Thanks for watching the final Unglued webcast!

Thank you so much for attending the live webcast tonight! I hope you were blessed by what was shared.

The webcast replay from tonight will be available first thing in the morning. Check back here for more information.

But I have a little surprise while you wait for the webcast replay…. Here’s the last interview with my Pastor on his book, “Greater.”  And you’ll hear there’s more giveaways involved that I announce during this interview.  So, enjoy this video while you wait.

And leave a comment below to be entered for the giveaway.

Happy Day!  (And I totally realize it looks like I have no lips in this video, Mom.  Sorry for the little lipstick oopsie.  Smiles.)


  1. Sheri says

    I just got your book, Unglued and I can’t wait to read it and share it with others. I am a very emotional person, so it will be interesting to see what I can glean from this book. I have just gone off of Cymbalta and I feel more emotional but my husband said no, I am always that way, which I took offense too and he bought me the book. So please pray that I am doing the Lord’s will for my life and reaching others for the Lord.
    PS: adding this book to my list too!!

  2. Chris R says

    I need to start with the small things right where I am and make imperfect progress along the way. Don’t keep thinking about it. Just do it!

  3. Lauren says

    I have really enjoyed all the webcasts and look forward to reading the book. I have found so much comfort knowing I am not alone in this and that I can win the battle with God on my side and a lot of hard work.

  4. Lauren says

    I think this book would be SO beneficial and I would love to win this prize. The webcasts are inspired. Thank you for doing what you do

  5. Barb Hatfield says

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. The books are piling up on my night stand. I need to find more time for reading!!!! With God’s help, I will continue to learn more and more.

  6. Sinta says

    Dear Lysa,

    Please share me how to relate with a man whose not willing to open up. I just broke up with my man, we were best friend planned for marriage, but after we’re in the relationship he seems to closed him self. I’ve tried to get closer to him the way you advice in above article, but he avoided. I want to build a conversation about our relationship and future, but he keep telling me that he’s busy with his job. Anyway we live in defferent cities.
    My journey in loving his was very spiritual, I got closer to God, pray more ofthen, and I found my self as what a woman should be and I see him nothing in the way other people think of him, I see a man I can rely beyond his uncare behavior, he just lonely.
    Btw I leave him. After the brake up, I tried to reconciliate with him, well..he forgive me and I forgive him, but he doesn’t want to build the relationship again since he’s been hurt and due to his busy work, he don’t want to keep me waiting.
    Lysa, during the friendship and the relationship God showed me who he really is, a nice man whose in loneliness but I can’t reach him, I can’t build a proper conversation with him.
    Somehow in my soul I still fill something strong about him, and I pray to God to open his heart again so we can build this relationship again and bring it to the marriage in the name of Lord.

    Btw I live in Indonesia, are your books already reach Indonesian market? (Pr Steven Futick’s book Sun Stan Still already in Indonesian market, and I’ve read it and it’s wonderful) really hope to get your books soon.

    Thanks n lots of love

  7. Merrilee says

    Your Paster is so wonderful. Thru his book and unglued were wonderful. I’m a stuffer definatetly, but I need to pray that the Lord will do his great works in me and my relationship. God has to first no matter what and we live apart right now for awhile. I’m in school again at 49 and it’s different. I have to lay my studies down to the Lords feet and give it to him. Thanks you for this wonderful journey thru Unglued. It’s awesome. I’d love to win, but if not then I’ll definatetly buy the book.

  8. renee says

    Dealing with a stuffer and taking your advice but I find myself prideful and faultfinding. I need alot of help in this area, sure could use a free copy of your book.

  9. Lynda Hawkins says

    I’m not a good cook!! There! I said it! And God can still use me to bless others in many other ways. Thank you both for sharing your struggles and how to help us all to be less unglued and be greater.

  10. Enid King says

    Great book for me to help me not to be too quick to speak, but to wait and hear what God would want me to say. It also helped me to see which category I fall into and how to handle my self without becoming unglued.

    Thanks!!! Good Work!!!! God Bless!!!!

  11. Wendy says

    The Lord has been leading me time and time again over the last couple of month to buy the Unglued bundle and lead a study of it. For one reason or another I have been putting it off. I hope my entry isn’t too late. I know this study would be great for any woman! I would love to see how the Lord could be Glorified through this study.

    • says

      Thank you once again for this wonderful and flbuaous party! It is a get away each week … a place to come and gaze upon all the treasures…know that all of your hard work and love is so greatly appreciated and you have tons of fun this weekend…i will be working…but i can live vicariously through your adventures! lol!!! hugs…

  12. Cheryl Hutchins says

    Bought a downloadable copy of the book. Love it. Its so nice when others share similar feelings. We are in this together.

  13. val Kisamore says

    Guess I need to start “digging some ditches.” and doing the natural so God can do the supernatural.

  14. Latrelle says

    Hi, thanks for making things, interviews, etc. available afterwards so we can see it later or even re-watch ! I always enjoy & hope I can finally get my own copy !