Monday fun

Happy Monday sweet friends.  I am doing a fun giveaway today… keep reading and you’ll see at the end of this post what you have to do to have a chance at winning.  And trust me, you’ll want to have a chance to win!

I’m guest posting over at Mary DeMuth’s new ‘Thin Places’ site today.  Not thin as in size 8 jeans.  Nope.  Thin as in those places and times in life where God has reached into our lives and made His presence too close to miss.

Mary is an amazing author.  I recently finished reading, “A Slow Burn” which is the second of 3 books in her Defiance Texas Trilogy.  I’ll be honest, I don’t have a lot of time to read fiction unless it is great fiction.  I consider Mary’s books great.  She weaves her stories together with words so vivid, she makes me feel I am right there. 

Please go here and find out more about her fiction books. 

I also have 2 other great books I’d like to tell you about today.  First is the book my friend Marybeth Whalen wrote called “The Mailbox”.  This book is the perfect chick-flick movie tucked into the pages of a book.  If you are an avid reader, you’ll love the way Marybeth develops the characters of this book in such a way you’ll truly believe you could drive to Sunset beach and meet them. 

If you’ve never finished a book in your life, this is the one that will change that!  Grab some sunscreen, go sit by a pool somewhere, and enjoy.

Lastly, I want to tell you about my faith and fashionista friend, Shari Braendel.  Her book, “Good Girls Don’t have to Dress Bad”  will answer every question you’ve ever cried as you stood in your closet and said, “I  have nothing to wear.”  Have you done that?  Me too. 

I like clothes because they hide my cellulite.  But I do not like shopping for clothes. 

Not at all. 

The process overwhelms me and stresses me out.  However, since becoming friends with Shari, I’ve learned to embrace finding the right clothes to fit who I am and how I live.  You will love having access to Shari through this amazing resource.

I’m telling you, this is not a book that will sit on your shelves.  It will be your shopping companion for life!

So, guess what?

I’ve arranged to do a little fun giveaway today with all these books.  That’s right, free stuff!  If you can’t wait, please feel free to go ahead and purchase these books from the resource section at Proverbs 31 Ministries.  But, if you’d like the chance to win a free copy, leave me a comment answering the questions below and you’ll be automatically entered. 

I am thinking of doing some webinars on line.  I would fly to a studio once a month and host these webinars with special equipment that would actually allow you to see me speaking live.  It would be the same as attending one of my conferences but you wouldn’t have to leave your house.  You could just sit at home in your jammies, not spend a dime on babysitters or gas, and tune in for a live speaking event.  You could even email your questions for a live Q&A session at the end of my two speaking sessions.

So, if we were to do this, how much would you think it reasonable to charge for the tickets?  What time of day would be most convenient for you to participate?  Is this something you’d even be interested in?  And if so, what topics would you like to see covered?

I can’t wait to read your answers.  And I can’t wait to give away a bunch of free books!  So, comment away sweet sisters by clicking on the comments box below and following the prompts.

Speaking of Give Aways…The winner of Thursday’s “Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl” book giveaway is Molly from California who makes How to Pray Cards. Very cool.


  1. says

    I agree with the $10-$25 range. Since I work full-time, evenings are the only time I could participate, anytime 6pm-9pm Central time. Topics? I like the sound of most of the suggestions made so far. One thing we don’t see covered very often is being married to a non-believing spouse and how that effects our ministry. BTW, I’ve read all 3 books in Mary’s trilogy & agree they are great. Also Mary Beth’s..another affirmative! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Shari’s book. I wish she was my next door neighbor. 🙂


  2. TJ says

    Price? I agree with the $10 amounts but realize the cost may need to be more to cover expenses. Time? I am not sure if my internet could do since I am overseas but if I could see a morning/evening time would work best since it would be my opposite here. Topics? Rasing teenagers, important things to remember when doing ministry,

  3. Susan Copeland says

    Hey I think $10 would be great, easy way to be able to listen to you live. You might do an early evening? We all miss opportunities because you can’t be everywhere! I would be glad to pay and see you on line! You are such an encouragement! I shared your message about Stuff It with my Sunday school class, and also the one about You are Not Alone! Anything you share would be worth the money and time! God sends us what we need through your obedience to Him in your writing. Thank You!

