Will You Join Me?

The past two weeks at church I’ve heard amazing messages about generosity. The kind of messages that linger… entangle themselves around your heart … and rise to the surface of your thoughts often.

Pastor Robert Morris visited our church and changed the way I look at giving.

I consider myself a generous person. But in my early childhood I knew the pain of not having enough. Wondering how the bills would be paid. Fearing the checkbook balance.

So, I’ve been hesitant to be fully generous. The kind of generous where the only way to fill the gap between what I’m comfortable giving and what I feel God calling me to give is sheer trust that I’m hearing God correctly.

A million “what if’s” nag at my mind telling me to pull back my hand from offering too much. Other people can be that generous. Not me. Not with 5 kids – 2 in college and 2 more heading that way.

But then I clearly feel the tug to do what only makes sense if God Himself tells me to do it. Open my hand. Fill my world with trust. Bigger trust. Mighty trust. The kind of trust I know would please God.

I feel Him speaking into the depths of my soul … “I own it all. I’m not asking you to give Me ‘your’ money. I’m asking you to return what’s mine and watch Me move.”

And oh how I ache to see the evidence of Him move in my life. It’s my deepest desire. It’s what I want more than anything else.

With this stirring still fresh, I challenged my office staff at P31 to go through our humble space and look for things to give away.

Although we were in great need, I heard in the message “It has to be given away to be multiplied.” God challenged me – “What can you give away in the midst of your need?”

And I knew God was saying “Get it all in order. Every bit of everything I’ve entrusted to you … get it in order and position yourself to give generously without hesitation or reservation.”

We had some things we had talked about consigning… things like fichus trees, bookshelves, and flower arrangements from past conferences. But God challenged me “What can you give?” And I knew…


Later that afternoon, I was in a meeting when one of my staff members came in with a huge smile. She held out a letter telling us we’d received an anonymous grant from a foundation in Texas for over $3,000. That’s a huge gift for our ministry. And it’s probably ten times the amount of the total we’d given away that day.

It was as if a dam broke in my soul. Not because of the money God provided. That was a blessing to my ministry for sure. But it wasn’t all about the money. It was about seeing God move. And my trust deepening. And my heart softening. And my hands opening.

This week and next, Proverbs 31 Ministries needs to raise what feels like an overwhelming amount.

My personal life has been touched and changed by God through Proverbs 31 Ministries. He has helped build my home and as a thank offering I want to help build Proverbs 31 Ministries. There are some big needs. But please know that I don’t pull a salary from Proverbs 31 Ministries. I just want to help the ongoing efforts of reaching women every day.

The specific ministry area I want your help with is the $100,000 it takes to fund our free daily devotions we offer to over 500,000 women daily and our radio ministry that reaches millions of women daily.

As the leader of this ministry I know God is calling me to lead the way in giving. So, I will match every dollar given today through the ministry’s donation page.

I’ll also be calling as many of you as possible today to personally thank you.

If you have any questions please email Lori@Proverbs31.org.

With a heart full of trust I humbly ask you to join me by clicking here and making a donation to Proverbs 31 Ministries.

With much love and appreciation, Lysa

** Thank you to all who entered to win copies of the books and CDs we gave away last week. The winners will be contacted today by e-mail.


  1. Devin says

    I read this post (via email) and was instantly stirred to give. I’m thankful for the daily devotional emails I receive via Proverbs 31 Ministries and felt the need to give back to help them continue. Thanks for the gentle nudge! 🙂 God bless!

  2. Denise says

    I can’t wait to see the responses of generosity come through. I just was led to give and often feel the tug to do more given how much I have been blessed with.

    • Genn says

      About giving… In our house, we do not do the santa thing ~ We give. From the day after Thanksgiving til 8 Jan, we find someone to do RAKs for (random acts of kindness)… so far this season, we helped a single dad w/ groceries, a man who recently divorced with household items, a lady at the market put her groceries in the car, the lists go on… It usually don’t cost ~ just use what we were blessed with and pass it on!!! My youngest who is 6 is making Christmas ornaments for her entire class both at school and at Church for Christmas She is also making bracelets for teachers and principal. My older two take out the trash or carry in groceries for neighbors who either can’t leave their home or it’s too heavy to do themselves.

