Monday, November 19

A Week Of Giveaways!

Hi Friends…

I’m celebrating you this Thanksgiving by offering lots of giveaways this week! To start us off, I’ve asked Melissa Taylor, leader of the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies to tell you about today’s giveaway. Here’s Melissa…

I am so excited to kick off Lysa’s week full of giveaways! Let me explain who I am and what I do, then I’ll explain what I’m giving away!

My name is Melissa Taylor, and I work with Lysa at Proverbs 31 Ministries. I lead our Online Bible Studies, and in fact, we just finished Lysa’s latest study, Unglued. It was AMAZING!

A few years ago we saw that many in our audience needed a way to engage in God’s Word, beyond our “Encouragement for Today” daily devotion.

I decided to do an online Bible study and have been blown away by what God is doing! This past month we celebrated the fact that we had over 15,000 people studying Unglued.

If you visit Lysa’s blog much, then you have heard her mention her pastor, Steven Furtick. He is the pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC and has written 2 incredible books. His latest, Greater, is the next Online Bible Study we are doing.

Here’s what Lysa had to say about Greater: “Pastor Steven’s powerful yet vulnerable teaching grabbed my heart, equipped my mind, and stirred my soul like no other book I’ve ever read. This is one I will return to again and again. For anyone who has ever dared to dream, but doesn’t know how to turn their dreams into reality, Greater is a must-read.”

I’m so excited to give away 4 copies of Greater today, signed by Pastor Furtick!!! Greater is about starting small, dreaming big, and watching God ignite His vision for your life. It’s all about finding out what God’s purpose for us is and putting it to use! To win a signed copy of Greater, just leave a comment!

If you’d like to join Proverbs 31 Ministries and study Greater together, sign up here. The study begins November 25th and all you need to participate is the book, Greater, which you can purchase for 25% off here.

Big Blessings,
Melissa Taylor
Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Leader


  1. 1106
    Lynn Graham says:

    Lysa, I would like the book ” His Revolutionary Love.” even though I am older I would like to learn to replace loneliness, rejection and pain with the Revolutionary relationship acceptance and grace. I like what it says it challenges you to make decisions based on the right kind of love and not what it feels right in the moment.this book realy sounds interesting to meand i would like to have it to read it.

    • 1107
      Nellie Fuder says:

      Hi ! I would love to be a recipient of one of your neighborhood bible studies! My husband and I have been in ministry 35 years. He is currently training pastors in Rwanda, and goes several times a year to other countries to train. He trains U.S. side as well, community analysis, evangelism etc. I taught Bible studies/clubs in the inner city for many years where it was dangerous at times, scarey to cross a street now and then, but now live in a regular neighborhood in Chicago, and have the orneriest, crankiest, grouchiest neighbors ever!!!!! I have never been so yelled at in my whole life as I have in Chicago! We live largely on support, which is why I would be ever so grateful if I could get this as a gift, see if I can use it, and perhaps attempt this. We have old people, many gay couples, a very strange mix of people. I AM planning to go to Africa as you mentioned! And it does seem easier than this particular neighborhood but maybe your study is something that would work here! Thanks for considering me! Nellie Fuder

  2. 1108
    Brandi Shepherd says:

    I’d love a copy.

  3. 1109
    Teresa Hall says:

    Just started Greater! Would definitely love to give a copy to share — and do a bible study together!!

  4. 1110

    Would love to read Greater!

  5. 1111

    How I would love for God to get me to the place where I could be “Greater” in all that I do regarding serving Him and living for The Lord!

  6. 1112

    Finding God’s purpose is something I have always wondered. I know there must be a purpose but hvent quite found it. My husband knows his though doesn’t know how to turn it into reality. This book sounds like it would be helpful for both of us! Thank you!

  7. 1113
    Christina R says:

    I’m signed up to start the Greater study and am so excited. I have done 3 OBS studies and love all that God shows me and the encouragement received.

  8. 1114
    Joyce Ruediger says:

    I have read Made to Crave, just bought Unglued, and would love to study GREATER! My husband and I just had an “In His Presence” service at church, and God spoke and said we all need to be different in 2013….can’t do and be the same old! Greater would help us get started on that journey to be “ready” for 2013. Thanks! Joyce

  9. 1115
    Theresa LeBlanc says:

    I would like the “Stressed-less Living” book because I struggle with having a Godly response to times of stress. I tend to get snappy and irritable when stressed and would really appreciate some insight on handling stress in a Godlier way.

  10. 1116

    I want to win!

  11. 1117
    tonya white says:


  12. 1118

    Would love to read this one!!

  13. 1119

    I am reading Unglued right now and it is really good! I’d like the Greater book as a gift for my husband.

  14. 1120

    Hi Melissa, I would love to read a copy of Greater. I am currently creating a year of me. Being a mom, working and being sick for the past year, my life has been rough. WIth the grace of God I am alive and doing much better but now I need to work on me. I just finished 6 weeks of Made to Crave and now looking for something new. This I feel will fit right in. Thanks!!!

  15. 1121

    I would love to read this!

  16. 1122

    I am reading Greater now and I would love an extra copy to pass along to someone else.

  17. 1123
    Susan Hutton says:

    Wow! I would love the to read Greater, by Pastor Furtick!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. 1124
    Jacqueline Pierce says:

    I would like “Stressed-Less Living”

    I know we are supposed to cast our care on Father. But I need help. I am also taking Physical Therapy for this problem.

  19. 1125

    I have my fiance serving in The Sudan. We are far apart, and only long to be together to serve Christ.
    Yet forces beyond our control keep us apart. I long for the day we can be in each other’s arms, and praise God for His mercy, just as we have prayed for his intercession

    I would share God’s word with my man, one of the few things beyord love that we are able to share at this blessed season.

    Our love to all, especially to the alone and desolute.


    • 1126
      Christy Fenstermacher says:

      would like to win neighborhood study kit… I’m in process of moving to new state and area this may be good for that. No worries either way.