Totally Tacky

Y’all it was a merry merry time over here at the TerKeurst’s.  Despite the fact that I was sick in the bed for much of the time, it really was a great Christmas.  I’ll post some pictures later.  And yes, we did wind up getting the little gift that poops and barks.  But when you weigh a mere 1.8 pounds, “bark” isn’t the right description of the precious sound this tiny one makes.

I may have fallen in love with the gift I had a little ‘tude about earlier this month.  Ahem.  I will fill you in later.

But, for today, I have a question, a request, and a little contest you’ll want to know about.

1.  A question…  My little snow bunny self was over the top excited it snowed here in North Carolina yesterday.  I’m counting it as our first white Christmas ever- even though it came a day late.  So, here’s my question.  Would it be totally tacky to gather up my people and take next year’s Christmas card photo in this year’s snow?

I’ve always wanted a snowy scene for my Christmas card.  And the house is all gussied up Christmas style.  And we probably won’t change that much in a mere three hundred and some odd days- right?

So, do share your thoughts in the comments below. 

2.  A request… If you have a few moments today and if you’ve been inspired by the “Made to Crave” message, I would be forever grateful if you’d post a little review over at Amazon today.  You can get to the “post your review” page for Made to Crave by clicking here.

If you do post a review, I will love you forever and add you to my snowy Christmas card list.  That’s right- post a review, send Holly@Proverbs31.org your address and I’ll add you to next year’s card list so you can possibly see this year’s snowy picture.  See?  The tacky never ends over here.  Bribery and 2010 photos trying to be passed off as 2011 Christmas card photos.  Have mercy!

3.  I’m guest posting over at InCourage today!  And I’m giving away some copies of Made to Crave at the end of my post called “I Couldn’t Zip My Christmas Dress.”  Click here to read more and enter the contest.

Okay, I’m done with all my tacky for today.  I pray you and your family had a lovely time celebrating Jesus this weekend.  And please do weigh in on my little snow photo situation.  I’ve been sick and we all know how that can totally skew one’s better judgment. 

Happy Monday y’all.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the TerKeurst Family!



A unique opportunity

Hi friends!

It’s a Holly Day today~

Lysa and I thought it would be fun to share with you just one of the many sweet emails we receive daily.

Temple Baptist Church in Lodi, CA recently completed Lysa’s ‘Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl’ DVD Bible study.

Hi Lysa & Holly,

We just completed our all church women’s “Becoming More” Bible study.  I braved it and took a photo of the whole group after our combined sharing time dinner. We had a sharing time and an overview of the 6-weeks was given.  It was great to have us all together and there was great excitement to do the Bible study together as ONE group and small groups.  We had about 175 women sign up.  Some women who have never signed up for a study were excited about the buzz that we presented and enjoyed and hopefully will become more than…. The photo is a little thank you and encouragement to you Lysa for all you do and to see some fruit from it with faces.

This email made us smile. A lot. We are always grateful to see and hear how God is working.

And speaking of Bible studies, if you find it difficult to attend one in your area, our sweet friend and ministry partner at Proverbs 31, Melissa Taylor, is going to host Lysa’s Made to Crave Bible study on her website! Wouldn’t it be fun to join in online with hundreds of women all over the country from the comfort of your own home? It will begin in early January. Please click here for more info and to sign up for this unique opportunity!

This online study with Melissa is different from the live webcasts Lysa will be featuring starting January 10th. The webcasts will enhance the Made to Crave book and DVD study. Yesterday, Lysa and I met with one of the special guests we will be featuring on the webcast. Oh my! You gals are in for a treat! We are still smiling from ear to ear after meeting this amazing person. For more info on the webcast, please click here.

Hope you have a super day~ and remember, regardless of what your day will hold – Christ is all, and is in all.

That brings hope to any weary soul.