  3. says

    Done. And thank you for the challenge to give beyond where I feel comfortable. There have been several instances in the past month especially where I have felt that “tug” to give but then also find myself making excuses not to do it. This article has helped me change that. Thanks again.

  4. mary m says

    I have been so blessed by your ministry in so many ways….my faith has grown because of all you have shared as well as wendy’s bible study, and melissa’s online studies, and all the women in your ministry. The daily emails always inspire me. Thank you for demonstrating how to heed God’s call.

  5. Gerrilynn says

    I’m so excited to read this today. Just this week I felt the Lord impress on my heart to challenge our church (ladies in particular) to look at the MANY blessings God has given us and then choose to release some of those things back into God’s hands by giving them to those in need in our area this Christmas. I feel like this today was my confirmation of God’s leading here. I pray God’s abundance and blessing upon you as you follow His leading. It is my privilege to give into Proverbs 31. I have been personally blessed by your ministry. Always there at just the right time!

  6. Barb Lange says

    My life is so challenged and encouraged by you and your ministry! Thanks Lysa for being so real!

  7. LMS says

    I recently heard “where our obedience and God’s faithfulness meet is the truly sweet spot”. I got to share an awesome giving story a couple weeks back. I had watched Robert Morris on tv and was thinking about a gift amount. The next week, our Pastor talked about a December offering and challenged us to pray to give sacrificially. I prayed if this amount was to be given here and I heard 10X! Twice I heard that. I confirmed it when I opened up my bible and it fell to Matthew 6:19 (Do not store up treasures here on Earth…) I didn’t have that amount of money sitting around anywhere so I prayed where it could possibly come from and an idea came to mind that took 3 parts. And, I was praying about not wanting to give with any idea of getting back. THE DAY I finally put the whole 10x amount together, my older son accepted Jesus – I had no clue he was that close as 2 years ago he called himself an atheist. God granted my prayer with SO much more than anything I could dream of!

    • Shannon M says

      LMS, your post was so touching and stirred my heart even more than Lisa’s post. God IS SO GOOD. He is so faithful and loving. Your story moved me such. What a wonderful blessing for you and your family. This has inspired me to pray about what I can GIVE now and have an idea of getting back. What a Christmas miracle for your entire family. Thank you for sharing 😉

  8. says

    Great words Lysa…thank you for sharing and for the challenge. God is a giver and blesses us when we do the same. Praying and asking Him to bless P31…it has blessed me tremendously!! Thank you. Jill

  9. Karen Waldron says

    Lysa, I too struggle with the fear of not having enough due to being raised poor and also spending years as a single parent, struggling and juggling to make ends meet. I KNOW that all I have is God’s, that I need to trust Him. When I am obedient with finances, when I give, God blesses me abundantly. Proverbs 31 Ministries has been an incredible blessing in my life. You are amazing women of God. Thank you!

  10. Mary B says

    This is so easy to do! Thanks for letting us know how we can give back! P31 has changed my life in so many postitive ways! Thank you!

  11. says

    Ah yes…Pastor Morris’ sermons have blessed our family beyond words. While his messages on giving are excellent – his sermon series ‘The Holy Bible’ turned our lives upside down. As did many others. Y’all can find them on Gateways website for free.

