This Man Of Beautiful Music

I clearly remember the first time I walked into an arena and heard the Lord’s prayer being sung by my friend Michael. The audience was empty. Yet the place was full.

Full of love for Jesus.

Full of passion for truth.

Full of compassion for those who don’t know Him.

There was a purity in the notes being sung in perfect pitch. But the purity ran deeper than the music. It radiated from a heart broken yet whole.

God’s hand is on this man of beautiful music.

And I can’t think of any giveaway I could offer today with more excitement than his new Christmas CD!

If you want to be ushered to the place where grace touches sin and hope touches hurt, the music on this CD is what you need.

If you want the perfect gift for yourself or others in your life, click here to purchase Michael O’Brien’s “Christmas” CD. If you are a Facebook fan and want to hear a sample song click here.

To continue this week of giveaways, today I’m giving 5 commenters 2 CD’s – one to keep and one to give to someone else. If you want to be entered in the drawing, leave a comment below telling me who you’d bless with this CD, and why.

Congratulations to the winners of yesterday’s giveaway!! They are Jodi Rosser, ‘Memeg’, Marilyn Beauchamp and Erin Paige. We will contact you today by email to let you know how to receive your signed copy of Greater.


  1. Marilyn Engel says

    I would share the second CD with my teaching partner and dear friend, Deena, who is on her way to the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago after being in the hospital for a week battling a severe migraine cluster. Please keep her in your prayers!

  2. Amanda R says

    I’d share this with my dear friend Cindy. She’s taken on a lot of emotional challenges this year, but has held on to His promise.

  3. Sandra says

    If I win this CD I would give the extra one to our dear friend who is battling cancer and has been given a short time to live. He recently accepted The Lord and listening to this music could only give him hope, peace and encouragement.
    May God Bless your ministry!

  4. Robin Townson says

    I absolutely love Christmas music and CDs. This is such a special time of year when we get to celebrate the greatest gift of all, Jesus. I have a very special friend who loves Christmas CDs as much as I do and would love to be able to share this with my friend for life, Wendy!

  5. says

    I would share the cd with the grandmother of one of my little boys in my ministry. She loves music for starters. They basically have nothing material wise yet are amazingly blessed with the amount of love they have for this little boy. She is so humble. She will not take help of any kind from others and is determined to provide for this little boy for Christmas on a monthly income of 300.00. She would be uplifted by this music 🙂

  6. Julie Raybine says

    The music sounds very uplifting. I would send a copy to my friend who is disabled & unable to attend church or participate in that kind of fellowship. I think it would lift her spirits. Thanks.

  7. Julie Raybine says

    I would send a copy to my friend who is disabled & unable to attend church or participate in that kind of fellowship. I think it would lift her spirits. Thanks.

  8. Julie Raybine says

    I would send a copy to my friend who is disabled & unable to attend church or participate in that kind of fellowship. I think it would lift her spirits.

  9. Sheila says

    I would share this cd with a fellow co worker. We are both Christians, but for some reason can not always see eye to eye on work related issues. She has caused much strife in my life , but I have also allowed satan to enter into our conversations and they turn into screaming matches; not very professional for the workplace. I pray daily that God will find a way to bond us on a more Chrisian level. I pray each day for her and myself to find a way to get along. I know that God has placed her there as a test for me. She has many anger issues and I have a long way to go in trying to control what I say during conversations without letting satan enter into my thoughts and words.

    • Sonja says

      You’re wonderful. This is so honest and beautiful. It can sometimes be SO hard to ask for a change of heart for yourself even though you feel like the one who is “right”. I’m working on this kind of thing as well right now. There are sometimes people who can just press my buttons so easily. Why is it so difficult to just let things go and act gracefully toward others when we feel they are wrong, wrong, wrong? I’m right there with you Sheila – I’m praying for the wisdom of “Pause button Grace” for us both!

  10. Heather says

    I’d love to share this with my friend Heather, who has had some really difficult years. She knows and loves Jesus, and I know this will encourage her to keep her eyes on Him.

  11. Donna says

    I would love to share this CD with a neighbor who just said goodbye to her husband yesterday. He was 32 years old and leaves behind his wife and three precious children, 8, 6 & 2. Please pray for this family…….

