Unglued Releases Today!

Today is a big day around the TerKeurst house. Release day!

I’m sure my kids are so excited they are dreaming of Unglued in their beds as I write this. Ha ha.

While my heart is so full of excitement there’s also lots of nervousness for the day to finally be here!

My prayer is that God will use the message of Unglued to help people have better reactions and healthier relationships.

Oh sweet friends, we could use your prayers this week! Pray that God will protect my team and me as we travel around this week. And pray for every person who hears about or reads Unglued. Pray their hearts would be touched and changed in the deepest ways.

The video below is an interview my pastor, Pastor Steven Furtick.

Pastor Steven and his wife, Holly, have become great friends to Art and me. We are so grateful for the relationship the Lord has allowed us to develop with this wonderful couple!

I hope you enjoy!

And of course, we couldn’t do release day without party favors. So, if you happen to buy an Unglued book, leave us a comment and you will be entered in a drawing to win an Unglued 6-week Bible Study DVD. We’re giving away 5 DVD’s today!

Thank you so much. Seriously, thank you.


  1. says

    I preordered Unglued several weeks ago and when I received in it the mail on Saturday, August 4, I did come UNGLUED! My husband and son tried to beat me to the mail box because I KNEW what was in the envelope!!

    Thank you so much for writing something that I realize I need to work on. Not coming unglued but allowing God to help me with my reactions. Looking forward to devouring the book.

    I have been getting all my girlfriends excited about the release as well! And there are several who are BEGGING for us to do the Bible study. I would love to win one, but we will be purchasing if I don’t win!!

  2. Lynn says

    I pre-purchased your book last week through Amazon! Cannot wait to read it! Thank you for being such an inspiration to me through your books and your life testimony.

  3. Tiffany Stephens says

    I pre-ordered this book from Amazon for my kindle but really wanted the actual hard copy too so I just bought both!!! I have truly enjoyed starting the book…it is so much like me it’s like I am reading about me!! I would love to win the Bible study but I will buy one if I don’t win! Thank you so much for writing this book!! I truly needed it!!!

  4. Cher Witt says

    Lysa a heart felt congratulations and infinite love andratitude!
    Your book: “Made to Crave ” and the DVD course led me to Christ.
    I couldn’t wait to pre order” Unglued” and the workbook. The DVD would complete this part of my journey to better relationships with Christ and others.
    Thank you for deeply touching the lives of so many!
    Best blessings,

  5. Diana says

    I ordered Unglued for my Kindle and already on Chapter 10!! Can’t read it fast enough! How did you manage to climb into my head – are you living my life?? This book is truly God-breathed and I want to thank you personally for letting him use your talent, and your experience, to share this with us! I have had many tearful moments as I read through the chapters, and just over half way through the book. I have been searching for so long. I struggle with my weight too, and just finished your Made to Crave book and ordered the materials to go along with it. But I almost feel like I need to deal with this first. This is my problem, and I am “stuffing” it, giving me the weight issue. Gotta love them brownies! 🙂 I have wanted a way to share with other women and use my struggles for good, and this bible study may be the answer. We will see if it’s a part of God’s plan. Either way, it’s comforting to know I am not alone, and there is another “soul sister” out there, doing her best to live out what God has planned for her life, making mistakes along the way, and using them for his glory. There’s hope for me yet!!!

  6. Anne says

    Got mine and started reading immediately. Ordered 10 copies and have already give three away. Mailing others and may have to order more. Just wish I had had this a long time ago

  7. Lisa says

    I pre-ordered my book and I can’t wait for it to get here. Thanks so much for all you are doing for the Kingdom!

  8. says

    We were on our honeymoon and I made sure to stop by a Barnes and Noble to get my copy as soon as they opened. So excited to be reading

  9. says

    I signed up for the nuggets through His Radio this morning, then ended up at Barnes & Noble in Birkdale while my daughter was at Tumbling Class. I ended up walking out with Unglued; pretty certain I will see glimpses of myself and my issues throughout the book 😉 Can’t wait to get started!! <3

  10. Stephanie says

    I kept thinking I needed to wait to order it til I finished all the other books I started…but with lots of family stuff going on and coming to the end of summer vacation with 4 school age children I thought I was getting the message to order it now so I did….

