My Hearing

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It’s been almost a year since I’ve experienced silence. My left ear never stops screeching. Ringing. Hissing.

The noise screams so loudly sometimes I’m completely baffled others can’t hear it.

It’s also been almost a year since I was able to hear someone whispering into my left ear. Or carry on a normal conversation in a noisy restaurant. Or understand what people are saying if I can’t see their mouths.

Due to a scuba diving accident, with resulting ear surgery, I experienced severe nerve damage in my left ear.

The doctors have explained the noise isn’t actually in my ear. All the pitches of noise I can no longer hear constantly fire signals to my brain. So without God’s healing touch, the screaming isn’t going away.

I hear it when I’m trying to fall asleep.

I hear it when I’m trying to concentrate.

I hear it when I’m in a meeting.

I hear it when I’m in conversation.

I hear it all the time.

Yes, this stinks. It really does. I won’t get all Pollyanna on you and minimize the frustration and aggravation of it all.

But I refuse to get stuck in the depressing quicksand of what I’ve lost. Tucked within the crevice of a loss usually a gift can be found.

My gift?

The realization that little everyday things need to be noticed. Appreciated. Celebrated.

Silence is a common thing.

But silence is a glorious thing I never appreciated until I didn’t have it.

What other glorious, common things do I need to grab hold of today, and with a heart full of thanks say…

“Yes! This! I notice, God. I see, God. I recognize Your fingerprints of provision all over this God. And I’m so very, very thankful.”

I’m excited and thankful today to announce the Unglued Devotional blog tour!

I have come to know and love the hearts of the ladies who are joining me on the tour… and as it turns out, they have some “unglued” stories of their own.

Please click on their blogs today for a chance to get to know some of my friends and possibly win one of the fun GIVEAWAY GIFTS!

I love gifts. I love friends. I love fun.

Today is a fabulous day.

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  1. Shelia Horrocks says

    Lysa, I just started your book Unglued. I have already discovered so much and want to apply what I read to by life. This will be a great book for our ladies Bible Study.

  2. Shelia Horrocks says

    Lysa, I just started your book Unglued. I have already discovered so much and want to apply what I read to my life. This will be a great book for our ladies Bible Study.

  3. Shelia says

    Lysa, I just started your book Unglued. I am already learning to apply what Im reading to my life. This will be a great book for our ladies Bible Study group.

  4. Nancy S. says

    Lysa, I’m so sorry you are experiencing this horrible trial. I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease 20 years ago, which causes constant tinnitus in my left ear and difficulty hearing in situations like you mentioned. But I can tell you I rarely notice the ringing any more. I’ve actually gotten so accustomed to it that much of the time I would have to stop and “listen” for it to see if it’s still there (and it always is.) It does occasionally get louder and is accompanied by extreme vertigo – which is NO fun. I pray you get healing, but consider yourself blessed that you don’t have vertigo along with the ear ringing. 🙂

    • Linda says

      My father also experienced the ringing in the ear, besides problems with vertigo. Praying for healing; for anyone with these issues.

  5. Susie Ishmael says

    God is in control. I can’t wait to hear you at Women of Faith. I could not get the video to work but I love your website.

  6. Courtney Sarikasap says

    Hi Lysa,

    Just wanted to let you know that your server crashed last night. I tried to join the webcast, my husband, who is an IT expert, tried, and it was down indeed. Maybe you can have your tech people work on it to make sure it doesn’t happen again next time.

    Thanks and God bless you.


