This is news- This is not truth

Your prayers and notes have been such wonderful gifts to me. And not just to me. Last night, I found Art sitting at the sticky farm table reading your blog comments and prayers. (And let me tell you there is hardly anything more sexy to me than my man caring enough to read my blog and the comments. Oh yes ma’am!)

Over sharing I know, but we’re among friends here, right? And you are wonderful friends for caring so much about me.

Thank you.

Seriously, thank you.

One of the emails I got was from my friend, Shaunti Feldhahn. It contained one line that stirred me so much I just had to share it… “Lysa this is news. This is not truth.”


I’ve always thought of news and truth as one in the same. What the doctor gave me was news. Honest news based on test results and medical facts.

But what I have access to is a truth that transcends news. What is impossible with man’s limitations is always possible for a limitless God.

So, I find myself looking at the word impossible a little differently today.

Impossible when looked at in light of Shaunti’s note to me could be completely different if I just stick a little apostrophe between the first two letters. Then it becomes I’m-possible. God is the great I AM. Therefore He is my possibility for hope and healing.

I’m-Possible is a much more comforting way to look at anything that feels quite impossible.

I suspect many of us have things in our life that feel impossible. Maybe you just got some bad news. News of an impossible financial situation. News of an impossible job situation. News of an impossible kid situation. News of an impossible friend situation. News of an impossible medical situation.

Whatever news you just got or will get, I pray Shaunti’s advice helps you too. This is news. This isn’t truth.

This is truth:

John 14:6-“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Psalm 146:6—“He is the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them-he remains faithful forever.”

Isaiah 41:10–“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Psalm 73:23—“Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand.”

Psalm 32:7—“You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”

If there is any comfort for me with this on going hearing loss and screeching noise constantly screaming in my ear, it’s knowing that somehow God will use this for good. And that God will be my possible in the midst of what can sometimes feel so stinkin’ impossible.

Of course, I still have those less spiritually secure moments where I feel like I’m going to lose my mind. And cry. And pitch a little hissy fit.

So, please keep praying for me.

And let me know how I can pray for you.


  1. B says

    What great advice. I will have to apply that in the storm (messy marriage) I am in. It looks impossible but with God ALL things are possible! Lord I believe help thou my unbelief!

  2. says

    Lysa – just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and I do love Shaunti’s words. God can and does perform miracles. We see it everyday, and together we will stomp out Satan by continuous prayer. You are such an inspiration and are loved by so many, I beleive with constant prayer we can do it! Big hug to you!

  3. Jenny says

    Thank you for hope. Hope that I can somehow patch up my marriage that maybe we can do this. Please pray that we can somehow get onto a new path together with God.

  4. says

    Good morning. Thank you for your words. Praying for you and believe God will meet your needs and open your ears. I have lived with lots of ringing in my ears for years and it is a difficult thing. I feel your pain. But, God makes a way.
    Love the description of your husband reading your blog and gaining encouragement from the comments. If I have not blogged in a few days my husband will say, “Need a blog update.” Makes me feel good that he even notices. I am so thankful for our Godly husbands. Blessings friend, (I feel we are kind of friends just through our love for our Mighty God) may you have His peace and comfort and feel His Awesome power.

  5. Catie says


    I pray for you. I pray that you embrace this new situation with courage and humility. I pray that with your family’s support, you don’t feel alone, but rather feel God even more through your latest struggle to focus and be comfortable.

    Something you posted on this world-wide-web somewhere tells an important truth: Don’t ask God why. Ask Him “What.” So Lysa, I pray that you find the courage to refrain from asking God why. Why does my ear hurt, why is the noise there, why did this happen to me? I pray, instead, that you come to ask God what. What, Lord, do You, in all Your glory and Greatness, want me to learn from this situation? What do you want me to teach others with this discomfort I am experiencing?

