What Happens When Women Say Yes to God

Welcome to those of you visiting from my Encouragement for Today devotion. We are doing a fun giveaway today! See details below.

I thought it would be fun to show you this quick video of a new DVD Bible study project that was recently released with my  book, ‘What Happens When Women Say Yes to God’.

Have you ever struggled with knowing when God is speaking to you? Have you longed to experience Him in unexpected ways? God can take your willingness to simply say yes and transform that into something truly powerful and beautiful.

Something that changes you.

Something that changes the world.

This DVD includes my 6 favorite 30 minute messages all in one package. And the new interactive workbook is the perfect companion to go along with this teaching.

I’ll be giving away 3 Bible study kits of ‘What Happens When Women Say Yes to God’ which include a book, workbook, and DVD. Leave a comment below and I will announce the winners on Monday.


  1. amy says

    I am excited about the ways that God has been teaching me to be courageous lately. just got back from a women’s retreat about that very thing and encouraged that is what you are talking about too. I especially like how you ask, “would this please God?” and if so, step out and take the risk. Thanks for your ministry

  2. brandie says

    I’ve already left one comment so forgive me….but ……i just returned home from revival service and WOW . I watched your message this week and i was determined to say Yes….to seek God and do what i know to do in order to be who God created me to be. the title of our message …my message tonight was Positioning yourself for greatness!!! I ALMOST jumped out of my seat as he spoke it. So I made a promise tonight to open a new chapter in my life and begin to position myself for greatness each day. Please pray for me as i seek out what it is I’m here for and seek God for His Greatness to be evident through me.

    Love and Service,

  3. Pat says

    I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the E-women’s conference this weekend. You were so inspirational. The one thing i most wanted to do was attend your Made to Crave seminar on Friday but was unable to leave work to do so. My co-worker, and friend has a small bible study in her home for women. We would very much like to study “What Happens When Women Say Yes To God”. Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Michelle Adkins says

    This would be awesome! I would love to teach this, b/c I know I would be learning a lot!

  5. Heather says

    Thank you for “Made to Crave”. It has truly blessed me and as helped me get to the root of my weight issues. God has truly given you a gift.

  6. Joyce says

    I am so strengthened and encouraged by the Books that you’ve written ..Thank you for allowing God to speak through you to encourage others ! You are a Blessing !!

  7. Kim Trawick says

    Hi Lysa. I met you in Birmingham. It was the first time I’ve been to a women’s conference. I had a blast. Every speaker touched my heart. All of the music made me rejoice!! So many people around me are in pain. My town of Arab had a lot of damage. Death as well. My family wasn’t harmed. But my heart has ached for those who lost their parents and children here. Thank you for lifting my spirits!!

  8. Trish Burroughs says

    Here before me sits a little girl, broken and anguished over her abilities to take a test. Her frustration and boredom cry out for relief. As a Christian woman I feel fortunate to be able to comfort her with love and compassion. I am hungry for more of God’s word and for ways to enrich my walk as a Christian women.

  9. Trish Burroughs says

    Here before me sits a little girl, broken and anguished over her abilities to take a test. Her frustration and boredom cry out for relief. As a Christian woman I feel fortunately to be able to comfort her with love and compassiofn. I am hungry for more of God’s word and for ways to enrich my walk as a Christian women.

  10. Johnsie Hart says

    PEACE! I have experienced just peace and new life when I said Yes, to God! I trust you; not the husband i was married to and ministered with for 30 years who is now a stranger to me. I stopped depending on a man on this earth and drank deeply from the Word of God and TRUST in the Lord, lean not to my understanding continuously came continuously feeding me with peace that passes human understanding. The Word trust ME, God my Jehovah Jireh to be my Provider was spoken, read, and confirmed through many avenues peace and joy; new life has overwhelmed in place of fear and stress. When I also read from the Word of Life, God’s Holy Book: God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind I received strength for the joy of the Lord is my strength. God is my Source. Jesus is my Bridegroom. He is all I need. So I awake and say, this is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. When I called on Jesus the moments I thought I would lose my mind and give in to the desire to be done with life on this earth and its trouble and sorrows, He answered. Peace, be still. Be still and know that I AM GOD. The days I gave in to depression and defeat His Word still came to me and came pouring out of me as a testimony to others who seemed in much worse circumstances than myself. So I overflowed with His hope, joy, peace and gave away a Bible and some clothes the moment they mentioned their need and knew God placed me where He wanted me to be a blessing as I have been so blessed. God kept me through sickness and death of two babies and living with a man who lived a double life. He blessed me with two more beautiful children who love and serve God through it all. And what an awesome wonderful God He is to send His Son, Jesus to give us life more abundantly! All things seem new. The sun is brighter, the air is refreshing, the birds sing sweeter, even food tastes better. Yes, sometimes a storm still blows in with fury and raging winds of anger, frustration and hopelessness; then, I call on Jesus and ask forgiveness for not trusting Him in those tumultuous waves of distress. And once again, He carries me with His mercy and gracious loving arms speaking love, joy, peace. And I know, my anchor holds in spite of the storms for my hope is in the Lord. So I sing and praise Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy name!

  11. Stacy P says

    I am struggling with saying “yes” to staying where I am. I want to move on, forward I tell myself, but yet I must stay. God has something else to teach me here. I am impatient and don’t want to learn it. I will stay, but it is staying more of circumstance than the obedience i know God wants from me. Where I am beats me down, drains my energy, and yet I know I must stay.

  12. Lori Brooks says

    I recently had the blessing of seeing you at the EWomens Conference in Birmingham. You really did and oustanding job. When I came to the conference I was very depressed and felt as if God don’t care about me anymore. I have been struggling with various health issues and finacial issues. After the Ladies Conference, I feel like there is hope at the end of this tunnell. I know that God really does love me just the way I am, also I believe he will heal my neck and there will be no more pain or surgeries. Your message adn tthe invitation was incredible. You were so humble in all your talking letting me know that no matter how bat things are that they will get better. I realize God doesn’t want me to be depressed and that he will carry me through this season in my life. I bought some of your bible study as I plan on doing Crave God with my 14 year old daughter. I want to do When When Women Say Yes to God I don’t have the DVD but hope to purchase it in the future. We spoke breifly after lunch and it was so nice to meet such a genuine person. May God continue to bless you and your ministry. Lori

  13. Kathy says

    Recently finished “Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl” with our women’s group at church. They LOVED it and want to do another “Lysa” study.

  14. Stephanie says

    I don’t have anything eloquent to say and I’m not one to put my life out there for the world to read. But I will say that I am wanting to learn more about my Jesus and how to live a life of peace and comfort with Christ. I always tend to say yes to myself, and no to what God wants me to do, and I would like to know more about saying yes to Him. Cause my way…hasn’t been working.

  15. says

    i feel so lost and very far away from the Lord…i have fibromyalgia and it is really knocking me down….please PRAY for my family who needs Jesus Christ in their lives…thank you

  16. KAY says

    This may be a little off topic, But a funny moment with God. I have a coworker who is always asking to switch, but is never willing to repay the favor. I schedule manager sent me an email asking if i would switch with the co-worker. in the flesh i didn’t but a little voice in me kept at me to do the christian thing and help her. i resisted until the next morning. when my daily devotional said i needed to love the unlovely. can’t get any more directed than that. so I will be working for her. Some days there is no denying what God wants you to do.