  7. says

    Chapter 8I was gone last weekend vntisiig the very site where all of these body image issues were birthed yes, my home town in Michigan. I do visit a couple a times a year and fortunately, this last year my visits were a bit better because I visited as a smaller version of myself. However, this smaller version of myself does not eliminate the sounds and images of a very difficult and sad childhood. When I am there, it doesn\’t really matter how much I weigh. I see myself as a very hurt little girl with a pot belly. For as long as I can remember, my mother told me to suck in my stomach. In those days, a girtle (don\’t even know how to spell it) was a girl\’s best friend. Even today, as I work on creating a healthy body, I can see that the size of my stomach area is always going to be proportionally bigger than the rest of my body (thanks to the joys of aging). And there in I have named my Tankle. And, I am sure it is no coincidence that when I feel any stress at all, I get a stomach ache. I feel like this spot carries all my shame about my body.Oh how I long to just be grateful to God for the body He has given me. I know He wants me to work on being healthier but He also wants me to get better and better and looking to Him in those anxious moments and not to food and not to numbers from weight loss or inches lost. I am trying to focus on another number .my trust and obey number and then add to that my gratitude number and maybe by spiritual growth number and average those together and see what I get.My trip to Michigan was filled with joys and sorrows. I managed my healthy food intake pretty well. But listening to my spiritual compass while there was the best ever. I even managed to survive my new to me truck break down in West Virginia. My trust and obey number was a 10! My upset stomach was still there, but maybe that is always going to be part of how my body deals with scary, disappointing things. Join me this week in meditating on Psalms 103 and let\’s see how that helps!

  8. Liz says

    I am having the same issue with my left ear. I did have tons of trouble with scuba and my ears, but I have no idea what has caused my left ear (and beginning of my right) to ring so loudly all the time. I did go to another hearing and balance doc and found that there may be a device to help reduce the ringing and make the hearing voices better.
    I’ll pray to find an answer for this noise. As a mom, hearing is not the thing to lose as your child is starting to talk to you. ; )

  9. Vicki Lamb says

    Lysa, I saw you speak in my hometown a couple years ago & would never have guessed you have hearing loss!! I have hearing loss as well from Otosclerosis. It’s hereditary & made worse by pregnacy. I’ve had several surgeries which helped for a while. I am totally deaf in my left ear & wear a hearing device in the right ear. I must be looking at the person speaking to know what is being said.
    I have always been very outgoing but this little inconvenience was pushing me into an inner shell. It’s a struggle to keep hearing loss from having a negative impact on my life & the things I need to do for the Lord.
    Lately He’s been giving me little pushes & shoves to get outside the comfort zone I’ve grown accustom to due to hearing loss. I know whereever He leads me He’ll be there to guide me so I won’t be alone.
    I’m usually very forward about my hearing loss. I feel like I can relax & do what is necessary once those around me know I am not ignoring them.
    May God Bless!

  10. says

    Lisa, I certainly can relate. I just wrote a post on my blog last night about my tinnitus experience. It is something that tormented me the first year or two I had it. Now I have made more peace with my noise. Best wishes to you.

  11. Sandy says

    I’ve been having trouble with my hearing lately also. I am tormented every year and year around with sinus problems which has affected my hearing and other things. I wish you well.

  12. says

    I have no idea if the doctors have named your ear trouble, or if you’re still searching. And, maybe you have a wonderful doctor who has already discussed diet with you. I also haven’t read all the comments, so maybe someone suggested this already.

    But, for what it’s worth, a gluten sensitivity causes tinnitus. Not sure if you eat wheat or not, but you might try cutting it out for 30 days and seeing whether it helps. There are many success stories out there for ppl who’ve had tinnitus & it gone away, in addition to brain fog.

    Hope that helps. Thank you for your words! Some girlfriends & I are finishing up …bible study girl and i look forward to starting unglued.


  13. Angie says

    Hi Lysa! I had to hunt down this post to find it, lol! I know you’ve been dealing with the ear ringing for quite some time now, and most likely someone has already mentioned this to you. It is medicinal/therapeutic-grade Helichrysum oil. I’d been seeing tons of testimonials on it lately, so I suggested it to a girl I know struggling with tinnitus. She saw improvement after the first day! Of course I thought of you, and wanted to make sure someone mentioned it to you! 🙂