What a gift your prayers have been to me!  Thank you.  Thank you for caring.  I’ve been overwhelmed by your sweet notes of love, prayer and support.

What a humbling thing.  I love to pray for other people but don’t really like being the one in need.  I think that’s called pride, isn’t it?  Sigh.

I’ve been begging God to please restore me with the gift of normal hearing and to take away this screeching- ringing in my ear.  And maybe in His timing He will.  Until then, I’m trying so hard to remember there are many, many worse things people deal with on an everyday basis.  I have so many things for which to be incredibly thankful.

But yesterday’s doctor’s visit was tough.  Like… come home, crawl in bed, and pull the covers over your head kind of tough.  It was just really hard to hear the doctor tell me yesterday that there is significant nerve damage and I should be prepared this could be permanent.

I wasn’t prepared for the word “permanent.”  Wow.  That seems like a really long time to hear this awful noise in my head and not be able to hear everything else normally.

Sadly, normal hearing is such a gift that I’ve taken so for granted all these years.

On Thursday the leaders of my church are gathering to pray for me.  Again, quite a humbling thing.  But what a gift to have church leaders that came to me and offered.  I love my church.  Yet, another thing I’m very, very grateful for.

Please keep praying for me.  Of course, I want to be healed.  I really do.  But until then, I want to be brave.  And thankful.

Thank you so much again for caring about me…


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    My work email inbox has a daily Encouragement devotion. Today I read yours reference your sister and your witness to hern her reaction and 6 years later how God has touched her heart.

    I also read about your hearing problem and wanted to share with you I had the same problem losing my hearing due to nerve damage. It took me 3 years to decide to wear the hearing aides I had purchased through my hearing provider …..

    Though one never “Hears” the same as we once did, I can tell you it has made a tremendous difference in my life. Just as putting on make-up each morning, those hearing aides are part of my routine. I’m use to it. I become frustrated at times when I am stretching to hear another, however those are the times my batteries need changing.

    I will pray for you – we know God can heal, just when and how. I know you trust Him so add this to your trust list and God will come through in however he deeds.

    Thank you for sharing my tears overflowed especially today reading your message about your sister …

    ….gloria taylor