Tuesday, November 20

This Man Of Beautiful Music

I clearly remember the first time I walked into an arena and heard the Lord’s prayer being sung by my friend Michael. The audience was empty. Yet the place was full.

Full of love for Jesus.

Full of passion for truth.

Full of compassion for those who don’t know Him.

There was a purity in the notes being sung in perfect pitch. But the purity ran deeper than the music. It radiated from a heart broken yet whole.

God’s hand is on this man of beautiful music.

And I can’t think of any giveaway I could offer today with more excitement than his new Christmas CD!

If you want to be ushered to the place where grace touches sin and hope touches hurt, the music on this CD is what you need.

If you want the perfect gift for yourself or others in your life, click here to purchase Michael O’Brien’s “Christmas” CD. If you are a Facebook fan and want to hear a sample song click here.

To continue this week of giveaways, today I’m giving 5 commenters 2 CD’s – one to keep and one to give to someone else. If you want to be entered in the drawing, leave a comment below telling me who you’d bless with this CD, and why.

Congratulations to the winners of yesterday’s giveaway!! They are Jodi Rosser, ‘Memeg’, Marilyn Beauchamp and Erin Paige. We will contact you today by email to let you know how to receive your signed copy of Greater.


  1. 759
    Linda H. Black says:

    I am interested in sharing this with my daughter-in-law who now has a 4 year old, 1 year old and one on the way. She prepares everything organic and whole food and is always go go go go. I would like for this to help her get a handle on letting God control her life and the life of her family so that the tension will ease and family times can be enjoyable more often.

  2. 760
    Melissa Fordyce says:

    My sister who is going through chemo .

  3. 761
    Melissa Fordyce says:

    My sister who is going through chemotherapy

  4. 762
    Renee hazlewood says:

    My neighbor who has given so much to ministry and is current holding an empty cup.

  5. 763

    I would give the cd to my daughter, who just lost her dad (my husband). She is strong in her faith but is hurting.

  6. 764
    Serlina Munoz says:

    I would love to hear his music. I love anything that has to do with Christmas music. I would pass the other cd along to my best friend. She is such a blessing to me.

  7. 765

    His Revolutionary Love: Jesus’ Radical Pursuit of You
    I would like to use this book for myself, and also I have a heart to reach the human trafficked rescue victims. I believe this book will be a great resource! I loved your book made to crave also! Have bought it for four friends as well!

  8. 766

    I would love to give this CD to a friend that is searching.

  9. 767

    I would give the CD to my mom. She has been my role model for giving to and serving others. Her COPD is taking its toll on her ability to get out and go to church. She would so enjoy worshiping our Saviour.

  10. 768

    I would bless my mother who is not yet a Christian but she is walking closer to god slowly each day

  11. 769
    Bernadette says:

    Would love to win!

  12. 770

    Wow – this is wonderful – not sure how I missed it earlier in the week. I know just who I would share the 2nd CD with – a precious single mom who needs encouragement!

  13. 771

    My three year olds love all kinds of music and I’m introducing them to what Christian music is, beyond just toddler tunes, so they can connect to God through music at an early age.

  14. 772

    I’d give it to my Mom because she enjoys new music like me.

  15. 773
    Theresa LeBlanc says:

    God bless you and everyone at Proverbs 31 Ministries! I saw you a few years ago at a women’s conference in Kansas City. You blessed me so much! I read Made to Crave and did the study via phone with one of my sisters. It changed my perspective on food and made me much more aware of the reasons for my choices.

  16. 774
    Lisa Langley says:

    This sounds amazing! Would love to share with my son and daughter-in-law. I have so little Christmas music I am embarrassed to say-this would be great to decorate my home with sound!!

  17. 775
    Kathy Jenkins says:

    My personal time with Jesus in His Word ~ love a backdrop of music ~ and with my group of bible study gals :)

  18. 776
    Lisa Whitney says:

    Ordering a CD today!

  19. 777
    Brandi Shepherd says:

    My baby girl! She’s 8 and her gift if music.

  20. 778
    Teresa Hall says:

    Would bless my friend Carrie with one– so she could play it in her salon to her customers all day long!!

  21. 779

    I would send one to my mother who could use a little encouragement.

  22. 780

    I have 2 teenage sons but would love Lynns book “his Revolutionary Love” for them! Would love for them to know how much they are loved and how much young ladies are loved and valued by God. Some insight to know the heart of a young woman…. Hopefully to help prepare them to be Godly husbands!

  23. 781
    Mimi Chronister says:

    I really appreciate your ministry and sharing Gods words and ways. Love my devotions w/you!!
    Saw you on “Today” last week- short segment wish they had let you speak!
    Thanks for all your sharing, you are inspiring – I’d enjoy any of the books and CD’s, I’d share them too! Blessing your way!

  24. 782

    my daughter

  25. 783

    I am on the road a lot for work. This would be a blessing to listen to….

  26. 784

    I would bless my dear friend with this CD. She has been through so much in the last 2 years. She is only 36 and has had a heart attack, diagnosed with Diabetes, Intrametiosis and was engaged to be married and he called it off after she had already gotten her dress and bridesmaid dresses. She paid for me to go to the conference this year, b/c I could not afford to go and she REALLY wanted me to. We had a wonderful time and it was the first time we have ever taken a trip together. I cherish every minute with her b/c of her health problems I worry about her alog. She would thoroughly enjoy this CD and it has such special meaning to us both.

  27. 785
    Kerry Ann Prodorutti says:

    I would bless my good friend Angela with th ecd. Her husband was recently in a bad accident at work, and she has not left his side through all his surgeries and recovery. She needs reassurance that his hurt will be turned to healing – hope is eternal!

  28. 786

    I would give this CD to my mom since she loves Christmas music.

  29. 787

    I would love to give the CD to my daughter Shannon. She is trying to hold her marriage together after her husband told her he wanted to leave. They have talked and are now going to counseling. I take the little one on Wednesdays to spend time with her. They can go to counseling now with no problem oon Wednesday evening. Yeah! Thank you LORD.

  30. 788

    I want to give this specific CD to, well, honestly I don’t know who I would give it to. Someone that I don’t know as a gift of love. I’m sure there are people that I know who would enjoy this, but I would like to reach out to others. Thanks!