Thanks for watching the second Unglued webcast

Thank you so much for attending the live webcast tonight! I hope you were blessed by what was shared.

I’m looking forward to the webcast next Thursday, 8pm EST right here with Pastor Steven Furtick.  The theme next week?  Identifying where things fell apart in an Unglued situation.  You don’t want to miss this message!

The webcast from tonight will be available for replay first thing in the morning. Check back here for more information.


  1. Sandy says

    Great broadcast – so many highlights like – attack the problem not the person. The one who holds the tongue holds the power…have a funeral for unrealistic expectations..you don’t have to attend every fight your invited too. God let me see things through your eyes….Thanks, Lysa…can’t wait until next Thursday

  2. Dinah says

    I so enjoyed both webcasts and I am looking forward to next Thursday. I sat here amazed that if you still have the ringing in your ears that no one would ever know it. I pray the Lord will heal you. I heard you speak at a conference in Whiteville, NC this year and follow your blog. You and your ministry are truly a blessing!!

  3. Jenny says

    I missed tonight’s webcast but enjoyed last weeks. Planning on watching it in the morning. I’d love to see an Unglued book for teens or tweens! I’m dealing with some big stuff with my 6th grade girl, yuck. But, I’m staying glued. Love the book so far, thanks Lysa

  4. Linda Leighton says

    Hi Lysa–

    Will there be a link for us to watch the webcast from tonight? I started a new Made To Crave study with some friends tonight (they love it already) and was unable to watch it live. I hope so!

    Blessings to you!

  5. Kirsten Bedell says

    Is there any way to still view this webcast if we missed it tonight? I am so bummed I missed the second one and I noticed it wasn’t offered on k-Love’s website to see again like the first one was…

  6. Dorothy R. TX says

    Thank you, thank you for all you do to help women….looking forward to reading “Unglued!”

  7. Jill Elliott says

    Hi Lysa,

    I was really hoping there would be a way I could watch the webcast later–I’m on the West Coast, so your broadcast, at 5 pm PDT, is right when I’m getting dinner on the table for my toddler and preschool-aged boys.

    I can’t seem to find the link, so am I right in assuming that it’s only available live, in real time? Is there going to be an archived version?

    Thanks so much!


  8. Christine Ann says

    HI, I haven’t been able to watch the second Unglued webcast yet, which I guess is due to the time delay between US and UK. To watch it live I would have to stay up until 1.0 am and I like my sleep! So am waiting excitedly for the replay to appear. Have been so encouraged by the first webcast on KLove and shared it with my friend today again. We are going to work through the book together and hope to share with other women in the church. Learn more about ourselves and pass it on, that is our aim. We love your words about honesty and peacemaking, the goal being soul integrity.

  9. says

    I am also trying to watch the 2nd Unglued webcast and cannot. Is there a problem. I would like to say that your book has just been so amazing I saw myself in every word you were writing. From the missing towels, to the lost shoes, I want to thank you for writing this wonderful book and I am looking forward to reading more of it. Your words the scriptures, and just your way of letting God take control of every aspect of your life is making a great impact in my life. Of course I am constantly falling apart and keep striving for that great day. Thanks again

  10. Joy Rice says

    We had 6 women in our study last week to watch the first webcast and 14 last night. Praise the Lord! We had such great conversation after both sessions.
    We were originally doing another women’s study when we decided to watch the webcast, and then everyone voted to continue watching the webcasts and get the book to read.
    The only thing I am unsure of is how many sessions are planned so that we can prepare accordingly!
    What a miracle I have observed! You have sparked conversation and ownership of personal struggles for women in our group ranging from their 20’s to their 80’s.
    God bless you in your continuing endeavors!

  11. Pam Stewart says

    Thank you so much Lysa!! You did an AMAZING job last night and you looked great too!! Have to ask…………………..where did you get that awesome rockin red necklace???? LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it!! ;0

  12. patsy scheufele says

    I needed this whole study but really needed tonight. I have always been a caregiver, and the one family/friends comes to to fix everything as ewll as a full time wife, mom, grandmother and i hold a full time job. My problems come from being raised by a control freik, self centered, mind game and verbally abusive mother( whom i love dearly and work constantly to resolve our issues) and the best thing she taught me was what NOT to be as a parent and wife- and a father who was kind to the extreme and taught me unconditional love which he always gave my mother and us kids. well anyway i became my father and married my mother but worse ( in fact my husband at times has made my mother look great) so i have been to numerous bible studies startin before i was married on how to be the good submisive wife and through the years on how to forgive, power of a praying wife, love is a choice are just a few of the soooo many i have done. but this one unglued came when i needed it the most ( so how “God” is that i love it) and tonights broadcast is where i am, broken- hopeless ( not really my mind keeps telling me God is still at work its my heart that is not responding)- weary, tired and have built barriers more for my protection than anything other reason, try to avoid conflict at all cose beause in my marriage to try to resolve only brings more conflict, ive given up and have become depressed. and tonight gave me renewed hope and the will to try again… to be honest i had started getting seperation papers together and was considering divorce ( we did this 11 years ago and it was nasty and i paid dearly for leaving him and still pay today for it) so this has made my decision to not leave and try again easier…..and i fully know the comment on the bank……i give beyond what i have and rarely does a deposit get made that matches the checks i write so my love balance is always in the negative LOL and sadly my love tank goes not only empty but dry a lot… if is did not have God, my kids and my bible i would truley be lost. thank you all for what you do and cant wait for the online study, then i plan to teach the study to my daughters and a few close women friends. God bless you