    Remember, Lysa, your God-given gift is to proclaim the love of the Lord and explain to them what it means to live a life devoted to Christ. This is just another opportunity for you to do that. We love you 🙂

  6. says

    Thanks for sharing these good words with us. I’ve thought of you several times since you shared this need. I am praying and I’ve asked the women in our Bible study group to also pray for you. We love and appreciate you so much. I don’t know what God is up to with this challenge…but we can keep on hanging on to the truth as you’ve always taught us. May God bless you, Lysa, with his comfort and grace today.

  7. Gretchen says

    Thank you for these words. I love I’m possible, not impossible. I love this is news, not truth.

    May Lysa “hear” the words you would have her hear. Amen

  8. Kaycee Williams says

    Lysa, I am praying for you. I have been doing a study at church by Andrew Womack, called “You Already Got It”. It is teaching us that ALL of the healing and blessings are already ours, already sanctified by the cross and all we have to do is ACCEPT IT. I claim that by HIS stripes you are already healed in Jesus name. Instead of asking for Him to heal us, we have to ask to tap into his healing mercy and by FAITH, we are healed. I will continue praying and standing in agreement for your healing.

  9. Dawn says

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Lysa! Your blog and books have made a great impact on my life, because you are honest. I have never met you and don’t know if I ever will, but I certainly pray for you and hope that you will always remember that God can bring you through whatever he has brought to you.

  10. Tasha says

    I LOVE this! I have been praying for you and I LOVE your attitude! Thanks for the reminder that when things seem impossible…think I’m-possible!

    In Him…

  11. says

    Hi Lysa,
    I love reading your blogs. Thanks for sharing. Yes, this is news not the truth. My husband and I were told we could NEVER have children. Both of us! (no sperm, barely no periods!) So, we proceeded to adopt which fell thru last minute. (14 year old father and 13 year old mother…they kept the baby) anyway, a year later I got PREGNANT! 4 years later I got pregnant AGAIN! Then 2 years later I was pregnant AGAIN! So….God’s ways are mysterious and wonderful to behold. Keep praying for his miracle for your ears and don’t be surprised if you feel a ‘POP!’ Because of thinking we couldn’t have our own children in the beginning, it gave us the heart for adoption. We ended up becoming foster parents and adopted 2 children on top of the 3 we already had. I love to see how God works! Sincerely, Melinda

  12. Cindy Creed says

    OH MY!! The words “I AM” say everything. Love the thought your friend shared. You are in my prayers and thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!! Do you know what a comfort it is when you show your self? You are not saying all is perfect. That gives hope to us all. I don’t think this is coming out the way I mean but just the fact you show your need of God is inspiring!

  13. Sharon Donaghe says

    Please pray for me and my sometimes stormy marriage. I am married to a good man who loves me and our family who sometimes really puts me down and I don’t know how to handle it, but God does.

  14. Margaret says

    Wow Lysa – that meant so much to me today. I’m near tears at the wonderfulness of our God and Saviour. I love the I’m possible illustration.

    I’m praying for you. It’s got to be difficult to be going through the ringing in your ears. This year I decided to write down something in my journal every day that I’m blessed with and two days ago I wrote that I was blessed with hearing. We do take for granted the little things, don’t we?

    Please pray for my shoulder. I have 4 tears in my rotator cuff. Don’t know how that happened. I’m going to physical therapy and these last two sessions were especially rough and I’ve got a constant ache in my shoulder now, and it’s irritating. Pray for healing for me as well. Thank you.

  15. Toni says

    Thank you for sharing this….I too have a medical diagnosis I have not been able to wrap my head around and ‘this is news, this is not truth’ articulates why! Our God is a God of the impossible. Doctors are limited and our God is limitless. I pray God allows us both the chance to show and tell an unbelieving world just how amazing our God is.

  16. diane says

    Dear Lysa
    I was so sad when I read about your ear problems. God has placed you on my heart and I have been and will continue to pray for healing. I’m sure many people have offered advice and I hope you don’t mind a little more? I have used Lipoflavinoid(an over the counter product) for Tinnitus which helped me some. Not sure if that’s what your screeching noise is considered but just thought I’d mention it. I have bilateral Minears and have fluctuating hearing loss and ringing in my ears…SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating. I’m so sorry you have to go through this but you are never alone. God bless you.

