Inside Chatter Webcast Replay Available

Sheila and I had so much fun last night sharing stories and answering questions about negative inside chatter. If you missed it or just want to watch it again, we have great news… The video is below!

Grab a friend, a cup of coffee and possibly a notebook to write down nuggets of truth to help you combat negative inside chatter. Don’t wait too long though — the replay will only be available through this weekend!

Several of you have asked about some suggested “anchor verses” based on my teaching last night.  My new Unglued Devotional book has 60 of these Bible verses — one for each day with a devotion to help you fight the negative inside chatter that often accompanies unglued times.

To get your copy click here.

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Also, here are some other links also mentioned in the webcast:
Women of Faith website

Sheila Walsh

Lysa’s Unglued book site

{Replay unavailable.}


  1. Diana Alexander says

    Thank you for this amazing teaching and webcast. I just finished watching the replay for the 3rd time, supplementing my notes each time. A powerful Word!

  2. Kathy R says


    I really enjoyed the webcast. I was very glad that you guys chose to do a replay as I couldn’t make the original day/time.

    I just wanted to say thank you for your encouragement. I feel like you are so down to earth, so real, and walking this walk just like me. You inspired me years ago to return to God after a painful past. I heard you talking about “Who Holds the Key to Your Heart” on the Proverbs 31 radio show.

    Back to the webcast, your tip about holding a part of the Word with you all day has already helped me! I am so eager to see you as part of the Women of Faith team.

    Peace, thanks, and blessings to you and yours.

  3. Noreen Linton says

    Hi Lysa,

    Thanks so much for the webcast replay, I so appreciated Shelia’s and your testimony.

    I related to the feelings of shame you had re the abortion because I, as a Christian, had had an affair. My husband and I reconciled by God’s grace and now have a much happier and committed marriage, but I lived with a shame that kept me from going to any church for 15 years for fear someone would find out what I had done. We moved a few years later and didn’t even live in the same state, but the fear of being found out for what I’d done and the negative chatter in my mind, just continued.

    I started a new job and was invited to go to an afternoon women’s meeting at a church. I went because it seemed ‘safe’ enough. Then I decided to attend this church every week and I fell in love with God and really understood that I had been forgiven. The Bible was telling me that God doesn’t remember my sin anymore but I couldn’t get past the thought that somehow what I had done had effected so many lives. One day in anguish I asked Him “How can You forget when others lives were effected, how can You forget?” I was so shocked to hear Him speak aloud to me saying “you have always been My perfect daughter”. I heard it with my physical ears and I was stunned!! but I knew that as He knows the end from the beginning, that was how He saw me!!

    Wow! from that moment on I felt so FREE FROM CONDEMNATION !! He gave me a new life and I have been growing spiritually so fast ever since!! Praise You Jesus!!

    P.S. In 2 months time my Husband and I will have been married for 45 years!

  4. JoB says

    Thank you for being the tool God used for me today. At 3am, with a heavy heart and feeling quite inadequate and hopeless, God led me to your website as I submitted a prayer request. Then, this morning as I logged onto my computer, God led me to your replayed webcast. Tears flowed through Lyza’s testimony of negative inside chatter, mainly because I felt the presence of God talking JUST to me, JUST when I needed Him, JUST on how to turn to Him when feeling the way I do. Thanks for the encouraging words and advice to stay focused and let His living word refresh me daily – even with just one verse. Today’s verse (per your webcast) is Hebrows 10:19-23. God bless you. God is good. I will keep pressing toward the goal of Jesus Christ in all I do and say.

  5. Tasha says

    I missed the webcast and didn’t get to watch the re-play…sick kids, sick hubby….
    I did order tickets for Women of Faith in September in Dallas.
    CAN NOT wait!!!!!

  6. Kathy says

    This link says “Replay unavailable”. Is that temporary? I really wanted to see the webcast (or the replay, at least).

  7. Loretta Hoffman says

    Thank you for being here with this message today. I have never not walked with God, and been through the pits and back many times over. Today as I am in a divorce after 15 years of marriage I watched as the last hope in my husband was abolished. I was taken to Psalm 40 and then to your hope and Jud’s book. We all know how much our Lord sacrificed for us and His love for us, but I need this book to get me through this time of ALL my hope being in my Heavenly Father.

  8. Debbie says

    Lysa- God ordered my steps to watch the webcast and post my comment which was shared during the webcast. Your story was so perfect.I wanted to email you privately but I know others go through your email since you have so much. I needed you to be my ” one” person.

  9. Jennifer S. says

    I missed the replay as I didn’t know it wouldn’t be available past this weekend : (. When I logged in on the day of the webcast I couldn’t get on your website. Will it be available again? I hope so!

  10. Debbie says

    I watched the Inside Chatter video replay. It was sooo good that I wanted to share it with my Bible study ladies, but it was gone 🙁 Is there any way at all I can get that video?

  11. Ruth says

    Dear Lysa,

    I have been a recipient of the grace that is being expressed through your life and leadership of this ministry for a few years and have been delighted to spread the news! When my friend in New York created ‘Godly Women’s Network,’ (GMN) last July, I jumped at the opportunity to share with other mothers the joy of reading and the stretching and fun that forming and growing a new community offers. Even before we completed our first book, your book ‘Unglued’, recently-published, caught my eye and I submitted the option to our leader. Now that we are two weeks out of completing reading your book, I can personally say that the journey is continuing. The approachable manner in which you wrote laced with the truth of God’s word, and the evidence of the grace places you visited along your own journey, were priceless. I know enough that words on a published page are a life’s work; a life’s pain and joy. Thank you for continuing to be faithful to YOUR personal faith and grace journey; I am closer to the best version of myself because of you. The best of me needing to emerge is being chiseled out slowly as I learn, relearn, inhale and exhale and allow ungluedness to lead me to my friend Jesus, over and over again.

    Here’s to imperfect progress!

  12. Rosella says

    I am a blessed woman with a great family of 6 children.I am blessed to get these encouraging testimonies from you ladies.
    I have a busy life like you all.with it’s ups n downs.
    Is there anybody that can give me advice on how can I treat a situation I am in,in my family.
    My brother is Gay n it’s so hard for my parents n us others.He wants us to meet n spend time with his partner.we cannot accept it as normal but what is the Christlike way in this?Rosella