Second Unglued Webcast Tonight!

The second LIVE Unglued webcast is tonight at 8pm EST right here!

Special note: If it is 8pm EST right now and you see this on my blog,
you must reload the page!

Last week we had a bit of a traffic jam as everyone tried to log on to view the webcast. I guess you could say K-LOVE’s server just came Unglued! This week we will be streaming from my website and are ready for round 2! So bring on the traffic at www.lysaterkeurst.com!

On this webcast I am going to tackle the topic of Conflict Resolution. My special guests will be two sensational bloggers we all love, Kelly Stamps and Courtney Joseph, as well as the President of the American Association of Christian Counselors, Dr. Tim Clinton!

And best of all, you can watch in your PJ’s from the comfort of your own home!

All you have to do to tune in is come right here, www.lysaterkeurst.com, at 8pm EST tonight.

But that’s not all!

There will be some partying going on! Facebook and Twitter parties that is! I have some sweet friends who are hosting the parties and giving away free Unglued stuff all throughout the webcast.

Not sure how to party on Facebook or Twitter?

There will be 3 different Facebook parties going on during the webcast. You are welcome to join any of them!

Brooke and Erin from The MOB Society (Mother of Boys) are hosting an Unglued Facebook Party here.

Jennifer from Unveiled Wife is hosting an Unglued Facebook Party here.

Lisa and Kristi from Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies’ Team are hosting an Unglued Facebook Party here.

So, how do you join?

Pick a party. Click on the link. Click the Join button in the upper right corner of the screen. Then check back tonight at 8pm EST. The hostesses will be posting questions and you can comment for a chance to win some really cool Unglued stuff. You will see comments appear immediately, but every so often you will need to refresh your screen in order to see any new questions the hostesses have asked. Yeah, we know it’s a bummer, but that’s how Facebook does things.

For the Twitter party:

Follow the Twitter hashtag #ungluedbook and look for your hostess, @AngieBCombs, to tweet questions. Tweet your answers and be sure to include #ungluedbook in your tweet!

And certainly, you are welcome to Facebook, tweet, text, or call your friends and invite them to join in as well. The more the merrier.

I’ll see you tonight!


  1. Audrey says

    For us West Coast fans I wish the webcasts would start at 9pm EST. I’m barely walking out of the office when the webcasts start. 5pm PST is too early for us working moms to make it home – even moving it back 1/2 hour would be a huge help. Tonight’s event looks like so much fun and I’m dissappointed that I won’t be able to be a part of the event…hope all goes smoothly and God will be glorified through it.

    • says

      Hi Audrey… I know the time difference thing makes it tough. Oh how I wish I was a night time girl and could get a coherent word out past 9pm EST. But, it’s tough. My brain literally starts shutting down around 8:45 pm each night. If you happen to catch the last 15 minutes of tonights webcast- don’t laugh if you see me curled up in a chair on the set snoring away.

      But, I will talk this over with my team- I think you make a great point.

      In the meantime, we will have the replay available for you to catch asap. Thank you so much for wanting to watch!

      • Mandie says

        I certainly am hoping for a re-play of the broadcast as well! I’m going to do my best to watch live, though!

  2. Katherine Barclay says

    Lysa, I know you are excited about Unglued, and I am very excited for you, but why are you doing a live webcast tonight of all nights when Christians should be watching Mitt Romney give his acceptance speech for the GOP nomination? Please change your webcast so it does not distract from this extremely important night that could change the deplorable direction of our country!

  3. Kristie Shreffler says


    I am excited to say that tomorrow morning 31 women at St. John Lutheran School in Ellisville, MO will be starting your Unglued study together! Thank you so much for your inspiration and please pray for us!

  4. Debbie Lepock says

    Lysa, I thought I had signed up for a Bible study with you on your book “Unglued” by I have never received anything, I have 5 more people interested in this, how do I get information about it???

  5. deb says

    I was at Women of Faith in Indianapolis last weekend. It was great and I was so excited to hear you will be there next year, FINALLY! That will make it even better. Thank you for your devotions, books, etc…

  6. Olivia says

    I was able to see the first part of the webcast tonight and was really looking forward to viewing the rest. But my Internet server was overloaded because of the RNC. (Which is a great thing! Go Romney/Ryan!!) Anyway we were offline until after Gov Romneys speech. Hope ur doing a replay. Please? 😉

  7. says

    Hi Lysa,
    Thanks for your continued commitment in helping us deal with our Unglued moments : )
    I am re-reading the book and need to hear this message over and over!
    I look forward to watching the replay whenever it is posted, and I pray that you and your team are having a blessed day!

  8. Linda Rigsbee says

    Thank you so much for writing a book that ALL women can relate to. I pre-ordered your book and as soon as read the first chapter, I knew I had to share this with my two married daughters. I have a waiting list of people that wanted to read mine when I was finished. This book has touched me in a way that I have not been moved in a long time. I was in a personal conflict with a dear friend and Unglued helped me tremendously to put things in the proper prospective. It actually resulted in a positive outcome and we both feel we are closer because of the way we chose to handle it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this very timely book. I also am using the theory of “Prove or Improve” in handling conflicts with my husband. It made me realize that there were times when it was more important for me to prove I was right than to improve the situation. Thank You for pointing that out as well. I have missed both of your webcasts that I signed up for due to the fact that my Husband and I host a lifegroup in our home on Thursday nights. They are supposed to be gone by 8:00 but somehow that just does not work out. At least, I got to see the first one the next day and I am looking forward to seeing the second one when it is available. Please keep doing what you do so well…….fill a need in the hearts of ladies who need to hear the word of God and add a very human touch to it. Thanks again for all you do! Linda Rigsbee

  9. patsy scheufele says

    um have a favor, i should have said everything in the email to melissa not here, can it be erassed? I never want to hurt my mother in anyway nor give my husband ammo, please delete my previous. thanks