Those little code sayings…

Yesterday at the Proverbs 31 Christmas party, my friend Renee was a little frazzled. When your three year old decides it’s no longer acceptable to sleep at night, life gets a little wonky.

The party was supposed to start at 10am and I was excited to be riding with Renee. We were to meet at 9:40.  But that didn’t really work out so well since Renee woke up in a complete panic at 9:30.  Again, when you are up half the night with a nocturnal child, the 9:30am comes quickly.

Surprisingly, Renee got ready in lightening speed and made it to the party only slightly late.

We ate. We laughed.  We took pictures. And we started doing that beautiful relationship building game where you open gifts but live in complete fear of your gift getting stolen by those with better numbers than you.  I mean really, nothing speaks Christmas more than the thrill of stealing or the dread of being stolen from.  Ahem.

Half-way through the game, my friend Meredith had to leave.  But seconds after she walked out the door, she called my cell phone to let me know Renee had forgotten to close her van door and her computer was laying on the seat for all the world to see.  Or steal if they so chose.

So, I announced loud enough to make my voice rise above the party, “Renee, your van door is open and your computer is on the front seat!”

She got up and bolted out of the room.

That’s when our precious resource gal sighed and said, “Ohhhhh…. Is that code for her zipper was down?”

Oh y’all.  The laughter.  It did come.

So, it got me thinking about other little “code” sayings.  Do you have some?  Oh do share.

If nothing else I will read the best ones to my tired friend Renee and it will help her find her merry in the midst of this very sleepy Christmas.

Well, I gotta go.  The redneck squirrels that have chewed yet another hole in the side of our house are currently being chased by my shot gun toting husband.  And no.  That isn’t a code saying either.

I am known to cry if I accidentally run over the hair on a squirrel’s tail.  This situation may send us into full blown marriage counseling y’all.  Or at least have our neighbors using the code saying, “Those TerKeurst’s are one fry short of a happy meal, if you know what I’m sayin’!”


The most searched for answer

Growing up I had a plan for how I could make my life good.

Get a good education.  A good job.  A good husband.  A few good kids.  A good house. A good flowerbed out front.  And a good mini-van parked in the driveway.

Then life would be… good.

Eventually, I had all that good stuff.  I was thankful for it all.  I loved my family to pieces.  The mini-van wasn’t all I thought it would be, but I felt like an official mom driving it.  So even that wound up being good.

But something inside me still felt hollow. A little off.  A little lacking.

So, I reasoned I needed something else to do.  Something where I could use my gifts and talents.  And while these things were fun and satisfying on one level, they too fell short when it came to that deep place ringing with the echoes of empty.

Empty is a heavy load to bear.  The mystery of wanting to be filled but not knowing how or what could fill the deep soul is a gnawing ache. A search that can seem both futile and shattering at times.

When you try and try, always feeling like the answer is just around the corner, and then it isn’t, it can split your heart wide open and leak dry all your reserves.

It can make you feel unsatisfied and frustrated with everything.  Even those you love. Maybe especially those you love.

So you fake a smile and keep putting one foot in front of the other.  But eventually you stop peeking around the next corner hoping the answer is there.  History tells you it isn’t.  And wrapped in that perception, is the noose that strangles out all hope.

Sadly, this is where many women live.

I know this place because I lived there.  I struggled there.

And I guess I’m just wondering if you or someone you love might be there this Christmas season.  It’s tough when everything around you screams “Merry” when you feel anything but.

It quite honestly stinks.

So, I’m not going to pretend you’ll suddenly feel super Merry after reading this post.

But what I can promise, is a string of words that explains a lot.  An answer that is sure and solid and true and full of the breathless wonder of a hope rediscovered.

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved,” (Acts 4:12).

No good plan is the answer.

Even a good husband- good children- a good friend makes a very poor God.

No education or job or house can save you.

Salvation can’t be found in anyone or anything else.

There is no other.

Only Jesus.

And I’m not just talking about saying we’re a Christian.  Following the rules and really following Jesus are two totally different things.

Going through the motions of religion won’t ever satisfy.  It’s only when we bend down low, open our heart in complete surrender, and say, “Jesus, it’s you.  Only you.  There is no other. There is no other possession or person or position that can ever fill the deep soul place shaped only for you.”

This is my Christmas prayer this year.  Though I’ve been saved for a long time, I want to recapture the essence of this “no other” reality.

And really live like this true.

Because it is.  True.


Praying for you~

Welcome friends — It’s a Holly Day today~

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