Unglued Blog Tour – Let’s Stick Together

Writing Unglued was a scary thing for me. Putting my crazy tendencies to stuff and explode on paper for the world to read wasn’t easy. There’s this weird tension inside me between honoring God and being honest sometimes.

If I really say it like it is, is that dishonoring to God?

Sometimes the answer to that question for me, is yes and I have to reign it in.

But most times, I think my reader friends find it refreshing to know we can love Jesus like crazy and still get tripped up by the messes of life.

In the end, I decided being honest about my very imperfect progress not only honored God, but could help others who feel a little unglued at times too. If you’ve read the book, you know I’m not the hero of this message. I’m just a messenger of hope. If I can make better choices in the midst of my crazy, so can you.

Today, I have a really fun thing to announce-the Unglued blog tour!

A wonderful friend, Amy Bayliss, helped me gather up some blog friends to all post about Unglued in the next 2 weeks.

I have loved getting to know these ladies through their blogs and I really think you will too! These women are amazingly smart and witty and the kind of girls I wished lived next door to me.

On my better days.

Not on my “stand in my driveway and come unglued days.” Have mercy.

So, we are excited to be starting the Unglued Blog Tour today. Take a few minutes, and hop around the linked blogs below and enjoy! You might even get to win a copy of Unglued.

And for heaven’s sake, if you’ve blogged about Unglued and didn’t get on the blog tour list below, please put your link in the comment section below so others can visit your posts as well. I don’t want anyone getting left out.

Have a blast!

And thank you for all your support. Us unglued girls have fun sticking together, right. πŸ™‚

Here are the ladies who are posting today.

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Click on the Blog Tour Button in the side bar for future posts about Unglued from the ladies below.

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Twitter and Facebook parties will be held by:

The MOB Society
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The Unveiled Wife
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The Social Savvy Mom
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  1. says

    Hey Lysa girl, Just want you to know I still have a few more days until my Unglued giveaway closes.

    I’m giving 2 copies away πŸ™‚

    Just one more chance to win this FABULOUS book ladies!!


  2. Angie Swanbeck says

    Hi Lysa

    I somehow lost day 2 of the unglued challenge emails. I have been sharing with some co workers to try to get a group together at work. Can someone re-send day 2 to angieswanbeck@aol.com
    They are laughing at me because I have sent all but day 2, and I told them I was not going to become unglued about it πŸ™‚

      • Noelle Coppola says

        How do I sign up for the unglued challenge? A group of women from my church are reading the book and going away for a day to discuss it. Can you send me the link to sign up for this and any past days a missed? Ndcoppola@hotmail.com thank you!!

  3. Brenda Galiher says

    Unglued, husband’s knee surgery. Living with Hopalong… My knee actually hurts with sympathy pain.

  4. Peg says

    Lysa, I’ve read through your book twice now. Such honest good writing! You give hope to a lot of Jesus loving mommies who forget that they need grace daily. Including myself. Thank you for allowing God to use you in this way!

  5. Anita says

    I would love to be able to get your book. Actually several copies for myself and friends. However, when I went to purchase a copy at Lifeway, they are already out of stock. I inquired at several of their locations and was informed that each store only received 1 copy on their initial order. With all the publicity through radio and internet, why would only one copy be on display for purchase on a book that was just released? Barnes and Noble does have copies, however I prefer buying books through Lifeway because it is Christian based.
    Concerned consumer

  6. says

    I love your honesty! I heard you at Extraordinary Women and love you! It is refreshing to hear from other people who will admit imperfection rather than portray the perfect in every area of life bit. I feel intimidated by such people which makes it highly unlikely that they will be teaching and helping as many people as possible.
    I have not gotten or read your book- yet, but I heard you talking about it on K-Love and posted a blog that day. I needed your words that day and have been better able to focus since hearing you. Thanks for being a blessing even if you do have bad days. Honestly, we all have them.

