Rainy Days and Mondays

If you’re having a tough start to your Monday, I understand.  Me too.  I’ve been up since 3am and will seriously need some Holy Spirit empowering for the webcast tonight.

I’m tired.  But I’m also feeling some attack.  And I know others are feeling it too.

Satan is going to throw everything he can at us to try and keep tonight’s message from going out.  There will be kids that don’t feel well.  Marital tiffs.  Unexpected demands that pop up on today’s to do list. Dogs that run away.  And a mountain of laundry to be done.

And I might just have a little personal experience this morning with each and every thing on that list.  Lovely.

It is days like this where I have to stand on what I know to be true instead of being whisked away in a sea of emotion.  Here are three things I’m preaching to myself this morning:

1.  I’m not a slave to my feelings.  I’m the boss of them.

2.  Just because I’ve had a few bad moments this morning, doesn’t make me a bad person.

3.  This too shall pass.  In the meantime the best thing for me is to position my heart in place where I can experience God.  And trust me, there’s no better place to do that than by tuning in to the webcast tonight.
Photo Credit Calsidy Rose

And right now would be a really good time for one of my Jesus friends to shout, “Amen!”

See you rain or shine, clean clothes or not… right here- www.LysaTerKeurst.com,  8pm EST tonight. With a Bible in hand and a heart ready to do some good old fashioned preachin’!

Are you going to be there?  If so, let me know by leaving a comment below.  I’m going to pick one of the comments from today’s blog and give away a really cool prize on the webcast!  You don’t want to miss this!  Winner will be announced on the webcast tonight.

And if you say you invited a friend to tune in to the webcast, you’ll be entered in the random drawing twice!  See?  Monday is getting better already.

Congrats to Cherri Adams, Shelly Clark and Tina J who each won a set of my Made to Crave friendship packs from my last post! Please email Holly@Proverbs31.org to obtain your books.