YOU Can Be On the Webcast!

Hi blog friends!

Meredith Brock here. I’m Lysa’s production manager and we are getting really excited about the 1st FREE Unglued Webcast we have coming up next week on August 23rd at 8pm EST.

Not only will Lysa be bringing a special message to us that night but we will be joined by the awesome radio show hosts from KLOVE! How cool is that?

As we’ve been gearing up for this event we thought it might be fun to hear from some of our blog friends about what questions you’ve had as you’ve been reading Unglued. We’re going to pick a few of your questions to answer on the webcast that night AND we thought we’d spice it up a little by having you submit your questions by video!

Come on, you know you want to see yourself on the webcast.

Fun, right?

So get out your lipstick, fluff your hair, turn that little video phone on yourself and ask away! You can email your videos to theungluedbook@gmail.com

Be sure to tune in on August 23rd at 8pm EST at www.klove.com to see if your question makes it on to the live webcast!

PS…To sign up for a reminder email for the webcast click here … see you on the 23rd!


  1. Kari says

    Ahhh I missed the replay of the webcast say Yes To God! :O( Is there going to be another replay of it soon? I sure hope so!

  2. Sandy says

    I’ve started reading Unglued and so far it’s been awesome and I’ve only on Chapter 4. Can’t wait to finish it and give a presentation on it next month.

    • says

      I’ve not been into reading myself, if I ever get fully into writing I could see where I’d probably end up close to her writing style. Such an easy, fun, & enjoyable read.

  3. Stacy says

    I am the mother of three children. Lately, I have been way too emotionally charged, and I lose it more than I ever should. I have been in tears and struggling with overly-emotional reactions for a few months. Yesterday, we received a package in the mail addressed to my husband. He said, “you can open the package. Someone, not sure who (wink, wink), may have ordered that for you.” I opened the package to find your book Unglued. I look forward to reading it, and becoming better. So glad my husband found this resource, even if he wasn’t brave enough to fess up to buying it 🙂

  4. says

    You have quickly become my latest heroine, and I haven’t even read any of your books yet! I think I’d heard your name in the media before, but only in the last month or so have I become more familiar with you. I’ve been following your blog and your facebook, then I’ve been listening to you on KLOVE this week.

    I love your sense of humor and am inspired by your accomplishments. As someone who has recently begun writing my first book, I hope someday to be counted in the category of “author” with a woman like you!

    God bless!

  5. Mellisa says

    Hi Lysa I have been reading your book and devotional of made to crave and it has been life changing. Thank you. Do you have plans to come to Australia? If so when?

  6. says

    Unglued was an impulse purchase after listening to you hanging out with Brant Hanson on Air1. I’ve not regretted the purchase because it’s been so fun & enthralling. Honestly, I’d love to promote your book on my upstart company. Thank you. God bless!

  7. Glenda Hoyle says

    Today I bought Unglued at Barnes and Noble. The check-out lady said that was the second one of those books she had sold today. So I told her about Lysa being in Greenville each year (I volunteer at your table – the one who has been to Liberia and 20 other countries). She took out a piece of paper and wrote down the title and author and asked me where it was located. She said that must be a God-thing for her to get and read that book. Isn’t it interesting how God works?!!

  8. Brenda says

    we were just wondering, what is the picture on cover all about? we have some ideas but would like to hear what it really is! thanks. just started study last night. cant wait till next video.

  9. Brenda says

    I’m trying to attend the webinar on Klove. I believe it started 20 minutes ago but their website is down.
    I’m coming UNGLUED!!!!

  10. says

    I missed the webcast when will they replay it. I just started reading the book today and I have found all my actions slapping me right in my face. I really would like to hear the webcast. I am in Texas.

  11. KC says

    I am new to doing online Bible study and very excited about participating in Unglued!! Do we have a schedule for reading etc? Or suggested reading and participant guide to keep up with the study?


  12. Carol says

    I watched the replay of the August 23rd web cast. Are the ones on the 30th and 6th the same or different ones?

    I will tune in to check them out, loved the first one.