alone in the peace and quiet of my own home playing catch up with all of the undone projects that I couldn’t tackle during my extremely busy year. No one to tend to but myself and my home and no one knowing I’m even there unless I choose to inform them. Sleep late, get up early, stay up late, live in my pjs,….doing whatever I want and feeling a huge sense of accomplishment as I whittle away at my to do list!! A great way to start fall stress free!!! And who else do I get to talk to that whole time but God because no one knows I chose not to go to grandma’s!! Love it. (I do miss my kids, but I love the peace and quiet – – a rarity in my life)

  30. Alison says

    WE LOVE COTW! I grew up going there just about every summer and now my husband and I go every summer for the last 12 years! Enjoy!!