  17. Kelly McCarley says

    Whoa! This is BIG!
    God has molded you, called you, expanded your territory, and put you where you are today to do a MIGHTY work IN YOU or THROUGH YOU.
    Continuing to pray for you, Lysa, as He uses YOU, hand-picked YOU, as His vessel.
    Through HIS strength, ANYTHING is possible.
    Love you sister girl!
    See you in Birmingham!

  18. Monica says

    Hey Lysa, I am lifting you up in prayer right now, as I type my prayer request, so grateful that no matter what you are a lady after GOD’S own heart, and that you inspire so many women like me to press into GOD and recieve all that HE has for us to be and to do!! Please pray for my husband and I as I am really surrendering to GOD and it seems as if my husband is drifting away from HIM, I honestly feel like how is this going to work if I love the Lord and live my life to please HIM but my husband fights and resists that, this is soo hard and painful,,thank you for your prayers!!

  19. Nanci D says

    Thanks for having hissy fits. Thanks for having those non spiritual secure moments. Thank you for being real. I lift you up in prayer. May the peace that passeth all understanding keep your mind in Christ Jesus. Easy to say, hard to do sometimes. Been there. Am there still a lot of the time. But, we do know that God is faithful.

  20. Holly says

    Lysa, you are so inspiring. You are still finding strength to pray for and help others despite what you are going through. You and your family are in my prayers every day and I know that God will continue to work through you no matter what. Your friend is wise… the truth will set you free.

    God bless.


  21. Heather P says

    Lysa: What a truth to share! I’m continuing to pray for you.
    We found out, the first weekend of this month, that my husband’s job was closing. Just the third job loss in three years. Now He is going back to school to advance his career a little more. We would appreciate any and all prayers to make it on umemployment through the next year that he is in school. Thanks!

  22. Francy says

    Lysa, I am praying for you and taking hope in the message you shared. My brother had that ringing in his ear for years and still does on occasion. He even had surgery at a hospital in Nashville, TN for it. I have an auto-immune disease known as lichen sclerosis (no cure – just remission for short periods of time) and there are days I feel like there is no hope. I try to not get depressed and remember to pray for all the other women and even children who have this disease. But like you said there are times you want to throw a hissy-fit. God bless you.

  23. Michelle Hudson says

    Please pray for my friend Charlotte’s marriage. She and her husband have been married for nearly 30 years and all of a sudden he says he does not love her anymore and wants her to leave. She has no where to go and he has turned her children against her and treats her terribly (verbal). She wants to give up but I keep praying for them and try & help with suggestions and ideas. Please pray for this marriage. That is a lot of years to just give up and throw away. Thank you.

  24. Jill says

    my husband and i are both praying for you. i love how some people can just say the right thing, have so much wisdom. your friend is right, and am so glad you have her to say words of wisdom and comfort to you.

  25. Jennifer R. says

    Bless you Lysa. As a momma of two little ones, and a teacher who has been derailed by a brain injury since May 10 of last year. I have patiently been waiting for His total healing..it doesn’t mean that I haven’t felt despair, or curled up in gut wrenching pain as I long to care for my little ones on my own again. But through it all, there has been a peace within, knowing that all of this will be used to glorify Him. My journey will be used for a greater good, and I suffer this burden for someone who could not. Sister, I pray for your peace and a safe place to release your fears when you are feeling them build up…we are but human, but we serve One who is more. He will hold and guide you through this all. Prayers will be shared.