    Blessings to all,
    Kate 🙂

  12. says

    Done! May God continue to use you all in a remarkable way! I know this ministry has helped me. Even though I’ve just started reading the blog yesterday, the little snippets I hear on radio every now and then have given me a lot of encouragement over the past year. Love you all dearly <3

  13. Lisa says

    I read this post right after you shared it on Facebook. I knew immediately what I wanted to do….I signed up to be a monthly giver. I am not saying this to boast. I am saying it because after listening to Pastor Morris’ sermons at Elevation on podcast, I felt such enthusiasm, hope, excitement, etc. I prayed yesterday that the Lord would bring me a women’s ministry to support. (Not sure why i didn’t think of Proverbs 31 right away :)) I want to tithe fully and then give above and beyond. But my husband is not there…I am praying God will work on his heart and then he’ll come to me and we’ll be in agreement. But I do work parttime and I knew exactly what God wanted me to do with my “above and beyond”. Thank you Lysa for blessing so many.

    I see that there were only 10 comments on this post while your previous post for the giveaway has over 500. In Jesus’ Name I pray that you and Proverbs 31 will be OVERFLOWING WITH GIFTS!!!! TODAY AND ALWAYS!!

    • Sonja says

      Lisa, I was drawn to your comment about your husband not being “there”. I SO know what you mean. I know we’re supposed to be obediant to God, but I also know my husband would get pretty upset if I wrote out a check in the amount I felt called to give. I can give 10-20 bucks here and there, but I feel like I may start WW3 if I ever gave sacrifically. I’m pretty new on my journey. I know God wants us to support our husbands, but does the Bible say anything about what to do when your husband just isn’t up for the giving?

  14. Sherri says

    As an older, single person (due to circumstances beyond my control…haha), giving in the form of “tithing” is something that I really struggle with, because I live paycheck to paycheck, and have no one else’s income to fall back on. Every payday (which falls on Thursday), I have such high hopes of trusting God wholeheartedly and giving my 10%,but by the time Sunday gets here, and I’ve paid all the bills that had to be paid from that paycheck, I get so scared that there won’t be “enough” to last till next payday. I really needed this today, Lysa. Thank you for this message today!

  15. cheryl says

    Please know that your ministry has enriched my life beyond measure, and it is a privilege to be able to support your work. I discovered your site last year as I was searching for direction due to a crisis in my life. That lead to to a Bible Study offered by Proverbs 31 and I’ve been a fan ever since. Also through your recommendation I was lead to Ann Voskamp, who too has had a major impact on my life and those that I forward her books and blogs. Therefore, I am deeply indepted to you and our God who lead me to your ministry. Blessing on your humble service to God!

  16. Theresa Davies says

    You have touched my life and the lives of those I minister to every day! I hope you make your goals!

  17. Janet green says

    I wait in great anticipation to see GOD at work. Thank you,Lysa for all U do to teach us GOD’S Word and how to live by it. 🙂

  18. Melanie says

    I recently read your book Made to Crave. I enjoyed the book; your honesty about our struggles with food was almost a mirror image of myself. But I have to say I’m struggling right now with my weight and I have to admit everytime I see the Victoria Secret commercial, it’s hard to feel I was blessed; especially as my husband is trying to hide the fact that he’s slightly drooling over these beautiful women. I’m 54 and can hardly compete with them, but it would be nice if I came close. I’m having a hard time beleiving that God made us all equal, at this point. We recently moved to a new area for work and even though my husband’s new job has afforded us a new house, I wasn’t asked about the move, only told that we were moving as he got a new job. In a little over one year I lost over 50lbs and was 15lbs away from my goal, but since I’ve been in my new surroundings and my mother’s passing a few months ago I’m packing on the weight again. Some days I just can’t stop eating. I pray, I’m always praying but I’m not feeling that God is hearing my prayers or feeling my pain. My marriage almost ended in divorce this year as well, do to my husband acting like an idiot with his mid-life crises; flirting with other women, contacing an ex-girlfriend and a slight porn issue. I wasn’t as hurt over the ex-girlfriend as I was over the porn; that was the most hurtful to me because of my constant stuggle with my weight. I feel why even bother trying to lose weight, cus I certainly don’t look like those women and won’t no matter how hard I try and if that’s what my husband likes to look at, how could ever be satisfied with me? I almost feel sorry for him that he has to look at my body. Of course he’s said he’s sorry and was an idiot, wouldn’t want to lose me and won’t ever happen again. But I’m finding it difficult to beleive him, as I had my suspicions this was happening for quite some time and whenever I approached him about it, he told me I was being stupid. Every day is difficult for me to try and put this behind me and I guess I found food again, my old friend, to make me feel better, even if for the moment. Your book makes since, it was a wonderful read, but I’m just finding it really hard to beleive that it pertains to me; I’m too bummed to think or feel otherwise; I’m just not feeling God’s pressence. This Jesus-girl is hurting and is sometimes mad at God for giving me this metabolism and a husband that doesn’t love me for who am.