  7. Kitty Ball says

    Some years ago my husband made a dicision, without discussing it with me, that made a significant change in our lives. I was not ready for such a change, and I resented him for it and my resentment festered. The Lord kept picking away at me about this until, (some years later when we were going through a difficult time), during a “discusion” I EXPLODED! I told him everything I had been thinking and felt for several years. At this point, I began counseling with a friend who was very dedicated to the Lord. She helped me reach a point where I had to make a decision about my marriage because my anger was causing it to deteriorate. All my life I had always stuffed my emotions, and instead of dealing with the issues and working them out, I built walls. As I prayed about my decision the Lord told me what I needed to do. I forgave my husband and few weeks later, on our anniversary, I washed his feet. I made a big deal out of it and told him what the Lord told me to say. I asked his forgiveness for my part in our conflicts and accepted his responsibility as my head. Since that time we have talked about the issues we had early in our marriage and God has mended our relationship. We have been married 33+ years.

  8. Jodie says

    I am so very thankful that you shared the craziness of your life in this book. My husband is deployed and I sent him my book. I told him he needed to read this book if for no other reason than to see that this book represents our household as well. My husband and I are going through some tough challenges in our life with the military right now and reading this book has really helped me turn the issue over to God and trust that he has a plan in store for us. So, thank you for sharing the craziness.

  9. says

    You reminded me of a time my best friend’s two year old left a chocolate
    donut handprint on my door facing…I thought it was so precious that I
    didn’t wipe it off for a year!

  10. Shannon says

    I blogged last night about my unglued moments, and how I take things out on my husband : ( Not proud.


    We had a wedding this weekend which both my young kids were in, and it was hard on me. Me, poor me. I wanted so badly to enjoy the day and watch my loved ones get married, but all I could think about was me. Thankful for God’s mercy and forgiveness.

  11. Keitha Ruiz says

    Hi Lisa —

    A friend and I will be leading the Unglued study in our church, starting Thursday, August 30th. We are so excited. I have a question — We have ordered the dvd’s and the work book. (on backorder — I hope they make it soon!!) Do we also need to purchase the Unglued book as well?? Do we need all three?

  12. says

    I just got this book last week on my Kindle – I showed it to my team leader and we are getting copies for the rest of the team. It is really hitting home for me so far – great job on your transparency on a much needed topic. I always desire to respond from the Holy Spirit rather than react according to my feelings. You give some great advice on how to do that, and how to identify the feelings and track down their source – thank you so much!

  13. Deb Daigle says

    I thank the Lord that you wrote Unglued. I am the mother of four and grandmother of 13. I have been married to Bob for 40 years. There have been a few areas in my life that I have been stuggling with, but God has convicted me of a area that I thought was my best quality (silly me). I am a fixer, a enabler, and with a family as big as mine I find myself always trying to fix and enable, and becoming really unglued. Then God led me to your book……..Progress is being made but I am starting the book again…. I do not want to take any chances…

  14. Julie Anne says

    So excited for your book! The first time I saw this quote on twitter, “Am I trying to prove myself right, or improve the relationship?” I KNEW I needed to read your book! And then I decided I couldn’t wait to win a copy, I just had to buy one! I’m hoping to blog about it someday, but probably not in the next two weeks! I signed up to take a college course that starts Monday, and my kids school start just got pushed back a week (new building) so I’m reading slowly!

  15. says


    I just added your blog to my Google reader about two months ago. I joined the No more Unglued Mama Mornings email challenge for five days and knew I just had to get your book. I was so happy to be Wal-Mart-ing before our family vacation (family vacation = many unglued opportunities) and your book was right at the top of the shelf. I grabbed it and then left it at home–so like me. Well, I’m devouring it now and have to thank you for being so honest. My husband is tiring of hearing me say, “She’s SO me!” or “I’m just like HER!” I don’t feel alone in my exploding-stuffer tendencies any longer. Thank you for not just sharing your heart but also giving us godly, scriptural steps to dealing with those raw emotions that bubble up inside of us before we know what’s going on. I”m passing this book along to friends just like I did with Jen Hatmaker’s 7. Thank you so much for writing Unglued.
    Kirsten in Wheaton, IL

