Thank You!

Last week I posted a blog about God’s calling to give. A calling to break outside of our comfort levels of generosity.

I even shared my own hesitations about giving above and beyond.

But God has challenged me to trust Him fully, and to watch Him move.

I was blown away to watch God move through your generosity. I asked you to join me by investing in Proverbs 31 Ministries and you responded in a big way.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has made a donation to Proverbs 31 Ministries. The life change that we see every day is possible because of your obedience in giving.

It is with unwavering faith that I say His hand is on every penny that we receive. We are beyond excited to see the opportunities and blessings that God will multiply through your generosity.

Below is a video message from some of the staff at Proverbs 31 and me. I pray that it makes you smile. For email subscribers click here to see the video.

If you missed last week’s opportunity to invest in Proverbs 31 Ministries please click here.


  1. Orpha Jean Hare says

    Hello folks! I was so thrilled to receive a thank you call from Lysa!! I love what you all are doing. God bless your ministry!!

  2. Catherine Shepard says


    That is so exciting. I know my monthly gift is not huge but I sure hope is blesses many. I know God can take little and make much. Thank you for be obedient to his calling.


  3. Elaine Ledlow says

    It is I who should thank you for giving me this opportunity to pay it forward! Each and every day I look forward to the devotionals and hearing different ways of looking at God’s word. Some days it is just such an enormous blessing and gentle renewal! Thanks for all you ladies do! God Bless and Keep You

  4. Colleen Gudge says

    It is I who should be thanking you! I would be sooo lost had God not led me to your ministry. It’s been about 4 years since I started receiving your daily devotions & so many times they have shown me God’s grace! Giving to you all was nothing compared to what you have given me!!!!

  5. says

    Awesome to see a tangible & visual of faces behind the ministry! Thanks for sharing this video and for all your hard work. Many times the devotionals have touched not only me, but friends I have shared them with…. keep up God’s good work!

  6. says

    Aww, how sweet Lysa!

    So happy for you and your God-given ministry!

    And so sorry I was not able to contribute! Hopefully next time! 🙂

  7. Judy B says

    Thank you ladies!! So nice to see the ‘behind the scenes view’ of P31 Ministries! …and thank you so much for the prayer call last week that really made my day!!! Keep up the Good Lord’s work, your awesome!!!

  8. Lina says

    The hand written thank you note was a wonderful touch! Don’t get too many of those now days and you must have a LOT of them to write out!! THANK YOU for all YOU do!


  9. a changed mom says

    I know this comment isn’t really about the this blog post… but I wasn’t sure were to post this. But here goes! When friend asked me if I wanted to do through the book Unglued. I was like sure… I am not super emotional either way, but I was going to be a team player and go through the book. Wow!! was I wrong. Not hardly a day after I agread to do the book study. Something came up with a friend and even though I didn’t explode outwardly, it really hurt inside. So, I knew that I NEEDED this book. I am so thankful that God placed this book in my life at this time! We worked through this book one chapter a week at a time. Then another instance came up. Wowzers I was so hurt. I am such a people pleaser and a peacemaker. I never want to make any waves but I still feel the hurt none the less. A family memeber said some VERY hurtful things to me. I kind of chocked it up to who I was dealing with… but I knew that this kind of thing happens often with this person. Your book showed me that I have been wrong and helped me to determine the motivations behind my wanting to confront her about what had happened. I prayed long and hard before I went to talk to her. That I could present my concerns with love and concern for her and her wellbeing. If was such a freeing experience to follow Gods and my husbands promptings to be a faithful friend. I feel a peace afterward. Not exploding or holding it in. Just dealing with it and with the grace of God moving on. Her responce was pretty much the way I thought it would be… Not understanding but I feel the peace for doing what I needed to do. I just pray that God will free her from her exploding ways. Words can not express the thankfullness that God placed this book in my life at this time in my life. God bless you all in your work. And thank you Lysa for being so real and encouraging me to be a better wife and mother. Here is to imperfect progress.

  10. Karri (obs leader) says

    I have to share with you that your blog motivated (along with our church) my husband & myself to give everywhere we could. We, by no means, have any disposable income but it was very heavy on our hearts…..so we took 4 “give a senior a Christmas” ornaments off the tree at church & was able to buy everything they asked for. Then we took an angel off the tree at McDonalds & was able to buy all the little girl wanted, and lastly, we participated with the salvation army & (over)filled a stocking for a little boy…..this really helped my 4 year old understand that some people don’t get a Christmas….she asked a ton of questions but God gave me the right answers to say to her…..i am not “bragging” on what done but I had to tell you even with little means, you can still help someone this season…..my husband and I have decided to give back once a month or more, whether at a soup kitchen or work the salvation armystore………so, I am making imerfect progress! And.I’m being the greater person God wants me to be…he knew we didn’t have the funds, but he let everything happen.and I strongly believe he makes everything happen for a reason….after all….we are his hands & feet! I love you Lysa & can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful mentor…God put you in my life for a reason!