Unglued Blog Tour – Let’s Stick Together

Writing Unglued was a scary thing for me. Putting my crazy tendencies to stuff and explode on paper for the world to read wasn’t easy. There’s this weird tension inside me between honoring God and being honest sometimes.

If I really say it like it is, is that dishonoring to God?

Sometimes the answer to that question for me, is yes and I have to reign it in.

But most times, I think my reader friends find it refreshing to know we can love Jesus like crazy and still get tripped up by the messes of life.

In the end, I decided being honest about my very imperfect progress not only honored God, but could help others who feel a little unglued at times too. If you’ve read the book, you know I’m not the hero of this message. I’m just a messenger of hope. If I can make better choices in the midst of my crazy, so can you.

Today, I have a really fun thing to announce-the Unglued blog tour!

A wonderful friend, Amy Bayliss, helped me gather up some blog friends to all post about Unglued in the next 2 weeks.

I have loved getting to know these ladies through their blogs and I really think you will too! These women are amazingly smart and witty and the kind of girls I wished lived next door to me.

On my better days.

Not on my “stand in my driveway and come unglued days.” Have mercy.

So, we are excited to be starting the Unglued Blog Tour today. Take a few minutes, and hop around the linked blogs below and enjoy! You might even get to win a copy of Unglued.

And for heaven’s sake, if you’ve blogged about Unglued and didn’t get on the blog tour list below, please put your link in the comment section below so others can visit your posts as well. I don’t want anyone getting left out.

Have a blast!

And thank you for all your support. Us unglued girls have fun sticking together, right. 🙂

Here are the ladies who are posting today.

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Click on the Blog Tour Button in the side bar for future posts about Unglued from the ladies below.

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Twitter and Facebook parties will be held by:

The MOB Society
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The Unveiled Wife
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The Social Savvy Mom
Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/socialsavvymom

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  1. says

    Hey Lysa,
    Thanks for writing such an awesome book and thanks for coming to Iowa so our church group could attend back in October. In the last couple of months I have been playing over in my head some of the things you talked about during the conference. This is kind of where this becomes a prayer request as I am a youth director at my church part time, but is currently my only job. Well more then a job, but the last few weeks I have been kind of away from my kids as I have been trying to recoop from being sick since before Halloween. I am kind of asking for prayer for patience to take time to rest and let the bronchitis/ walking pneumonia get out of my system. That and that satan will back off as he is really working on my guilt button about not being there for my youth kids especially with some of the things they are dealing with.

    Again Thanks and God Bless


  2. Stacie Dorris says

    Hey Lysa!

    I want to thank you again for speaking at the Southeast Regional conference for the Protestant Women of the Chapel, (PWOC), in November of 2011! What a blessing you were to the women in our ministry! I heard you were having some medical problems with your hearing. I am praying for you! I do know no matter what you will continue to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit! Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice and they follow me.” Truly you hear our Lord’s voice and you follow Him!!! I just started reading your newest book, Unglued! I am almost done! it is such a blessing. I just finished reading Chapter 10. You are talking about our thought life and controling the ‘inside chatter’; ‘taking every thought captive and making it obedient to Christ.’ Last year in PWOC one of the ladies shared a devotion where the Holy Spirit prompted her to fast any negative thoughts towards her husband. Even her husband noticed a difference in her attitude. I can’t recall how long she did it for. I must admit I was scard to take the challenge. I thought, I can’t do that. But, after reading your book and the power of my thoughts, I am going to accept the challenge from the Holy Spirit. I am going to try and fast any negative thoughts towards my husband for one day. I’ll start with one day. I’ll let you know how it goes… I wanted to share this thought with you of fasting negative thoughts towards loved ones. I thought this was powerful.

  3. Tracy Medling says

    Things in my life are generally positive most of the time, but lately I feel overwhelmed by the constant rush of blinding activity from one day to the next – so much to do and seemingly little time to attempt some kind of accomplishment before dropping to the mattress to sleep for a few hours before starting it all over again the next day. My friend and adopted big sister, Lynn gave me your book “Unglued” which shows a woman standing on a rock in the middle of a field bent over and screaming into a diaper bag-sized purse – more appropriate than you can imagine! LOL – maybe not…. I decided to post the following on my facebook page and hope this “share” directs more women to “soul integrity” – and the peace of mind and heart we all so desperately need to model and enjoy in our lives! “I am gaining powerful insights into how to effectively deal with conflict, expectations, my own emotionality, and how to redirect my thoughts and actions toward “imperfect progress” instead of unleashing my frustration turned anger on the people I care most about. I highly recommend this amazing book and want to thank its author, Lysa TerKeurst for sharing her own anecdotes so transparently for the progress and encouragement of other would-be “unglued” women. Bravo! and Thank you!!” may God continue to bless you in your own progress as you inspire others in the Spirit! <3