  26. Linda says

    Not sure why I am always amazed by God design and his perfect timing, but your post today came so appropriately. I am praying for your hearing problems and I will be certain to pray specifically for your ears and hearing. I say this all because the past several months we have been dealing with health issues with my dad. He was first diagnosed with dementia, however I somehow felt this was not accurate and that he’d had a stroke, but we started our care vigil under the diagnosis of dementia. This was also wearing us out as a family. Well my father recently suffered another stroke. He has been in the hospital now for 2 weeks. Last night I attended a Bible study and we prayed for my dad, specifically healing for the stroke. Yesterday we thought we would not see the end, he did not seem to be healing, he was lifeless and it was extremely sad. Today, however he is walking the floor of the hospital, his BP and HR are within normal range and he will heading up to rehab as soon as a bed is available. The doctors even say that the numbness on the left side of his face may even return. Our HOPE must be in the LORD, because it is through him all things are possible. Lysa, so please know that my prayer today, tomorrow and the next will be solely for your hearing. Thank you always for sharing your life and your inspiration! Linda

  27. Kimberly Yawn says

    Your post reminds me of something Mark said last night at church. He’s dad has cancer and someone told him the C in Christ is bigger than the C in cancer. Same concept. I’m praying that God gives you healing, but also for the grace you need minute by minute as your wait. Waiting is tough. I know. But you know as well as I do God is working all these things together for good. May not feel like it, but it’s truth. Hold on to it. I did. And I made it through deeply enriched.

  28. Savannah Parvu says

    Lysa, I love this post. I struggle so much with the fear of failure and thinking things are impossible. I am attending She Speaks and lately I have felt that doing the Speaking Track is going to be impossible, but I know it’s not. I will continue to pray for you!!!

  29. Cindy Cummings says

    Lysa, you are so amazing and so inspiring…I want to be you when I grow up (btw I’m 51). Your sharing is always so real and that you always remind us that you are still human and have those less than spiritual moments is so important to all of us. But that in the midst of your own personal storm you ask how you can pray for us…you are the epitome of a Jesus-Girl. Thank you my sweet sister in Christ! You will never know how many times your exact words were just what I needed to “hear” to see me through my storm…today again. Trust that you are in my prayers.

  30. says

    Lysa, I too have a hearing loss & “screaching” in my right ear due to an ear infection many years ago! Frustrating, annoying, tiresome – all true but God has given me the ability to cope & move forward. I sleep with a fan running to mask the noise at night or a sound machine ( all advice from my ENT Doctor). I avoid anything salty as this tends to make my tinnitus worse, avoid loud noises to prevent any further damage. My hearing has stablized the last couple of years. Praise God – I know I will be healed in this life or when I am with HIM!

  31. Stacey says

    Shaunti’s words are right on! I suffer hearing loss through nerve deafness and it is down right annoying. I feel your pain; seriously! God has provided every step of the way through friends that compensate and even putting me in a job where my boss is also hard of hearing (unbeknownst to me at the time I took the job). God is always the same and never changes. That means He is always faithful, always present and always in control! Rest in that, sweet sister! I sure do!

  32. Farrah Sherman says

    Thank you so much for your words of incouragement. I feel now that my problem is possible. I’m possible. Thank you and Love you

  33. Marsha says


    So sorry to hear about your hearing loss and ringing in your ears. I am praying for complete healing and restoration of your hearing. I am also praying that you remain faithful to the promises of God. Your devotional contiues to be such a blessing to me. I know God has sent the last few directly to me. I wrote to you yesterday about finding out about my husband’s unfaithfulness. Thank you and Shaunti for reminding me that this is “news” and to look at God for the truth. Please keep praying for me to forgive my husband and for God to restore trust in our marriage.

  34. Karen S says

    Hi Lysa, I have prayed for your ear. I am a woman in my late 60’s and have both ears ringing. I don’t hear it unless someone says their ears are ringing or if someone says, did you hear that? I find it funny. I don’t know about this problem but I know that God does hear and answers prayer perfectly according to his perfect will. I realize it can be annoying. I have some hearing loss so it can be difficult hearing people with soft voices.
    Love you my dear sister.

