Come Sail Away – free cruise anyone?

Okay so yesterday I gave out some hints about the big mamma jamma prize for today. Remember how I mentioned “walking on sunshine,” “Tilapia” (fish), “floats your boat,” “blow you out of the water,” and “I can hardly see straight?”

Well … all that to say I’m giving away a cabin for 2 on the GIRL’S GETAWAY CRUISE!!!

Oh my, wait a second I have to catch my breath.

Okay, I’m back. Whew! I am so excited!!! You’ll be joining me and Holly along with about some other fun Proverbs 31 chicks like Renee Swope and Shari Braendel and almost 100 other P31 friends who’ve already signed up to sail. It will be amazingly fun.

Can’t you just picture all of us kicking back on the high seas, sippin’ some Diet _______  (Coke or Pepsi- I don’t discriminate), and chatting it up about life.

Oh yes ma’am.

So, here’s how you enter:

1.  Leave a comment below telling me who you’d bring if you won. You’ll be entered in the drawing once for this.

2.  If you left a comment on yesterday’s post, you’ll be entered in the drawing again for this.

3.  Solve a little letter scramble game on my blog and fill out the form below with the correct answer. You’ll be entered 2 additional times in the drawing. To play this you have to hop around my site and find letters that look like this: “L” There are 12 letters in all. Find all 12 letters and unscramble them to reveal 2 words I’ve used quite often in the past 8 months. And just so you know, the sample letter here — doesn’t count!

[contact-form 3 “Cruise”]

If you do all three of these things, you’ll be entered into the drawing 4 times! And just think how many times you’ll be entered if you go ahead and think of that friend you want to accompany you on this cruise and have her enter as well. You just have to make sure that you both agree to take each other or we could have a little situation that I will not get in the middle of — no ma’am.  No Sirree.  Okay?

You can find all about this cruise by clicking here.  You’ll want to note that the cruise is October 14th-18th and sets sail from Ft. Lauderdale. You and your friend will be responsible for getting your hot little selves down to Ft. Lauderdale. After you get there this is what’s included in your cruise package valued at over $2000 for the two of you:

  • all meals (there’s gourmet fare in the formal dining rooms, casual indoor and outdoor grills open for meals throughout the day and 24 hour room service)
  • non-carbonated beverages (i.e. tea, juices, coffee)
  • all concerts, speaker sessions, etc. put on by Premier
  • use of the ship’s beautiful pools
  • use of the ship’s health and fitness center
  • taxes, fees, and gratuities, are pre-paid and added to your reservation total

Here’s what’s not included:

  • items of personal nature (phone calls, internet, laundry, etc.)
  • spa & beauty salon
  • soft drinks (however, cards are available for a low price which get you unlimited soft drinks throughout the cruise)
  • any meals, events or excursions while in Port
  • airfare (although you can take advantage of discounts offered through the Orbitz link on the Premiere website)
  • ground transportation
  • cruise insurance (available through Premier for an additional fee)
  • check with you accountant for your state’s laws on whether or not you’d need to claim this trip on your income taxes

Sweet Deal right?  So, who is ready to grab a friend, some sunscreen and a skirt to hide our cellulite and set sail?!?!

The winner will be announced on Friday, June 25th. I’ll also announce the winner of yesterday’s contest on June 25th as well.

Remember, if you are reading this through your email you will want to visit my actual site at www.LysaTerKeurst.com to participate and leave your comments.

Happy Cruise Dreaming sisters!


  1. Alesia Burton says

    I would take my Sister in Christ, becasue she has been quite a lot and I am yet learning more and more about her and how the LORD is building her self-esteem and encouraging her to go forward in the things of God!

  2. Julia Sutherlin says

    I would bring my friend Nicole, as long as she is cleared for travel since she would be about 7 months pregnant at that time!

  3. Janet says

    I would bring my sister, Susan. She and I weren’t close as kids, but have started to develop a friendship as adults. This cruise would provide a great bonding experience for us, as well as give us both inspiration and motivation as Christian women.

  4. Theresa McPherson says

    I would take my baby sister Cynthia. She has been married for 11 years and has a 5 year old son. She has chosen to take in our mother who has Alzheimer’s and she has lived with them in their small home for the last 3 years, providing most of her financial needs along the way. She has walked through everyday of watching our mom’s mental and physical health decline while also dealing with her own health issues, along with being a wife, mom, friend, sister, aunt and so much more. She amazes me and I would love to give her the break she needs so badly that would never be possible for them financially.

  5. Krishna says

    I would bring my Best Friend/Sister that needs a desperate vaca and so well deserves it!!

  6. Julie DeVries says

    I would bring my sister, Deedee. She is so helpful to everyone and doesn’t slow down enough to take time for herself. She works hard as a high school guidance counselor and really takes each kids problem to heart. She is a wonderful grandma and mom and wife all while helping to care for our aging parents whose health has been difficult lately. She needs some pampering and encouraging right now.You would all be a perfect blessing!

  7. Norene Bartkowski says

    I would bring my Sister-in-Law Lynette. She is more than a SIL, she is a sister to me and has been my whole life. (Yes, I married the boy next door.) She is the one who brought me to Proverbs31. I love her dearly and love her devotion and passion in Christ our Lord. She is one of a kind.

  8. says

    I would bring my friend Kelly. She is my new prayer partner and an incredible mom to 4 girls and a associate pastor’s wife at my church.

  9. Debbie Rash says

    I would bring my sweet sister along. We would have so much fun. Her name is Melanie.

  10. Traci says

    I would invite a childhood friend that I have just reconnected with on Facebook…

  11. Teresa Scott says

    I would bring my sister-in-law Steph if I win. Oh, and a gravol patch. Oh ya!

  12. Kim says

    I would be my best friend of 23 years, Linda. She has had such a challenging life and I would LOVE to see her taken care of for once!

  13. says

    I would take my sweet friend Kathy. She’s in ministry and works during church, so rarely gets filled up herself unless its professional development or conference for our church. THANKS for the opportunity.

    shawneeh at yahoo dot com

  14. Tanya Deiter says

    I would bring my darling 18 year old (she’ll be 19 by October)daughter, Heather. Her generation needs to be surrounded by women who truly love the Lord & who have a passion to continue sharing him with the world.

  15. Delores says

    I would bring my mother, Thelma who is a cervical cancer survivor since1990. She has spent a lot of time with friends and others over the years, giving them words of hope and prayers.

  16. Susan Keith says

    I would bring my best friend, my mother, with me!!! We love to cruise together. She has had a rough year and a half. My father passed away last year and this would be a good pick me up for her to get away

  17. Katie Ortiz says

    I would bring my precious Momma. She led me to Christ by her example 24 years ago. She is completely self less taking care of us no matter what the cost is to herself. Right now she is caring for my Dad who is vision impaired and really struggling with his health, never leaving his side. She nutured my Grandmother home to Jesus when she was very ill and at the last stages of her life, bringing her into her home and caring for her every need. When I was diagonosed with a very rare form of cancer 10 years ago she was right there not only by my side but available for my precious family. These are just a few examples of the amazing, strong woman of God she is. She definitely deserves a vacation and to be nutured herself.