The most powerful way to pray for our kids

The prayers we pray for our kids never die.  They linger.  They walk with our kids throughout their life.  Isn’t that a comforting thought?

And there’s no more powerful way to pray for our kids than praying through the Word of God on their behalf.  That’s what I’m talking about with Mark Batterson in today’s video.

What a fun week it’s been hearing from Pastor and author of The Circle MakerMark Batterson.  He is not only a dear friend to my family but also one of the most passionate people I know on the subject of prayer.

Every time I have the privilege to spend a little time with Mark, I walk away inspired and equipped to have a more vibrant prayer life.  That’s why I’ve been so excited to share these interviews with you.  Today is the third and final conversation with Mark.

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Day 2, click here.

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Lastly, we’re wrapping up this week with a tremendous giveaway. Not only will  your comment today enter you to win one of Mark’s books, but I’m also giving away a couple of sets of the Circle Maker small group curriculum. All winners will be announced Monday.

So, leave a comment about something you are praying for your child, or a verse from the Bible you’ve chosen to weave into their life through your prayers.  Throughout the weekend, Mark and I will be reading your comments and praying with you!


  1. Sharon says

    Prayer is so important. Life today being so hectic seems to get a little thought here and there. My daughter just got married last June. I pray that God will give her a baby. Her husband and her will make wonderful parents. Their both around 37. They just moved from New Orleans to Springfield, MO. Now we are only 1 hour away from them instead of 12. Thanks.

  2. april tindall says

    that I will release my desire to control my daughters decisions… and learn to guide her and release the rest… it is so hard to watch her make “mistakes” and not try to protect her… she’s my baby- flesh from my own body- and I have such a hard time letting go of her choices… i love her so much and so want her to love our LORD.

  3. Debbie says

    Please pray for my son to return to the Lord, he has wandered and made bad choices, Pray that it will be time for him to return to the Lord, and that seasons of blessing will begin. Thank-you

  4. Sandy says

    I am praying for my sons to be protected from harm from their father. I pray for God to guard their ears, eyes and hearts as they interact with this man. I pray for God’s word to live in their little bodies so they can hear the truth when their father speaks evil to them.

  5. maryann says

    please pray for my son Joel, age 29……his wife left him….beat him up….broke his phone…..but he got put in jail…..has gotten convicted of a misdemeanor destruction of a wireless divice…they both smoked pot….he had to do supervised visists… he did break her cell phone to protect himself…however chrissy, went around and screamed so the police came and arrested him…even though he was the one cut up bruised up… now chrissy liveswith her ex boyfriend, chris and his mom and family….she is in chruch. supervised visists paid ones ended…. my son did get fired from his job…cuz he did not know anyones number to call his good job…. got a job making min. wage far away… chrissy had him sign an agreement with the court becuase she is now in some chruch… not sure if it is christian… but that he will eventually have to start taking Audrey his 2.5 year daughter to church….that is good… pray that never stops.. she got away with many crimes… he did not…. he lots everything… he misses coming home to his precious little gir….. he wanted to work things out with chrissy…but she says she is happy with this family… pray for miracles for both of them… true repentance from both….Joel is very sad… he really wants his baby girl…but chrissy…has lots of control…God is bigger than her… pray for favor , mercy , a soft heart of flesh with both of them…who knows…..

  6. Uche says

    I want God to bless and keep my two sons and daughter. They shall be a blessing to His kingdom, their parents and this generation. They shall be heads and not tails, successes and not failures. They shall walk according to His ways, cousel and ordinances. The shall live to see their children’s children and fulfill God’s plan and purpose for their lives in Jesus name, Amen