  35. says

    Yes, I am living proof with HIM all things are possible…from a broken childhood, messy marriage, and an invasive/aggressive breast cancer–HE HEALED and continues to heal. Praying for you.
    PS. Thanks for the scriptures–I am copying them off and carrying them in my purse.

  36. Adaykis says

    Yes Indeed Lysa! Praying for you & encouraging you. James 1:1-4, count it all joy when you face many trials…this too is testing your faith…giving you a chance to grow and grow stronger in the Lord! Romans 8:28 too. And this is indeed a chance, a test, an opportunity to walk out in what you believe and in doing so, even in fear, even in doubt sometimes & even struggling, know that U don’t stand alone and that it is HE who has u & is holding you in His arms. U rest secured IN HIM for your life is Hidden in Christ! Praying you get better too!

  37. says

    Just love the picture of your loving husband reading those posts and prayers…and yes, that is sexy to us gals. Our husbands’ demonstration of love and concern, being in the trenches with us…that’s lovin’!
    I remember my sister being told her baby seemed to have a double-stranded umbilical chord instead of the normal three strands. This could mean big trouble, developmental delays…numerous invasive procedures were recommended. But my sister went to the Lord with her fear. And the words “whose report will you believe” rang in her ears (may these words replace your ringing). She decided to trust the Lord and her instincts. And awaited the birth of her baby…born a few months later, perfectly healthy.
    Love it…Impossible, Oh No, I’m Possible!! Continued prayers for your healing. Love!

  38. says

    Wow– what wonderful insight! I will definitely be using this as the basis for a devotional for our women’s group. That just smacked me upside the head with its brilliance! I would love for you to be praying for our women’s ministry kick-off tonight! We are a new church start (just at year old) and women’s ministry is being introduced for the first time. We’re all so excited and I can personally testify to the incredible, awesome things God’s already done through it. We will be the GLOW (God-glorifying, Loving, Obedient Women) of Cornerstone. Hugs to you, Lysa!! 🙂

  39. Sweet Tea Friend says

    My Sweet Jesus Friend Lysa, You have been in my thoughts and prayers. One of the first thing that came to my mind is God will use this for good or a Blessing will come of it. I can think of a few tragic events that the most amazing Blessing came out…..one being my sweet son that was an answer to my prayers. When God put him in our home at just 3 1/2 week. I trust God’s plan will shine threw. Lysa you inspire & Bless so many. He will be your strength and portion in this. I am adding your Dear Art & family to my prayers of thanks. Much Love & Hugs from me to you!!! 🙂

  40. Lucille says

    I have been praying for you daily Lysa! I love your friend’s words of advice “That is news not truth” When I read that the tears came streaming down my face. We were not able to have biological children so we felt the Lord leading us into fostering/adoption. We have been blessed with three foster children that we have fallen deeply in love with. The oldest one is seven and the twins are six. We have had them since newborn from the hospital. The children see the birth mom maybe twice a year. She does not say hi to the children when she sees them and does no interacting with them during a visit. We have always sensed that she respects us and has no problem the way we are raising the children. Her and her mother are pleased that we are teaching the children about Jesus. Last week we got a call from the agency saying that the birth mom wanted her kids back. In the way we see it, she is unable to care for them. The children have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder(FASD) It takes a lot of special care for them. Their brains also do not process life like the average brain does. My heart has been heavy since I heard that news. Then today I read what your friend said. That is news not the truth! I LOVE that! What an encouragement and hope! Please pray for our children. We know that God is their Defender and Shield. They have to go for a visit tomorrow with their birth mom. Please pray that truth will be revealed whether it is the birth mom wanting the children back or is it the agency scaring us and lying about this. Because the agency’s mandate is that the children should be with their birth family and grow up in their culture. Our children are aboriginal. Please pray for my husband and I as we walk along side of our children and help them process this all. Pray that we would have strength and mostly that we would show the love of God to this broken woman. This woman that gave birth to our children whom we love dearly. I sense God is going to do something big here and we want to keep trusting Him as He unfolds His plan for our family. Thanks!

