Sometimes I’m A Little Too Human

Which category are you in?

* You hope you’ll have something to look forward to on Valentine’s Day. Hint. Hint.

* Valentine’s Day feels more like Single Awareness Day.

* You’re totally excited and have bought all your friends stuff from the $1 aisle at Target.

* You couldn’t care less because you don’t like the color red or chocolate or roses. So there.

I’ll be honest, I’m always a little on the fence with this day. Yes, I wrote the post Valentine’s Tips To The Misters, to encourage the Misters on the fine art of doing Valentine’s Day right.


It still all feels a little forced. A little too commercial.

Because at the end of the day, a woman wants to feel special. And call me crazy, but mass produced cupids just don’t cut it.

I want to be adored. Thought of. Not as an obligation, because the calendar holiday demands it. But rather, just because…

He loves me.

And it’s at this point where my Christian mind screams… Jesus does this. Let Jesus fill you. Only Jesus can adore you this way. Give your husband a break.

That’s what I call a Jesus juke.

A quick move that makes you feel slapped on the hand for being so human.

Yes, of course Jesus loves me this way. But what if I say that with my mouth, while still feeling a deep ache in my heart. A longing. To be pursued.

That’s where my friend Jud Wilhite’s new project steps in and helps me connect with Jesus in the exact way that my longing heart desires.

Here’s Jud….

Valentine’s Day can be frustrating for many of us. Perhaps you’re single and you don’t want to be, or you’re in an unhappy or disappointing relationship. Maybe you’re grieving a relationship you’ve lost.

This year, remember that God loves you the way a kind and patient husband loves his bride. He wants to pursue you, cherish you, and meet your deepest needs — and He’s the only one who can.

When God wanted to illustrate the passionate intensity of His relationship with us, He chose marriage as the metaphor.

Incredibly, it was the marriage of a prophet named Hosea and a prostitute named Gomer. God told Hosea to marry Gomer and to take her back even after she’s unfaithful. God uses their marriage to illustrate His love and care for His people, who have turned away from Him again and again.

My friend, Jud Wilhite, is offering a free 14-day Pursued challenge that’s perfect as Valentine’s Day approaches. He offers thoughts on the book of Hosea and what this story can teach us about God’s love. Visit www.pursuedbook.com/challenge and sign up for the challenge. You can also download a sample chapter of his new book Pursued.

I’m really excited to share what I’m learning about God’s scandalous love through Pursued. How does this speak to you? Do you sometimes, like me, feel a little too human? Leave a comment today and you’ll be entered to win one of five copies of Jud’s new book, Pursued…God’s Divine Obsession with You.


  1. Julia says

    I’ve been married 33 years and many of those years I was disappointed on Valentine’s, birthdays and anniversaries. Hubby just doesn’t do presents and does not appreciate cards, so I stopped giving them to him. I have learned I don’t need a holiday to know I am loved by him. He shows it in other ways like being out in the cold cleaning snow off of my car. And I can usually buy what I want when I want/need it. I’m not into expensive jewelry, etc. My biggest money eaters are hats and crosses. I wear a hat everyday and I have a large collection of wall crosses that I still need to get re-hung since we moved. I put most of them on one wall as a collage with a few others sprinkled around the house.

  2. Patti says

    Definitely feel all too human in this area – especially since my birthday is also this month. Every year I long to be treated like royalty in February (cherished and pursued at least one month out of the year) and I get my hopes and expectations up only to be disappointed that my husband didn’t make a big deal about either one. I’ve known in my head for years that God loves me, cherishes me and is ravished by me. My biggest struggle is getting it from my head knowledge to really feeling and experiencing it at a heart level. Would love to read Pursued!

  3. Shannon Homesley says

    Some years, I am anti-Valentine’s (I’m single) but generally, I’m just ambivalent.

  4. Bec says

    I have a difficult time believing I’m lovable let alone being pursued by a perfect God. I need to change my way of thinking and have my mind renewed.

  5. Tina Gift says

    We cannot fathom just how much God loves us… how much He loves me… it overwhelms me to know that He loves me when I am good, when I am bad and when I am ugly… he sees the me that He has designed me to be and not the me that I have fashioned based on my distorted vision of who I think that I should be. And then God blessed me with the most romantic husband and it is difficult to appreciate his expressions of love because I am NOT romantic. But my husband never gives up on me; he continues to woo me and pursue me just as if we were still courting and it has been close to 22 years!

  6. Martha Evans says

    Waaayyy too human! I know all the right answers, and truly believe I am so much better off alone that married to the wrong person, but there are moments… More of them than I like to admit… When I just want to be pursued by someone I can see and touch. Totally taking this challenge!

  7. Kendra says

    I read once that expectations are just resentments waiting to happen. That really speaks to me and I honestly think I have no expectations about Valentine’s Day, Christmas morning, Friday afternoon… until the time arrives and my humanness makes a grand entrance. Oh I didn’t know it, but there was an expectation hidden in there somewhere just waiting to pop out. Silly humans! But if I were perfect, I wouldn’t need God’s grace.