    Thank you so much for all you do…so relatable!!!

  11. Chasidy says

    I had to buy this book due to the story leading up to it. I subscribe to the Proverbs 31 daily devotions and recently got behind on checking my emails. I was cleaning the house and my husband and child was making messes faster than I could clean. I was getting a lil agitated. When I finished cleaning, I sat down to read a devotion, I came across one that was titled “Coming unglued isn’t all bad”. I was in no mood for conviction, so I skipped that one and went on to one titled ” What frustrated Jesus”. You opened with how you were short and snippy with your family and felt you were coming “unglued”. I was like okay Jesus, I get it, lol. So, I knew I had to get this book, and I’m glad I did, it really hits home.

  12. says

    What a great interview!!! I cannot wait to read Unglued and hoping to do a bible study with my first small group EVER to facilitate! Praying for your words to provide nourishment and encouragement! Two ingredients to my group recipe!!! 😉

  13. says

    I bought one for myself and one for a friend. I am also praying about teaching it at the women’s Sunday School I teach which begins September 10…the DVD’s sure would be a nice complement 🙂

  14. Jennifer says

    Just bought my copy of unglued, so excited to begin hearing what God has to say on a subject I have always struggled with. Thank you!

  15. Tiffany says


    I have been “joining you” on the Made to Crave journey, and it’s been just what I’ve needed! In addition to praying for myself, I’ve been praying for you along the way. Just wanted to share a thought that has helped me to trust God and feel complete even when I’m choosing to say no to unhealthy foods or larger-than-necessary portions:

    “You don’t want to leave me hungry; You just want to fill me in other ways.”

    For me, these other ways include good books, worship through song and dance (I have found that worshipping before sitting down to eat has been super helpful!), and godly conversation with other believers, just to name a few.

    The thought that He doesn’t want to leave me hungry helps me to trust His heart – that He does care about my feelings, and isn’t just going to leave me wallowing in emptiness. And the truth that He will fill me in other ways helps me turn to Him for the next nourishing thing, instead of dwelling on what I “can’t” have — which, of course, is not a “can’t” but a “choose not to.”

    Thanks again for all your wisdom! You put words to something I think God has been saying to a lot of women. Now, we just have to – no, get to – face it in print, own up to the truth, and realize we were Made to Crave Someone better than food.


  16. Joyce says

    Just bought my book yesterday and can wait to begin Unglued and hope I can do this Bible story with my lifegroup Highschool girls.

  17. Leslie Crocker says

    I love ,love listening to and reading Proverbs 31 ministry. It Has been such a blessing to me. Can’t wait to get into Unglued enjoyed the daily previews and lessons emailed to me. Would LOVE a DVD to share

  18. says

    I heard your sessions at Camp-of-the-Woods and bought the book the day it was released! Thank you so much for the wisdom you share! I work with a team of Christians in a very stressful environment . . . a good amount of our conflict is directly related to our reactions to one another. We’ve already discussed reading through this book together . . . so from our team at Galmi Hospital to your’s, THANK YOU!

  19. Ashley Latiolais says

    I preordered Unglued over a month ago & just finished reading Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl last night. I had to stop myself from starting Unglued before I finished reading the other one. I love all the books of yours I’ve read so far & can’t wait to get into this one!!

  20. Michael Faulkner says

    Just wondered why your new book “Unglued” is geared towards women when so many men fit or have the same problems with managing their emotions. I love the things that you point out but aren’t these issues non gender specific?.

  21. ruth paul says

    im trying to find unglued daily chalange im not very computer savy so maybe i just need to know which link im supposed to click on thank you help!!!!!!! ruth im waiting for yur unglued audio cd cant wait