  12. Becca says

    What a fun giveaway! I love Christmas music something about it just makes my heart happy!
    I would bless my sister with this CD. She has been so supportive of me and my ministry and has been a huge blessing to me, especially in the past couple of weeks and she LOVES music just as much as I do 🙂

  13. Patty Williams says

    Thank you for the opportunity to be in the drawing…I would ask The Lord who he would like this music to go too…being a worshipper myself…I know I will enjoy…

  14. Donna says

    Michael O’brien is such a blessed and gifted singer. We saw him at the Ewomens Rockford, IL confrence in 2011. I was able to purchae two of his CDs and have been so blessed by his singing since then.
    If I were to win this giveaway, I would want to give one to mom, Cathy. She has been in either a rehab facility or the hospital since June due to chronic kidney and liver disease. She is waiting for a transplant and we are praying and believing for God to heal her. I would give the other CD to my older sister, Carol. This year has been so hard for her as mom’s illness has progressed. She is truly an older sister and wants so much to make this better for mom.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. It is so wonderful the way women come together on this blog. Everyone has a story and a need, a hurt or a desire. There is so much to pray for, to hope for and to believe for. Thank you for the opportunity to do that with you.

  15. Sonja says

    If I won the CDs I would keep one for myself and give the other to my Dad who LOVES music, but has no iPod or iTunes or MP3 (we’re just very happy he even uses a CD player :-))

  16. Lynne says

    I would share my copy with a blind couple in my Sunday School class who experience many things only through their ears.

  17. Darcie says

    Although I am encouraged and uplifted daily by Christian music, I am drawn in so much at Christmas time to the One who came to die for us. I would love to win this CD to share with a sick family member with a prayer that God will lift her out of her sickness to health again.

  18. Denise Hussein says

    I would share this wonderful CD with my 10 year old niece. She has such a love for the Lord and for music. She is precious and I only have the blessing of seeing a few times a year, yet we are very close. What a blessing it would be to share this with her. I love your heart for the Lord, thanks for all you do for Him and His kingdom. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  19. tammy keith says

    I would share it with my dear friend Lisa who is always an encouragement to me. I am so thankful for all my godly friends who lift and encourage me daily.

  20. Dawn in Greenville SC says

    My best friend’s birthday is in December. I know she would be blessed to hear this CD, as would I. She was laid off earlier this year, and I am still out of work also. But, we know God is with us during this difficult time. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have so much to be grateful for!

  21. TJ says

    So many hurting and grieving people around me this Thanksgiving that could use a CD of songs reminding them of the true meaning and joy of Christmas….but I think I would give it to a friend whose husband chose 2 days before Thanksgiving to tell her he’s leaving and file for a divorce. Christmas has always been her most favorite time of the year, but this year will be a struggle for her and her two little ones.

  22. Christy says

    I would give this CD to my dad. He loves music and is hurting from being separated from my mom. I think this CD would bless him.

  23. Wendy says

    If I were to win the two Christmas CD’s I would give one to my sister Bonnelle, who at 45 years of age has chosen to follow a dream of being a physical therapist. However, she is overwhelmed with tests, papers and the demands of being in classes, along with the fact that every December for the past fifteen years she faces the fact that her son, Gerad, died at the age of four – his birthday would have been December 2nd. This seems to always be a time of grieving, yet facing once again the hope in knowing Gerad is with Jesus and she will see him again!

  24. Jenny Kozar says

    I would give it to my MIL along with a note. You see, we do not have the best relationship and I am being prodded to pray and let her know I appreciate her. Again, I may not agree with everything she does, but she is my husbands mother and he is a wonderful man.

  25. Jeri says

    I would share the second CD with a young family who has just started attending our church. They are struggling in many ways and I think it would offer encouragement and hope to know that God is near.

  26. Tammy Wong says

    I would share it with my friend Loretta who lost at daughter to drug addiction and just recently a grandson to abuse. She remains committed to Jesus and is a great example for Christ,

  27. Angie Miller says

    I would give the CD to my across-the-street neighbor. She loves music like me and I know she would enjoy an early Christmas surprise. She is an inspiration to me, and does not hesitate to help me any time I call.

  28. says

    I would give it to my sister, who is going through some hard times in her marriage. I hope the Christmas season will heal and show her the true meaning of love.

  29. darlene rench says

    I would give it to my friend, Shannon who is undergoing chemo for aggressive cancer. I am always looking for ways to encourage her in her walk with the Lord.