  16. Courtney VanFossen says

    This book is amazing! I couldn’t put it down….okay, I did, but that was just to write some things down on some note cards! I finally had a book (and author) that I can relate to in my life. I am so glad that this one happened to be on my suggested reading list on Amazon. I started reading Unglued as soon as it came, and by the time I was 2 days into that book, I went back on Amazon and ordered Crave and Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl. I might have become a “Good” Christian woman a little 5 years ago, but I know, with the help of your books and personal stories, I can become more than just that. I am blessed to know that I am one step closer in my journey and also blessed to have found your books! I can’t wait to start to read the blogs that are posted on this site!

  17. Crystal says

    I am loving Unglued! Thank you for being honest. It’s helping a fellow Jesus girl be more Jesus-like. I’ve shared so many of the points with my 13 year old daughter. Oh, how girls can be so mean sometimes! I really hope there are plans for an Unglued for teen girls. They are certainly faced with their share of “shame on you emails” and unglued moments.

  18. Denise S. says

    Sounds like a great book! I don’t how many times a day it seems like I get unglued over things that later on I realize are so trivial. I think a lot of mothers and wives could use this book.

  19. says

    Lysa — thanks so much for offering this blog tour and so many chances to win a free copy of your book! I blogged about your book today (and told an unglued story about myself from just this past weekend). I hope you and some of your readers will stop by to check out my post: http://theflourishingtree.com/2012/08/22/the-small-fire-that-sets-the-forest-aflame/

    I’ve been coming unglued way too often lately, and so I won’t wait to see who wins the prize drawings. I’m buying your book tomorrow morning so I have time to get started before your first webcast! If I win a copy, I have friends ready to claim it. Can’t wait to read it and learn how God can help me from coming unglued so often.

  20. Berys says

    I’m going to miss you. I am going overseas and will not have easy access to site so am unsunscribing till new year when I get back. God Bless

  21. says

    I read AACC’s free sample recently and can’t wait to get the book for myself, Lysa. Thanks so much for your authenticity. God’s going to use it in huge ways!

  22. says

    I am so excited about Unglued, Lysa! I’ve posted about it today in my letter to God as part of Faith Barista’s Thursday Faith Jam! I so hope I win a book as I gave my copy to my sister to thank her for helping me get to She Speaks this year.


    So glad the book is doing so well! You are such a wonderful source of encouragement for so many of us!

    Blessings, Michelle Axton Kelly

  23. Lynne says

    Dear Lysa:

    I have been enjoying reading your new book Unglued. It has been extremely timely for me. It is a wonderful book!

    I was just reading this morning about the Biblical Procedure Manual and when I got to step one I couldn’t believe my eyes! Remember who you are…

    I have recently submitted a manuscript for self publishing and in my book I talk about that very thing! We used to say that exact same phrase to our own children! And here I thought we had patented that phrase ourselves! πŸ™‚

    My heart truly resonated with the truth that you mentioned in Step 1 as it is such a key truth to remember as we walk with the Lord.

    I just had to let you know!


  24. Laurie Hilsinger says

    Dear, dear Lysa,

    Do you have any idea just how much of a blessing you? Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a real and honest way. Thank you for going to that scary place and putting your real self out there for women like me. I can’t measure the amount of grace and hope I am receiving, knowing I am not alone AND I have hope of changing. Thank You, Father God, for your faithful servant, Lysa!! What a priceless gift!!

  25. says

    I came across a message on my Facebook that mentioned your book. I would love o read it. Sounds like an honest, God driven, book. I don’t believe God makes any mistakes so I
    Am glad he brought me to your page. Thank you for your faith and sincerity. May God continue to bless you.

  26. says

    I loooove that you have written this book!!! Our womens group starts it on Wednesday and all of us are are so excited to read how to have more Godly reactions to our emotions. Thank you for being so open!