    • Sonja says

      Hey Melanie, i want you to know that you are not alone!! The first book I bought of Lysa’s was “Made To Crave”. Don’t get me wrong – it is a FANTASTIC book (the half that I read) but I had to put it down. I was not ready for that book yet and I am still not ready. The book I needed to read (and the one God practically delivered to my lap) was “Capture His Heart”. I was extremely bitter when I began reading that book and I remember wanting to throw it across the room many times. I had allowed myself to become more and more hurt by my husbands actions that I was just incapable of loving myself, loving him or loving God. Your husband is not your God and no number on the scale will make him fill that empty void you have right now. I am still 60 lbs heavier than I want to be and my husband still has not been intimate with me for months – – but that is OK!! We are going to make it, but right now it’s about me working with God on ME. And i know that God is very busy working on my husband (even though I don’t always see it). Keep the faith girl, but put down the “Made To Crave” book and dig into your relationship with God until He is enough – – and then….we’ll kick off these extra pounds together!!!

      • Sonja says

        Dear Lysa TerKerust., if you happen to read the above (or anyone else for that matter) please hear my heart and know that “Made To Crave” is an awesome, awesome, awesome book.

      • Sonja says

        Melanie, I’m sorry, I have to post again here. I want to reach out and hug you and pray with you!! Please know these things. Your husbands issues with porn have nothing to do with you and have everything to do with him. Nearly impossible to believe, but it is so true. Repeat that until you feel like maybe you might be able to believe it. Next, close your eyes and imagine God telling you how sorry he is that you are hurting so badly – because he is. He is SO so sorry that you are so wounded and so hurt. Wrap yourself up in that image of Him just holding you and rocking you and telling you that he is so very very sorry you are hurting so deeply. You are on my heart tonight – I’m sending audacious prayers your way.

  19. Jenny BC says

    Lisa, I had this gut wrench when I read this. The desire of my heart is to trust God…especially in the area of finances. Just this year, I began to put some pieces of my childhood together that helped me realize the times we didn’t have enough money to make ends meet. I have had to face this year what horrendous money habits I have been brought up with. Byt he grace of God, I have overcome many of them at an early age but I never put together my lack of trust and how it came from so long ago. I hold out my hand and yank it back. I slowly start to place it back out and fear attacks me. Funny thing is, if you ask me to buy a coat for a kid…I will be the first in line. Make a meal for someone, you bet. But the area of giving my money (and yes, I have two in college as well…) is a constant source of cat and mouse where I am my own cat and my own mouse. Believing to be an overcomer…waiting to watch God MOVE! Thankful for your ministry…glad to give

  20. says

    Lysa, yours was the first blog I read on a regular basis several years ago. I cannot tell you how your words have touched and helped change my life over these years. God has used you to work in me, personally, and I know He’s used you in thousands of others. I’m so blessed because of your faithfulness. Thank you.

  21. Nichole Wolland says

    I have been wanting to give to P31 for awhile now because my faith has grown and developed over the last 2 years by your books & particpating in Melissa Taylor’s OBS. P31 has been such a blessing in my life. Thank you! The last time I talked to my husband about giving to P31 he asked if they ever had a time when donations are matched! Perfect timing and confirmation from God that His money will be put to good use.