  4. Becky says

    I would probably pay up to $20 for such an event. The evenings would be best for me to participate or on a weekend! Please pick me as a book winner! 🙂

  5. Veta Millard says

    I think $10 is a fair price. The evenings or weekends would be a better time for me. It might be a little difficult because the 4 children will have a har time respecting my time ALONE on the computer.I prefer “getaways” but anytime I can interact and listen to the Word of God is worth it!!!

  6. Amy Pedersen says

    I am new to your site and I love the idea of seeing you live. I would think that $30-$50 would be reasonable to charge. The time of day would be tricky considering some people work and others do not. You could offer the same material once during the day and once during the evening to reach more people. Some possible topics could be: Making Prayer a Priority; Why the World Feels the Need to Multi-task; Thanks To God For His Daily Blessings; Listening to God instead of the World, Anything about parenting skills, —your books seem to be right on top of what we need to hear and discuss. Thank you!

  7. karenk says

    thanks for the opportunity to read this fabulous novels…i think that $10.00 is a fair price…evenings/weekends works best for me 🙂

  8. Duan says

    I think the webinairs are a great idea to share the encouraging messages full of wisdom with even more women that you already share through your devotions and your website, etc.. Evenings or weekends would work better for me as well. I would pay up to $25 but I know there are a lot of people who may not be able to afford that. As you already do, I would pray for God’s direction on that. I am interested in topics on marriage, family, self esteem, prayer life, etc… honestly, each day since I stumbled upon your devotions from encouragement for today then subscribed to girlfriends in God and subscribed to your blog through your site, I have eagerly opened my email each morning for the past year to see what words of wisdom from God await me. I came upon your devotion during a very tough time in my marriage last year in May of 2009 and was facing divorce and have hungered for the words of wisdom, laughter, and tears that your blogs and devotions have given me each day. They continue to truly be a blessing. As of today we are trying to work out our marriage and facing an 18yr wedding anniversary soon. Last week when I opened your devotion on being thankful, it was a great reminder to me how thankful I am. Thank you for answering your calling in ministry.

  9. Myra says

    I think $20.00 is a fair price. As for the time…for most women I think after 8pm. It’s helpful when all dinner stuff is done and kids in bed. However, I would try to fit it in to my schedule whenever. Awesome idea!!

  10. Cindy Creed says

    $10 would be helpful for those of us without a job right now. And evenings would work great. Give something to look forward to and give good dreams. Going to sleep while praying is just the best. Speaking of good stuff….books…sigh…love ’em!!

  11. says

    I think the $10-$20 range would be reasonable. Evenings would work best. topics: a wide variety to reach different age groups?? Suggestions: holy living, praying, bitterness, bringing up godly children


  12. says

    I think that $10 would be a price that I would pay. Evenings or weekends would be best for me. I would consider paying more if there was a link that allowed me to access the webinar whenever it was convenient for me rather than just a specific one-time opportunity.

  13. Shari says

    $10 sounds good to me. Not much to pay on a tight budget, and you could even have a girl’s night in with friends and watch it!

  14. Debbi says

    I think $10 would be reasonable–I’m a single mom of two teenagers. Evenings or weekends work best for me. i would love to hear about topics on single motherhood, raising godly teenagers, conflict resolution… Reading fiction has always been my quiet escape!

  15. says

    price dependent on length of webinars $10- $30.

    Best time late afternoon, early evening, even mid morning would be okay for me.

    topics: i am a new grandmother, empty nester, i have a chronic disease that handicaps me, but I don’t want it to keep me from serving my God, mentor to younger women, mom and role model to my young daughters just starting out raising their children, helpmate and loving wife to my husband as he serves as a deacon in a very busy world, just finding the time to squeeze it all in….there are a multitude of topics that appeal to me!

