Made to Crave Webcast

If you are visiting from my P31 devotion today, welcome!  The information about the contest is below.  And if you haven’t gotten your copy of “Made to Crave,” you can click here for more information.

I also have an article running over at the CNN Belief Blog.  I’d love for them to see Jesus girls responding big time with a flood of comments.  This will encourage them to run more articles written by us Jesus girls!  To read my article and post a comment, click here.

If you’ve been hanging out here on the blog at all, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about a little FREE webcast thingy coming up.  I want to walk with you through the 6 week study for my new book and Bible Study, “Made to Crave.”  The kick off is Monday, January 10th from 8pm – 8:45 EST.  We’ll be together for six weeks, same time, same place, but with new and exciting information… every Monday night through Feb.14th. 

All you have to do to join us is snuggle up in your warm bed, grab your laptop (or if your desktop computer fits in your bed that’s fine too!), and log on to www.MadetoCrave.org  where we’ll be streaming LIVE!

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I’ve been spending some time with some of the guests we’ll be featuring on the first night.  Y’all are going to love these guests. 

First, we have Kathrine Lee who is flying all the way here (to North Carolina) from Southern California just to be with us!  She will be talking about her experiences of losing a bunch of weight, being celebrated on the Oprah show, and then gaining much of it back.  Her segment is called, “A setback is the perfect set up for a come back.”

She’s read Made to Crave, is enjoying an incredible comeback herself, and has some amazing encouragement for us.

We’ll also be hearing from Dr. Ski Chilton- he has a PhD in Biochemisty, is a professor at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and is a world renowned expert in nutrition.  The research-based information he’ll be sharing is so fascinating, I’m going to go ahead and tell you to have a notebook handy when you watch his segment.

He will be joining us for all 6 webcasts and has some of the most helpful information on diet and nutrition I’ve ever heard.  Do you know the one thing you must eat when trying to lose weight so you won’t be hungry?

I didn’t either.  But you will find out!  And you will thank the good Lord above for making some people in this world able to take complicated truths and present them in a way that us everyday girls can understand and apply.

It’s going to be great.

Oh, and one other little factoid about that first night.  You won’t be able to watch TV that night anyhow.  There’s this little National Championship football game scheduled on January 10th.  So, you know the man cubs will be totally hogging the tube that night.  But, alas, you only need your computer for our big event- so all is well! 

And if you are a big Auburn or Ducks fan… I have three words for you so you won’t be tempted to miss this webcast- TIVO the TV.  Is that how you spell TIVO?  I have no idea. 

Oh, and if you live in France or China or Australia and 8pm EST is in the wee dark hours of the middle of the night- never fear.  We are working something out so you can see the webcast on Tuesday.  Again, sign up for the email updates here so we can send you all the information you will need.

If you have more questions about the FREE Made to Crave webcast, you can read a little Q&A I have posted by clicking here.

So, are you going to join us?  Oh I hope so!  In celebration of this fun event and because I totally love to give stuff away, click on the word ‘comments’ below and tell me what friends you are inviting to join us for the webcast.  For each friend you list, I’ll enter your name to win a copy of “Made to Crave.”

I’m giving away 2 copies of the book to 10 winners!  So, if you win, you’ll have one to keep and one to share.  Fun!  Fun!

Happy New Year.  Happy New You.


  1. Wendy says

    i am so excited about this and can hardly wait. Unlike Kari i don’t have any kids i do though have odd work hours and was also wondering if you could make this available on other dates / times then the ones you have already mentioned perhaps as some sort of copy even if it were for a limited time. Much Thanks

  2. Dior says

    I just did your bible study in the fall, “Becoming More Than Just a Good Bible Study Girl” and loved it. Looking forward to watching your podcast on your new book. I will be inviting all of my friends, like Jen, Rachel, Allie, Allison, Angela and Kirby to join me.

  3. Teresa says

    I’m so excited about this webcast and look forward to learning more about “Made to Crave”. God has impressed upon me Gal 5:1 ” it is for freedom that I have been set free, therefore I’m to stand firm and not let myself be burdened again with slavery”. I’ve lost 30 lbs in the last year, but do not feel good in my skinny jeans if you know what I mean. My desire is to crave the Lord as intensely as I crave food. Im so excited about this webcast!

  4. Leigh says

    I heard you on Focus on the Family and told my prayer group about you and your book. I found you online tonight and learned about your webcast and was SO excited until I read the time. I have a commitment each Monday and will not be able to join the webcast. I am so hoping you will archive them or turn them into podcast — either or both that we can access at another time. I will be sharing info about the webcast with my group – Roxie, Mimi and Michele. Thank you!!

  5. Pat Spach says

    I am looking forward to you webcast. My friend and I lead a weight loss group at our church and I have invited our group: Karen Booe, Lynda Buchanan, Dana Cline, Becky Dowell, Donna Ketner, Mair Leonard, Jane McCaskill, Lynn Miller, Tina Parton, Luann Phelps, Jannette Romesburg, Nancy Russell, Kim Turner, Pauline Stewart, Sharan Marion, and Larry Spach to join me.

  6. Teresa says

    I invited, CJ, another teacher from my school to participate with me so we can be accountable to each other.

  7. Dori Cox says

    Lysa – I watched the webcast tonight – it was amazing!!! Hope to be able to see the next 5 weeks also!!! (ballgames may get in the way!) Praise God for you and the others who were on the webcast! really enjoyed Dr. Chilton & Kathrine’s stories and tips!!

  8. says

    Hi Lysa, I was trying oooo so very hard to get the webcast on my iphone. Is there any way this can be done as a Podcast? audio recording? so that it can be listened to anytime?

    I actually am driving home from work at the time it’s available, so bummed I won’t be able to view any due to the time zone 🙁

    But still excited about the book 🙂

  9. Gail says

    Had 3 friends together – couldn’t see the webcast! So bummed. Hopefully we will be able to see it tomorrow with the kids running around! Hope it went well.

  10. says

    Hi Lisa. I wanted to see it so bad but it froze up on me. Oh, I so want to get that book. I gained weight when I was pregnant with my third son. I was on opiates as well because of a serious car accident that I should have died in. I have herniated disks and Fibromyalgia. I gained weight and I was always somewhat skinny. This is so depressing. I won’t leave my house out of shame. I can’t fit into anything and I am ashamed to allow my husband to look that. I can’t wait to go get your book as soon as I can afford to. Thanks for taking time to read…..Lisa~