  8. Kim says

    What I am writting about has nothing to do with the blog post, sorry but I do not know what other way to get in touch with you and proverbs 31 ministry. I wanted to say how your book “Becoming more then a Bible Study Girl” has blessed me as well as your devotional book “God’s purpose for every women”. I have been struggling with my walk with the Lord and it has filtered down into struggling with my role as wife and mom. Which is hard because I had a season of 2 to 3 years that was powerful doing my cancer journey and now that I am on this side of the journey (cancer free) every day life is for me harder to do.
    These books are helping me to look at things differently and I am hoping to be able to apply.
    If I lived in North Carolina I would bless your family with a meal. I have the gift of service but its hard to send ground beef stew from PA. 🙂 Thank you for you heart and your ministry.
    Love and prayers,

  9. Kerry Ann Prodorutti says

    As my DH says and I totally agree) – it’s a Hallmark Holiday – don’t like it!

  10. Suzanne says

    I would love a copy of this book. My husband is in prison so Valentine’s Day is a sad one for me. But my God is awesome and always with me! And loves me unconditionally! For that I am forever grateful!

  11. says

    My birthday is close to Valentine’s day, and when I felt that my husband overlooked both of them 2 years ago, I signed us up for marital counseling because I knew something had to be wrong with our marriage. This helped me grow incredibly, and now 2 years later I can’t say that my husband has magically turned into a romantic but I have changed so much. I now know without a doubt that my husband loves me, even if he can’t always express it the way I would like him to. Maybe just knowing that my husband loves me is enough. I also love myself more than I did 2 years ago and I have come to a greater understanding of God’s incredibly lavish love for me. This does take the pressure off of my husband to meet all my needs for love. This year he asked me what I wanted for valentine’s day and my birthday, and that small change has meant so much to me, just to know that he is thinking about me.

  12. laura says

    I am SOOO human, I despise Valentine’s day, I am single and it makes me feel like I am being “singled” out for it. Although I tell myself and others I am happy being single, I want to feel like I am cherished, pursued and have my deepest needs met. I know God loves me and does those things for me, although I forget how much he cares about me and I feel at times I do need that human companionship so this day makes it so much harder. I would love to read pursued and I am taking the challenge!!

  13. Susan Simmons says

    I too have the most wonderful, non-romantic husband ever. We are both widowed and 14 years ago combined our familes together. The week of our marriage, packing and ready for a move from NC to SC, my daughter was shot and killed by her “boyfriend” who did not want her to move. My husband, unromantic as he is, is the strongest friend I have ever had. He is always there to support me emotionally and because of him and the faith of God, my church family and many good friends, I got through the worst experience in my life. God does love me so, and I love him first and foremost. Who needs Valentine’s day to celebrate such love. It’s just another day…… Make everyday a day that you can walk with Christ and don’t get bogged down with all the frills and tacky mess…..Just read the word, share your love and push forward.
    I am currently leading “Unglued” in a Bible Study and we are also doing this in our Church Circle. Love it, love you Lysa and thanks so much for helping us take the baby steps toward Imperfect Progress. Can’t wait to read Pursued.

  14. O says

    I remember reading “Redeeming Love” and how I couldn’t put it down. It painted such a beautiful picture of redemption in a way that my human brain could comprehend; and to think that true redemption is beyond what we can comprehend. I am currently seeking more resources for growth and for redemption in my own life. I’ve been reading through the Proverbs 31 devotionals, and today’s eventually led me to the interview with Jud on “Pursued”. I would love a copy of this book! I just mentioned it to my husband as a book that I “want”, and I hardly ever talk about things that I “want”, so something about it has definitely grabbed my attention. I’ve already signed up for the challenge as well. I’m excited for what awaits.

  15. Theresa says

    Hi Lysa!
    You’ve inspired me to read this book. I’ve been needing something “more” lately. I am struggling at home being a better wife, a better mother & struggling at work feeling unappreciated in all of these areas. I think this book will help me get through my tough days. My daily devotions certainly help. I read them in the parking at work before I walk in to help get me through the day! But this book sounds like just what I need. I will go buy my copy ASAP!! Thanks for sharing! And I love the days I pull up my daily devotion on Crosswalk & see it is one of yours!! Thank you! God bless you!

  16. Stephanie W says

    This is so in line with what I’ve been hearing in my spirit. Love is connected to everything!! I’m learning how very important God’s love is.

  17. says

    Valentines is to celebrate St. Valentine and to spread God’s love, weather you are married or not. My most memorable Valentine’s Day was when I was subing a special educatios class the week before in elementary school. I noticed these kids were often overlooked by their peer in the “regular” class room. I knew they would be celebrating the Valentine party with their peers and probably not going to get the special gifts that are often passed from one class mate to another. God put it in my heart to go to the dollar store and buy each child a stuffed animal that said something cute and some candy. I made cute bags and left them in the classroom anonymos. It was fun when my daughter came home and told me how excited they were. She was in on my secret:) I can’t remember what I got that year, but I remember what I gave!!!

  18. Chimgee says

    Hello, i’d like to share the excitement!! I’ve got a book “Unglued” as a Christmas gift from a very good friend. I didn’t really look at it till now, just a few days ago I started reading it. And I’m so glad that he gave me this book. I love it!! It is touched my heart. Inspired me in many ways. This will be my Christmas gift for all my girl friends for this year.
    / But i have quick question, do you have any international copy?/

  19. Dena says

    My daughter, who is 27, is just devasted right now because her boyfriend just recently told her that he “loves her”, but is not “In love with her”. She is working on her Master’s Degree in Psychology, but right now feels as though she has no purpose in life. It is as if her whole world hung on this man. I have encouraged her to know that Jesus LOVES her abunduntly, forever and always. Please pray for her as she travels this path of hurt…I believe Jud’s book would be great for her right now. Thank you Lysa for who you are and “Whose” you are and sharing with with rest of us!