  16. Holly says

    You have no idea how excited I am when I see your blog/e-mail. Not every one is directly for me but I do know if I keep digging I will find that nugget. I have been married for 28 years. Over the last 20yrs I have been afflected by 7 different silent illnesss. I would like to hear from other woman who might be in similar but not the same things. Well bye for now, Holly

  17. Brenda says

    The books sound great. I have started taking time to read. I find that God uses godly writers to speak his words to me. Your idea is AWESOME!! I think that $10.00 ~ $20.00 would be a fair price. Loved the idea of making it accessible anytime. I love to refer “hurting souls” to your blog and allowing them to hear you speak “anytime” would be awesome.

  18. says

    Yes, interested. Early Morning or Evening works well. I would say $10-25, but if this is something we are doing from our home I would say closer to $10. There is a huge cost savings by not using a big building to hold thousands of ladies. 🙂 Topics I would like to hear – Marriage, parenting and serving with boundaries.

  19. jacki reid says

    i would love to tune in to your speaking, you are such an encouragement!! i look so forward to my daily devotionals from proverbs 31ministries. evenings work best for me, i think $10.00 is a fair price. thanks!

  20. Wrinkled Shirts says

    I participate in webinars all the time for work. I’ve paid anywhere from $35 – $150 per session. I think an afternoon (kids naptime) or evening (daddy playtime) would be perfect for conducting the webinar. Girlfriend, any topic coming from you would be fabulous!
    Paula G. <

  21. Tammi K. Johnson says

    depends on how long the webinar lasted as to price, but maybe $25-$40, and I like evenings!

  22. Joy says

    I think that between $50 and $100 dollars for a webinar, depending on length of time and “materials” provided (i.e…. pdfs mailed to participants in advance) would be suitable. Re topics: whatever God lays on your heart. To me in particular, how to balance ministry, marriage and motherhood. Time: I like early morning or evening. Midday would be tough.
    Looking forward to seeing how God works through you!
    Joy S.

  23. Michelle Dew says

    I love the thought of these webinars. Ideally, I would prefer a late afternoon or evening schedule – I’m just not a morning person. How much would I pay? How much could I afford to pay? I could probably swing $25 per session, but if I could host the webinar with several of my girlfriends, I think we could afford to pay more as a group. This idea has so much potential! I love it and I pray that you’ll be successful. What a great idea! =)

  24. Marlene says

    I agree with the majority, around $10 would be a reachable price for a lot of people. Also the opportunity to pay more to be able to access the webinar at a different time or to revisit the webinar, those that wanted to would be willing to pay the extra price. If that wasn’t possbiel evenings or Saturday mornings would work best. Topics: getting involved in a new church, married to a non christian, raising children with good christian values, working with non christians.

  25. Jo says

    Hope I didn’t miss the give-aways. I have been soo busy with work. I think $25.00 is reasonable for a 30 min topic. I think marriages should be helped because going into it too quickly kids just aren’t ready for the big surprises. Everything aint a box of chocolates,,lol (Isnt) Jo

  26. Joy says

    I think the price would be determined by the amount of time… but I agree with the sister who said $10 would make it more affordable for all.
    If it’s an hour, then $25 would be a deal!
    Evenings are best!

    Subject matter – Topics applicable to ALL ladies, regardless of marital status, age or whether she has kids or not.

  27. Connie Collins says

    I agree with most of the responses for $10 to $25 charge. I would be interested if it is topics that are dealing with concerns for me, which you do that quite well anyway with your devotions. I would like to hear more about child rearing, especially tweens, our bodies, willpower, husbands, work/career, clean house, time management, stress reduction, exercise, etc.. Pretty much anything dealing with what women deal with on a regular basis, of course let’s not forget spirituality and putting God first in our lifes!! Blessings!!

  28. Connie Collins says

    Forgot to put the time that would be best and that would be at night, when kids are in bed.

  29. Jane says

    I think $25 to $50 would be reasonable. You could even encourage small to large bible study groups to watch. But I really think in th eevening would be most beneficial to every party – some women work, some work at home etc. nap time is great IF you’re at home.
    You words give me encouragement everyday – Thank you!

