Are my prayers too safe?

All I can say about today’s interview with Mark Batterson is, wow.  I’m challenged.  I wonder if I could be so bold in my faith.

Watch the video.  If you are seeing this blog entry via an email, you may have to click here to pop over to my actual blog site.

After watching this short video, leave a comment about a bold prayer you are committing to pray today.  Mark and I will be praying for you.

And I have more signed copies of Mark’s book, “The Circle Maker,” to give to three commenters today.  The Circle Maker is available from Amazon here, or wherever books are sold.

Oh God that I can stop praying so safe!


  1. abesinger says

    I have been bought your books, read your emails and p-31 emails and never felt to comment in such a negative way but….this time I have been brought to my knees praying for my husband….daring to pray the prayer that I dared to pray….in the circle….I wouldn’t of prayed it if I felt it was not realistic…Honestly, but he was qualified for the job but no college degree…..thinking God, Jesus and all the angels above would listen to my prayer and see what the locust ate….but tonight, 12 hours before an interview with a forture 500 company, the head hunter called and cancelled my husband’s appt. Told him he was qualified but not qualified. Wow the circle seemed to disappear…why? I have heard and read the bible verses…please don’t give women false hope. It hurts too bad to see the face of a loved one. Praying for you…and P-31