  4. Christie says

    Hiding Under A CupCAKE

    So….I’ve had an OVEREATING Problem all of my life. I am 44 in a couple days…The past few years has been better. I’ve been OVERWEIGHT most of my life. So as far back as I can remember I had an issue with food. Sugar, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, donuts,…UP down….up down… I was a heavy kid, heavy teen, heavy adult…etc. Now I range from a size 3-6 or so depending on what brand of Goodwill I find. So U say ” she doesn’t have a problem ..she’s got it under control.” NO…U know what you see on the outside is usually far from what is going on in the INSIDE Of someone who has or had a food-addiction. The odd thing is I just found out Y why WHY Why I had this problem. I am saying “Had” becuz I am no longer “Claiming” this on my body…I had it…it’s Gone In the Name of Jesus…but the Why is still there.. I will tell you Why. This might be the start of something rather Miraculous in my life. In July my friend came to my house. You see she grew up with me. I had moved to Fl and not seen her in many years. Alot of things have happened in my 44 years of life. Most of which “I DO NOT REMEMBER”. You see I was sexually abused when I was a child and My God did this thing to protect me. Sherri grew up with me “Remembering” all of my horrific times. I still don’t remember. But I do see the things that I do..the wierd things that I do. The ODD things that I did when I was a kid….have straggled into my Adulthood. YOU SEE.. I remember having a weighty problem all of my life. Hmm..It was “because my dad and mom got divorced” NO!!! it was BECAUSE my father sexually abused me. She told me that when I was young I told her “SHERRI if I’m FAT enough he won’t like me..he won’t touch me he won’t hurt me” so this is why I eat. Im surrounding myself with Fat and Food to Protect myself. Let me tell you , she told me that and it hit me Like a Brick in the face. So now I know why..But really why???? God blocked all of the pain, all of the UGLY memories…but He has a plan…His plan was to help other women that are going through the same thing that I went through….You see I ordered made to crave quite awhile ago..but God is moving stuff around in my life so I can have the capacity to help other women to deal with this. This is the hardest thing IMAGINABLE in my life to do. Food was my cover..food was my concealer..food was my comfort..food was my protector..food was my FRIEND. God says I want to be your COVER..I want to be your CONCELER..I want to be your COMFORT..I want to be your PROTECTOR.. I want to be your FRIEND..I want to be your COVER….Until you give up …and get to your absolute end of yourself you will still grab for that cupcake with Pink frosting and sprinkles…eat it and then WHAT….u still feel empty…Fill the whole with JESUS…no matter what….no matter how hard it hurts…Jesus is the HEALER…..My plan…my future..my GODGIVENDESTINY is to deliver You from the CUPCAKE. Thankyou Lysa for this study….thankyou…
    ps. I can’t wait to start this adventure and move further on to UNGLUED…..

  5. Brittany Puckett says

    I have so enjoyed the blogs that I recieve in my email everyday. Alot of days, just a line or two will apply to me, but today, “unglued” really applied. Social media has become a normal way of life. Years ago before Facebook, Twitter and the like, having to confront someone face to face, gave you time to cool your jets, before speaking out in anger, and sometimes these confrontations were worked out before the angered person ever even saw the one they were angry with. Now it is so easy to post some rude comment on FB, or shoot them a nasty email expressing your anger, and you dont have to look them in the eye to see how much your words hurt. Words are forever, and you cant take them back once they are out there in the cyber world. I often forget that in a moment of rage. So this morning when i logged in to my work email and the “unglued” blog was staring me in the face, it made me think about a recent post, that now I cant take back, and probably hurt the feelings of someone I truly care about. Jesus said ” go and sin no more”, and those words keep resounding in my ear this morning. In this day of cyber everything, the words of Jesus need to read as often as we check our Facebook page, and the world would be a much better place for it. Thank you Lysa, for your blogs. And next time I am in a fit of anger, I will try to remember todays post… God Bless