  30. says

    Cost: I guess it depends if it is individual or a group. In this economy, I might be able to get $25 together for it. I think Sunday afternoon would be good b/c a group could watch it at church. If that didn’t work, then it would need to be evenings.

  31. jessica says

    i would say about $25 for an hour, and either early afternoon(naptime) or later in the evening would work best. I would love to see more application on how to be a proverbs 31 woman. Friendships/relationships with other women would also be a great topic.

  32. Autumn says

    This would be a wonderful treat for us stay at home moms! We could relax knowing our children are in the next room (hopefully asleep) and have some much needed “me time”! I think $25 an hour is fair unless it’s an ultra special presentation! Naptime would be great (12:00-3:00 is an average naptime block). Or evenings from 7:00-10:00 pm after children have gone to bed! Topis I am currently interested in are: How to be a more Godly wife and mother, how to argue fair and like a good Christian (with spouse), when friendships go wrong, finding true friendships, needing God’s help making life altering decisions, how to know if you are following God’s path for your family.

  33. Melanie Grace says

    $10.00 is an excellant price. Before 10:00AM gives me an excuse to get the coffee pot and my PJs on. A topic? How about : Proverbs 31 Woman vs Super Woman?

  34. Melissa says

    As a working mom, mid-evening would work best for me – around 7 or 8 pm. I’m not sure of the amount, but I would love to attend a webinar with you!

  35. Patty says

    I think $25 for an hour is a good price. I think it would be nice to be able to access the video for a few days, in the event you miss it and so that various women’s groups could view it together.

  36. Brandi says

    Evening would be best maybe around 7 or 8pm. I would love to see you on webinar, I agree with the others $25 would be fair and the convenience would be great 🙂

  37. says

    Wow- $25 also popped into my mind!!! I would love an opportunity to participate in a webinar. For me, early afternoon would be best (naptime!). Topics on parenting or looking at growing into godly women both come to mind as great ones that I would be interested in!

  38. Caroline Grossman says

    Lysa, I would love to win the books. As far as a webinar I would suggest offering in the evening hours so that those ladies that work outside the home can participate and I would offer the same session twice in the same week so people have an option. The fee charged would depend on whether there is a cap on number of attendees and if there would be a chance for submitting questions for a follow up session. I would say $10 per hour per lady and you would only host if there were a min. of 10 paid for.

    Blessings, Caroline

  39. Slim says

    Cost $20.00 Time evening at about 6p.m. Topics: How the converted spouse react to the unconverted. How do you get him to participate especially when he is cheating and would convince himself he has options.

  40. Virginia says

    Wow, that would be awesome. As for the price, 10 dollars would be affordable. I don’t know how much you would have to charge to make it work.. Evenings would be best for me in the winter and mornings during the summer as my work schedule changes. Would you consider, since you would be flying out to the studio — doing one in the morning and one in the evening?

  41. Laura says

    I feel that $20-$25 is reasonable. A good topic for our changing society today is how Christian women should respond to tattoos, piercings, immodesty, living together and having children outside of marriage…all these things are so rampant even within Christian families. I’m not so sure how to respond to all these things. If it sin, why is it that it seems so acceptable and not frowned upon by so many? I’m a little confused.

  42. Carrie Herrera says

    I think $25 is a good price. The having it at 6pm would be great but 6pm in what time zone. Eastern 6 pm is 2 pm on the west coast. So this could pose a problem for some ladies who want to hear you speak. Just a small problem I as I see it. Maybe you could do live for some and for others have it to where they could pay to watch it but not live. You could do different time zones throughout the year so that each area would have the opportunity to see it live and interact with you. Just a suggestion. God Bless You and have a Blessed day.

  43. Michelle says

    I’m seeing a lot of people put down $25 and I personally think that’s too much for an online seminar. I’d pay $25 for an evening at an event center, but online you will not have the same overhead. I think $10 per session is reasonable online and I bet you will have a much higher turn out. You’ll probably make the same amount of money or more than if you charged $25 and more people will be ministered to.
    Evenings are better