Fiber Secrets Revealed

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Dr. Chilton has taught us that fiber is the key to losing weight without feeling hungry. Fiber signals satiety genes, which tell us we are full. As he reminded us in the live webcast on Monday night, remember to drink plenty of water when you eat fiber!

Fiber is just one healthy choice we can make this year. Click here to see the live Made to Crave ‘No More Excuses’ webcast where Dr. Chilton reveals 4 other great healthy choices we should make.

Here is a list of many great fiber foods that are recommended in the Made to Crave Action Plan Participant’s Guide.


Raspberries – 1 cup = 8 grams of fiber

Cereal, bran – 1/2 cup = 10 grams of fiber

English muffin, light, whole grain = 8 grams of fiber

Kidney beans, white, canned – 1/2cup = 10 grams

Apple (with skin) – 1 medium = 5 grams of fiber

Bagel, whole wheat = 5 grams of fiber

Navy beans, dried – 1/4 cup = 9 grams of fiber

Small red beans, dried – 1/4 cup = 13 grams of fiber

Cereal, shredded wheat, spoon size – 1 1/4 cup = 8 grams of fiber

Black beans, dried – 1/4 cup = 7.4 grams of fiber

Flax seeds – 3 tsp = 9 grams of fiber

Lima beans, dried – 1/4 cup = 7 grams of fiber

Almonds – 1/4 cup = 4 grams of fiber

Lasagna noodles, whole grain, dry – 2 ounces = 6 grams of fiber

Sweet potato – 1 medium = 4 grams of fiber

Spinach, frozen – 1 cup = 3 grams of fiber

Oat bran, dry – 1/3 cup = 6 grams of fiber


There are many more fiber suggestions listed in the Participant’s Guide, which is designed to compliment the 6 week Made to Crave Action Plan DVD. Here is a little promo video that will tell you a little more about The Made to Crave Action Plan DVD and Participant’s Guide.



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