  41. says

    I’m praying for your complete healing, Lysa.

    Very encouraging post today. My favorite line was, “What is impossible with man’s limitations is always possible for a limitless God.” I really needed to hear this today.

    Also, since you offered to pray for us, I’d like for you to lift up my grandmother in your prayers. She is 85 & had pneumonia last month. When she went in for x-rays & testing, they found a mass in her lung, which is cancerous. She is also a 6 year breast cancer survivor & starting next week she will have to go though 30-36 treatments of chemo/radiation. They told her that surgery is another option, but they are a little hesitant to do so because of her age.


  42. Sue Sisti says

    Wow…what a powerful statement! ….and a true one at that (ha-ha)! I’m still
    praying for you Lysa. God’s timing is sometimes hard for us to understand…..but
    he will be faithful.

  43. Lynn Bass says

    I do pray for you but will bump that up a few notches! I am honored to pray for you and sorry that you are having this sickness. God bless you and your hearing. With love and prayers, Lynn Bass

  44. Carole says

    I had foot surgery 2 weeks ago–my second surgery after the first surgery last December failed. I am almost completely immobile right now as I wait for my foot to heal. In addition, within 48 hours of my foot surgery, I developed pneumonia and a bowel obstruction. My husband took me to the emergency room and I was hospitalized for 3 days in danger of dying because I also have a pacemaker and they were concerned that the pneumonia would spread to my heart.

    Through all that, my church family has been there praying and praying and my heart is cracking open to remind me that God wants us to ask for help and to receive help in times of need. I find it easier to give than to receive but am finding that one of the most important lesson in this whole event was that I don’t have to hide my fears and it is absolutely okay to ask for prayers and allow others to lift us up when we can’t ‘go it alone’. I am praying for all those who have posted to this list and are reading this website. Let His hands touch your ears and bring relief and while you wait for that to happen, know that so many of us have gathered to hold you in our arms while you wait.

  45. says

    I’m Possible! Words to enlarge and hang on the mirror as a reminder of God’s love and compassion. Praying for you, Lysa. Sent with a bunch of hugs!

  46. InesR says

    Dearest Lysa,
    I am going through the same with my left ear. I went through one MRI so far, and tons of medication for allergies. But when I opened your email, and read the reply this lady gave you, I was full of joy!! You also listed some verses to help us to deal with times in your life that challenge you all the time, but let me share with you the one that God gave me for this year ( and to tell you the truth I did not understand why this verse!). John 10:10 says: ” The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life, and it to the full.” That’s why I loved “news, not the truth” line. WOW! Yep, Lysa…so many times that we have believed all those lies from the enemy, and we have forgotten the biggest truth in the Universe, that God is bigger than this. I have an appointment soon, I will let you know about my tests results. I have been praying for you my dear sister!

  47. lacinda says

    Hi Lysa, just wanted you to know that you are in my continued prayers along with your entire family. I do not understand why someone like you has to go through horrific things like this, I probably never will, but I do know that through YOU, God has been changing my life. One rock at a time. Thank you so much for allowing God to continue use you in mighty ways.
    Also, our whole MTC study group is praying for you!
    Love ya girl,

  48. says

    So well said sister. Had a hissy-fit moment myself after driving my daughter to the Urgent Care. Again. You see, we went to physical therapy. Therapy for a knee cap that was broken just two months ago. A week in a brace, 4 in a cast, another 2 in a brace, and now week 5 of therapy. All the while, my little gymnast is practicing her heart out. Just 2 days ago, I pick her up – her foot is swollen. I’m not kidding. I was plain stinkin mad! Not IN her, but FOR her! I pretty much demanded the Lord give her a fracture-free x-ray. My “red” couldn’t handle anything else.

    In his grace, and only His grace, he chose to show her a sprain. Simply a 2 week heal, not 12. She handled it so gracefully. I was humbled. I plan to show her these words tonight. Truth, not news.