  22. Elaine says

    Lysa I am thrilled to be able to offer a small monthly donation. There have been so many mornings that the wonderful devotional was just what I needed. Your book Unglued and the awesome obs provided me with a deeper understanding of who I am and how God has provided us with our own mission and I can’t wait to continue making imperfect progress. God knows what our plan is and I know he has wonderful plans for p 31 and each of us who are touched by you and your amazing crew. In Gods love and grace , Elaine

  23. Linda G says

    Hi, Lysa! I am so sorry I missed your call thanking me for my donation last night. 🙂
    What a treat to hear your voice mail message! Giving feels so good, I have the giving fever this year. There is so little we truly “need”, yet we all seem to have so much, such an abundance of “stuff” – how could you not give? Cleaning out the closets this weekend for good will and/or salvation army. Been under the weather and didn’t get it done on in November, but I am so looking forward to giving away those clothes and clearing out some much needed storage space to get organized! Thank you again for your call, and keep the faith!
    Love ya, Linda G

  24. says

    As a leader of a small group at church I use Proverbs 31 devotionals weekly to encourage our group. What a blessing to be able to donate and help encourage others! We serve an awesome GOD!

    Thank you Proverbs 31 Team for all you to to further the gospel of Christ and encourage women.

  25. Darlene says

    So blessed that I had an opportunity to give back to such a wonderful ministry. May His blessings continue to flow as you continue to follow Him.

  26. Debbie says

    You go girl! May God take all of the little donations(and big ones too) and multiply them to reach women everywhere. I know I am blessed by the things I read here at Proverbs 31. Thanks to all the people who keep this God centered ministry posssible each day. Go team Proverbs 31!

  27. Kree says

    Just read this post today and said to my husband right away that it was a post about my two favorite people- Lysa and Robert Morris! Robert Morris’ book “The Blessed Life” has radically changed our lives and our views on giving! Radical giving is the most exciting way to live! So excited that the Lord led me to read this post today and that I was able to give to Proverbs 31 Ministry. Lysa, it was the highlight of my summer to meet you when you were in Bismarck!

  28. Terri says

    It truly hurts my heart not to be able to give something right now. I’m 38 and starting at the bottom…trying to make it into some sort of career. P31 has been the only thing that kept me sane over the past few months. I have been going through some major emotional upsets and the only thing that kept me focused was my P31 devotionals. I would spend hours reading the archives. And, Lysa, yours in particular have really encouraged me on a personal level. P31 has truly helped me deepen my relationship with God. i don’t know where i would be without it. God bless you guys!

  29. says

    Because I read your book, “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” I was inspired to do the 365 days of helping people that your husband did. I am on day 21. I have started a blog so people can follow what I am doing and be inspired by my journey. I am so excited by your recent posts as they are EXACTLY what I am doing! I would love for you to look at what I am doing, and give me feedback. This has been the most amazing journey of my life….God has been doing amazing things through me, He has been changing me each and every day! God Bless YOU!!

  30. Marjorie says

    Thank you for all your books have done in my life. It’s so refreshing to have your honest life with God in the middle of all of the everyday mess for my encouragement. You have travelled with me throughout my early motherhood and I look forward to having a very long chat with you one day in Heaven. Until then, hopefully my little gift will help encourage other women today. Keep the faith!

  31. Anita says

    I just finished reading Unglued and God Bless you for writing it because I needed this so bad right now. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon you online but God knew I needed you so praise be to Him & many thanks to you. Could I ask for you to pray for me I am in a most difficult and heart wrenching situation that I see no solution for but I know God has the answer I just need Him to show it to me. Thank you Lysa from the bottom of my heart.

  32. Melanie says

    What a surprise in the mail today…the Unglued Devotional book! Yippee! Now I can add that to my devotions along with the Made To Crave Devotional. I am so completely blessed by your ministry, Lysa. You are a soul-sister and you speak volumes into my heart. Thank you for your transparency and willingness to serve God. One of these days, I hope to meet you in person and give you a big ole’ hug! Blessings, dearest one!