  30. Viola Knabe says

    I would give the cd to my mom so that she could hear Jesus talk to her through music. Even more the words would work through her heart and bring her to Jesus.

  31. Linda says

    I am trying to decide/discern who I’d give it to, possibly my brother, a friend, or a student or instructor on campus who could use a bit of encouragement.

  32. Chantell says

    I would love to give this cd to my spiritual mother and special friend. She encouraged me to join the worship team at my church among many other things and she enjoys praising and worshipping God through music as much as I do!

  33. deanna says

    My first thought was to give one to my Dad to listen to while finishing up his last 3 chemo treatments but then cracked up laughing because I know he would NEVER put earbuds in his ears!
    So I would give a copy to my bestfriend, a music teacher, a 3 time breast cancer survivor now battling thyroid cancer & determined that God will get every speck of glory out of this.

  34. Shannon says

    I would love to have one and share one with my Dad who has Parkinson’s and loves music and especially Christnas music.

  35. Debbie says

    A new singer to me. I listened to some sample music and enjoyed what I heard. I would share the music with my friend, Kathleen, wo serves fullTime in ministry to youth. I believe she would enjoy and be encouraged by some new ‘Christ’mas’ music. Thank you

  36. Margaret Artz says

    I would share the 2nd CD with my friend Rosa who followed God’s call to leave her family, friends and homeland of Peru to come to the US to minster to His people here. Despite all the challenges she faces (loneliness, culture changes etc.) she witnesses with such grace and love the need for all us to ‘keep our eye’s on the cross’ and being willing to suffer for Him; who suffered for all of us’. She is human, (weak and broken) but to so many, with her words and actions, she is God – with skin.

  37. Sherri says

    I would give this cd to a friend whom has been battling breast cancer for over 3 years. It went from breast cancer, to bone cancer and now into her brain. She is a former worship leader who has touched many lives. Now she is touching lives living strongly in the midst of so much pain. I recently gave her another cd and her wish was to get strong enough to give her testimony and sing one of the songs to her community church. God made her able and she was willing. Tears and transformation came to many that day. What a difference one song can make to uplift and encourage one going through monumental struggles. Barbara is a light that shines brightly!

  38. CA says

    In case it’s not too late – I would share with a friend who just found out she has breast cancer. She is not a Christian (yet!) but loves music & Christmas…

  39. CA says

    If it is not too late – I would share with a friend who just found out she has breast cancer. She loves music & Christmas…

  40. Colleen G. says

    Happy Thanksgiving! I would love to have one and share one with my daughter who absolutely adores music.
    Thanks – Colleen G.

  41. Lisa Myers says

    I would give away the second CD to my mother, who always made Christmas special when I was a child. However since my dad passed away 16 years ago, she has become bitter and angry and behaves in ways completely against the way she brought me up. She says she is angry with God and she hasn’t darkened the door of a church since Daddy died. I pray continuously for her heart to change and I hope that between the power of prayer and the power of music that can touch your soul, Jesus can do a mighty work in her life so that His joy will be the legacy she leaves for her grandchildren rather than the bitterness they witness now. Happy Thanksgiving!

  42. Kelly W. says

    I would give it to my mother in law. I love the way music lights up her face and brings joy to everyone around her. She is a wonderful, strong and caring women and I am thankful and blessed not only to have her son as my husband but also to have her as my mother in law.

  43. Christie Calhoun says

    I would give the CD to my friend Leann. She has been an encouragement to me through times of depression, pain, and healing. Now it is my turn to comfort her through some difficult times.

  44. Vicki hill says

    I would like Let it Go!- I am 41 yrs old and I have a 21 yr old and a newly 18yr old. I have been a mommy as long as I have been married. I am having a challenge with letting go of the contro, where it pretains to my young ladies. Even though I know I should be walking in faith when allowing them to make choices, it has been a task. I tend to react before I think-often ending not so pleasantly UHG! I have been meditating on your book Unglued and it has helped tremedously. Looking forward to more “Imperfect progress”

  45. Kimberly Barker says

    I would give the additional cd to my mother-in-law. I could not ask for a mom-in-law that is kinder or more God-loving, and she and I both LOVE Christmas music.

  46. Pat Denney says

    Music lifts my spirits and chases away the blues.
    I cannot sing, but I appreciate so much the voices of those who sing praises to Christ.