And don’t be afraid of the big

Happy Memorial Day. We pause. We remember. We appreciate. We treasure. We say thank you. To the many service men and women who have given and who are giving- your work is appreciated. Freedom is a priceless gift.

If you missed the post, “don’t despise the small,” click here. This is sort of a part two to that post.

While we embrace and treasure the workings of the small, we can’t ignore what might come next. A step, a leap, a decision to embrace the next assignment. The invitation from God to see a need and meet it. The big.

Not big as in flashy and celebrated by the world. Big as in what it will cost to go there. Big as in the faith it will take to press through. Big as in impact it will make. Big as in caring more about pleasing God than perpetuating my comfort. Big as in obeying fully.

It’s easy to obey partially. Obeying just enough to give the right Christian appearance is not the obedience God desires.

God doesn’t just want us to call ourselves people of faith. God wants His people to live lives that actually require faith. There’s a difference. And therein lies whisperings of the big. The calling. The cause within you.

I have a friend I want to introduce you to this week that lives this message. Breaths this message. Proclaims this message with more enthusiasm than words on a flat screen can possibly convey.

Matthew Barnett is the co-founder of the Dream Center in Los Angeles and the senior pastor of the historic Angelus Temple. He’s also the author of the book, “The Cause Within You”.

If you’ve ever wrestled with discovering your calling, this book is for you. If you’ve ever pondered what you’re supposed to do with your life, this book is for you. If you’ve ever felt a stir toward bold, but present realities of life scream stay safe, this book is for you.

If you’ve ever dared peek through the window of a big door, this book is for you.

It might just breathe into you the courage to fling your own “big” wide open. I can’t wait for you to meet Matthew and hear his incredible story. Never have a met someone who more beautifully refuses to despise the small while fearlessly embracing the big.

The really, really big.

You can order his book, “The Cause Within You- finding the one great thing you were created to do in this world,” by clicking here. It is the perfect gift for graduates and for Father’s Day.

Leave me a comment today telling me who you know that would benefit from reading this book and I’ll pick five winners to receive a free copy. And be sure to tune in the rest of this week for my video interviews and a surprise announcement on Thursday.


  1. says

    Being on the road constantly and driving, when a break comes these devotions are a huge blessing to me. Thank you

  2. Debbie Thorkildsen says

    I would love to share this book with my friend Lisa. The past year has been really traumatic for her – husband had a brain tumour removed in October, son (age 11) also had a mass removed from his brain in May, son (age 8) had his ear reconstructed following a dog attack in June, her mom’s health is declining and she has had to be involved in many hospital visits and arranging care for her and her brother is battling AIDs as he was involved in the homosexual lifestyle. On top of this she has had to find employment as her husband recovers, help three family members who moved in with them from another province about a year ago to find their own housing, help her 19 year old son and his girlfriend find housing just before their newborn son arrived. She also had a nephew commit suicide in the winter. My friend seems to go from crisis to crisis, but this seems to be the normal pattern for her life. She hasn’t been a Christian for very long, but I know God wants to use her life in an amazing way.

  3. Gloria Sides says

    I really appreciate your encouragement through your devotionals. Each one i read, I receive insight and wisdom from you. Thank you for sharing your faith with me.

  4. Janet Volpe says

    I would love to sharre this book with my friend Stephanie. She sees herself as so small that she cannot even take charge of her own life. She has vibrant Christian faith that she never shows because she feels unworthy. I pray for her often.

  5. Leslie says

    I’ve struggled with finding out the call for my life. I have desires in my heart and just want it to be God’s will. I’m trying to find the difference between what truley is mine and what truley is God’s! I’m raising 3 young boys and I know I gotta led with example! Thank you!

  6. Marrissa says

    I just think it’s awesome how God works. He is definately at work within me and your post today confirms what I am sensing from Him. Praise God!!!

  7. June says

    I have been thinking… Lord, now what? What would you have me do?
    Between Made To Crave, Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner, and A Confident Heart…

    I’ve been kinda busy. 😉

    I would like a copy of this book too.

    Lysa, I thought you said that you were giving away a Bible study set? I was hoping so because I would love a new one. Mine is held together with duct tape. haha

    P.S I don’t know who could benefit from that book you just mentioned because I haven’t read it yet. 😉 EVERYONE can benefit from reading a Bible though! Made To Crave is Great and so is Hidden Joy in A Dark Corner. I haven’t read Renees book yet but I am doing her 7 day doubt diet now and for anyone wondering, it is great so far.and these studies these girls put on are very good.

  8. Jennie says

    What a great book on a topic I can so relate with myself. I feel pulled in so many areas and never sure if what I am doing is my calling. I love to be more BOLD!

  9. pamela mccallister says

    i would love to be able to read the book to see if it well help me i came to know the Lord in 1987 and iam at a standstill in my walk and i dont know what he is wanting be to do i just know that iam not happy cs iam not doing anything for please help

  10. BJ Ellsworth says

    I think anyone could benefit from reading this book and if I were more financially stable, I’d buy a copy. Maybe ill win one!:)

  11. MONI says

    I would love to see my friend Cheri get the free book…her boyfriend recently broke up with her and she is having a tough time…rededicated her life to Christ…so Roman 8:28 comes to mind.

  12. Norma Thomas says

    i enjoyed the message about small and big, and how to conquer both. Please consider me for a book. Thanks.

  13. Jessica Evans says

    I think the one person I would love the share this book with (after I read it, of course) is my husband, Justin. He is still at an early stage in his spiritual journey, and I think this would be a great book for both of us to read. I know we would benefit greatly from it because we have the rest of our lives to spend together living for the purpose God has for us, and I remember how much we’ve enjoyed studying similar books together in the past.

  14. Linda Adams says

    Hello! Enjoy your devotions so much. My son was at the Dream Center, so got to know Matthew Barnett from a distance. He was in BADD. Now he is a veteran and disabled some. He is not close to the Lord that I know of and I am very concerned about him as he does not work. I am sad because he could have stayed a second year at the BADD center as an overseer, but we could not afford it at the time. i am hoping that he rededicates his life to the Lord. Is the book evangelistic?

  15. Leslie says

    The book sounds interesting. I have an idea that is brewing and waiting for the right time to pursue. Right now seems time for the small. That’s ok. I’ve had some big. I would love a copy of this book to see how it may encourage and challenge me.

  16. Kelley Mitton says

    Hi there:
    I love your explanation of small vs. big and what it means – it really got me thinking more about growth. This is an important thing for me since if my small/big issues don’t allign, I tend to ignore the situation all together rather than using it as a platform for introspection and prayer.
    I would love to read this book because I feel that the areas I excel in are not necessarily those which provide me meaning and the opportunity to have the fullness and authenticity of living the word. I read the following on a Starbucks cup (*blush*) and found that it fit my situation perfectly: “Failure’s hard, but success is far more dangerous. If you’re successful at the wrong thing, the mix of praise and money and opportunity can lock you in forever.” ~ Po Bronson

    Stretching beyond what I know is not something I am good at – and I would love the opportunity to learn and grow through God’s whispers rather than waiting until things crumble and am forced into action. Fancy the thought 🙂