Summer Sanity Savers

Ahhhh, summertime. The word itself just seems so full of relaxation, right? But if your household is anything like mine, things get a little hectic when that sweet season rolls around.

School’s out. Stress from balancing everyone’s schedule is in.

Preparing for vacation and resolving all of the “growth opportunities” that my daughters have on the way leaves me feeling like I need another vacation just to recover.

And I know you can probably relate to the struggle of fighting off those unglued mama moments every day.

Well, I’ve got three words for you: Summer. Sanity. Savers. (Try saying that ten times fast. And by the way, you will see me getting the words quite tangled up in the video below!) Want to find out more? Watch this…

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Unglued Summer Sanity Savers

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  1. Tonyia says

    Gardening – love to garden and put away food for the winter! It’s exciting and gives me sanity during the summer….

  2. Lisa says

    VBS for a week and then lots of pool time! I also try to make a flexible meal plan for the week — that way, after a day at the pool, I have a plan for dinner!

  3. Devona says

    Believe it or not, kids will eventually get bored from playing video games or being on the computer during the summer. To escape that boredom and save their sanity, we all go for a walk to the middle school a few blocks away and they get to burn off some energy. If we’re lucky, we’ll see the snow cone truck driving through our neighborhood and what a better way to fight the hot summer days than with an ice cold treat.

  4. Happy Army Wife says

    As a military spouse, living away from family, a wonderful sanity saver is to be able to take the kids and go visit family for an extended stay in the summer. It’s a blessing that I don’t take for granted.

  5. Darlene says

    My summer sanity is trading childcare with friends. We each get some down-time, and the kids get to play with new toys for a few hours. Win-win!!

  6. Bonnie Gibson says

    I love summer, so to start off we go to the beach and relax as a family, while we are there each of us gets to put in a suggestion for something we want to do to make our summer special. These suggestions have to be family budget friendly or you have to chip in your own money to help it happen. Then the suggestions will be put on paper and go into a hat, bowl, ect.. every week we pull out a suggestion and this is our fun for that week. Everyone gets to add something that is important to them and be the guest of honor when we do the event. We have nine people in our family so this will last the whole summer.

  7. Kelly Wade says

    Summer sanity for me is a slow and careful night ride on my four wheeler enjoying the cooler temps and the sounds of summer nights. Its a great time to pray and reflect before getting back into the chaos of life. BTW-God just led me to Lysa in a very heartbreaking time in my life. I am thanking God for the Unglued book and the lessons I am learning!!

  8. Kris Konick says

    Summer Sanity Saver = Don’t sweat the small stuff with my kids, let them be kids and enjoy their summer (10, 5, and 1 year olds) but at the same time require them to help around the house, pick up after themselves and each other, help set the table, etc… We don’t have “chores” per se but they know they are supposed to help out when asked to.

  9. Audra Gillespie says

    My Summer Sanity Saver tip is a Family Membership to our local WNC Nature Center. It’s only $65 for the family and it gives us FREE admission to zoos and science centers all over the country, and a lot of them are local. Not only is this great for the summer but all year long. $65 is a small price for us to pay for a year of FUN and learning!!! Also, living in the moutains of Western North Carolina, we enjoy hikes, waterfalls, and picnics all summer long. They are free and close to home and it’s a great way to cool off, get solme exercise, and just enjoy the beauty God has blessed us with!! 🙂

  10. Tena George says

    This year what I am doing to help save my sanity is joining the local gym – 3 miles from the house woo hoo – but the reason I’m joining is not to work out, but for the pool. Our gym fortunately has an indoor and outdoor pool that my children can use. It is tons CHEAPER than joining the YMCA and lots less crowded plus my children can bring friends with them each time (a limit of 3 times per person so we have to strategize). I am also hoping that we might get inspired to become more active and give that workout thing a try – ugh. They also have two other gyms in town that we can visit with great pools – so excited about this!!!! $20 bucks a month, no contract, can’t beat it!!! BTW, in case you have one near you, it’s Next Fitness Center.

  11. Courtney says

    I have six kids, ages 10, 9, 9, 8, 7, and 7, and we homeschool (just finishing our second year!). I have found that life moves more smoothly for us when I continue with some schooling in the summer AND keep us on a schedule. We start school at 8 am every day but we have a lighter curriculum load in the summer and we spend more time on longer projects (art, music, creative writing) that we don’t always have time to get finished during the school year. Afternoons are for playing and going to the pool!

  12. Susie R. says

    The key word is “delegate”. Let your family help you pack lunches, pack bags for vacation. Even your youngest child can be a big help and we all know little ones love to feel useful. Don’t let all of the pressure fall on you, let others help you!

  13. Marlene Schwark says

    I love to hang out clothes, they smell so good I wish they could bottle it. Also saves on gas or electric.

  14. Felisha simmering says

    When your kids are bored and you’re at home with nothing to do and it’s hot outside and no money one of the things I find that really helps with the kids. and to stop them from repeating theres nothing to do, I am bored every five minutes, is to turn on the water sprinklers and let them run through it and play, it’s a lot of fun and you get to relax under the shade and possibly get a few wet hugs!

  15. says

    I just have to say that I strongly believe that, as mothers, we set the tone for the entire household. Being intentional about our days is very important- I fail sometimes, but then I dust myself off and get back up again!

    Our “summer sanity saver” is starting the day with devotions. Last summer, we read a proverb a day at breakfast. Also, during lunch, we listen to free children’s audio stories. These mealtime traditions are much loved by all, and they really do give us a peaceful break from the chaos of the day.

  16. Tabitha says

    My summer sanity saver is reading in the hammock under one of our huge maple trees. Of course I can’t do this very often, but it is one of the most relaxing things I know to do! Actually, reading a good book is a sanity saver no matter where I read it. Another treat for us all is going over to my parents to swim in their pool. Fun and cool!

  17. Maddie says

    Thank you so much for the web cast, I enjoyed it so much!!! Y’all are awesome. My favorite Summer Sanity tip was the bucket list. I am starting my list tonight!

  18. Anna says

    Thank you for the Summer Sanity Webcast, it was great, alot of great tips. The bucket list was awesome tip. And I wanted to let you know that I have read your book…Unglued….It was made a great difference in me and in turn has made a difference with my husband, my children, friends and family…I do exchange whispers with God now, before facing the world….. Oh by the way the towel story, so crazy, I laughed so much……I had an unglued momement over towels, three days before I got your book in the mail…… im glad I can choose imperfect progress….I bought the book for my sister and my daughter…I will be reading it again… Right now I Learning that “God promises Hope for my futures despite the pain of my past” with Renee…God bless you

  19. says

    My summer sanity saver: Allow every family member choose one night a week to be “responsible” for dinner. Even my 7 year old can assemble a PB and J with a plastic knife, pull off some grapes, and pour us all a glass of milk! Some meals will be mom’s home cooking, some dad’s famous BBQ, and some simple sandwiches pieced together by little hands but it all taste great and everyone get a chance to be in charge while mom gets a little summer break. This is one of those moments when it pays to have lots of kids still living at home!

  20. Amie says

    Getting out into Nature and taking hikes with the kids is my summer sanity saver! Its a beautiful gift from God that we all enjoy. Theres always something new to see and explore. Then from all the fresh air and sunshine an afternoon nap :).