  27. Krista says

    I am so very bummed! I couldn’t ever get onto KLove to see the webcast! I think there were technical difficulties. I even tied to call KLove and was on hold for about 15 minutes. I finally gave up…I heard about 10 minutes ago that it had been on Facebook too. I even tried that and had problems. πŸ™ Hope it was great. Maybe there’ll be a repeat at some time??

  28. says

    Lysa, although we have never met I feel as though you know me!!! Thank you so much for including me on your blog tour. As I wrote in my post that will go up tomorrow, I don’t do many book reviews and even fewer Christian book reviews on my blog (being a craftsy-type blog and all), but I truly believe that the Holy Spirit was responsible for my saying yes to this one. Your book is exactly what I have been needing for a very long time. I am feeling validated, challenged, encouraged… so many things. Thank you for allowing Him to bless me through Unglued. I hope we meet someday!

    In progress,

  29. says

    Lysa – I would love, love LOVE to be considered for a complimentary copy of your “UNGLUED” DVD Study. Please. I mean it. I “take the cake” to teach this thing for you. I live in a town of only 80,000 people, but I lead a women’s study on Tuesday Mornings that has 300 – 350 women in it that need a large dose of your ministry in their spiritual tool belts. We are constantly looking for new studies to consider and keep returning to Beth Moore. Set us free, Lysa. Please.


    andrea noelle
    bend, oregon

  30. Debbie says

    I have had my book for a few weeks now & it’s all I can do not to start reading it & then once the online study starts I will read it again. Can’t wait for the start of this study. This is my 3rd online study & I LOVE THEM!!!!!

  31. Shannon DeRogatis says

    After reading about Unglued, I preordered the whole package and felt a strong calling to lead a group at church. This was way outside of my comfort zone and something that I have NEVER done before. Unfortunately, I was wondering if you had any advice as far as what to suggest to the ladies in the way of preparing for class? Should I have them read specific chapters? Should we discuss the book during our session or only when mentioned during the participant guide/DVD? The book seems to offer way more and the participant book is a little harder to follow? Do you recommend the bible study class first and then complete the 6 days personal part or should the group do the six days preclass and then the corresponding week when we meet? We are also doing the study over 12 weeks and in one hour sessions.

    Sorry so many questions. I just want to be as prepared as I can be. Especially since this is my first time. (I feel like I need an outline, lol) Would love any suggestions…..Thank you!

    Ps. Been reading the book and love it!!!!

  32. says

    I recently posted about wanting to read Unglued! Just ordered our first round of books and DVD for our women’s study starting next Tuesday !! Previewed the intro and session one on the dvd today… Can’t wait!

  33. says

    Hey Lysa,
    I am facilitating a Bible Study at my kids school using your Unglued Study and also have a group of working moms joining us online through a FB discussion group. I have been using my blog to provide them with some mid week teaching since they are unable to watch the video. We are loving the study and making Imperfect Progress together. Thanks for your honesty and reminding us how to balance our honesty with godliness. BTW, got up yesterday to preview session 3 for the study, and my husband grabbed his coffee and watched it with me πŸ™‚
    Here is the link to my first blogpost related to Unglued. http://springingup.net/coming-unglued/ The others are titled: Choosing Sides, The View, Having a Come Apart, and Unfinished.
    Thanks for sharing all these links!

  34. Araceli says

    Dear Lysa,
    Thank you for writing “unglued” and helping me see hope in the midst of an overwhelmed, overworked, emotionally overloaded life πŸ™‚ I am a divorced single mom of 4, (18,16, 11,10 ) (3 girls, 1 boy).. yes you can feel sorry for me now..lol.. I am grateful for “imperfect progress” and for God’s grace and blessings in my life.. May I and all the mom’s out there married or not, remember what a blessing it is to be chosen to impact our kids like noone else can. Thank you for reaching into my heart and helping me.