Majestic in the midst of mundane

Yesterday the reality of falling terribly behind on doing laundry hit full force. Have mercy. The load after load after load seemed to be a never ending task.

Thankfully, Hope needs money to buy her siblings Christmas gifts so a deal was struck and my sanity saved.

At one point though there was a little issue with the dryer. I’d thrown in a load, set the timer, and walked away knowing they’d be dry in an hour or so. Twenty minutes later, a strange sounding beep started coming from the laundry room.

I walked in, looked at the flashing light indicators on the top of the dryer, and determined the lint filter was dangerously full. As I opened retrieved the overflowing lint filter from the belly of the dryer, a daunting thought occurred to me.

What might have happened had the dryer not have some sort of shut off switch when the lint filter went beyond capacity?

I’ve known several people whose homes burned completely to the ground as a result of fires starting in their dryers. So scary.

I cleaned out the filter and went to replace it when another thought struck me- my mind is a lot like this lint filter. Thoughts pass through my mind all day long, with a few getting stuck here and there. How important it is to take those captured thoughts to the Lord and let him keep me cleaned out.

An uncleaned out mind can be just as dangerous as a clogged up lint filter. It slows things down, prevents fresh, pure winds from blowing freely, and left untreated can become consuming.

I started thinking about some thoughts that have gotten stuck in my mind’s filter lately. One by one, these thoughts seem benign. But piled on top of another, they start to form a faulty filter that taint and clog everything.

Suddenly my attitude grows a little sour, my heart a little cold, my desire to be around others diminishes, and my prayers become canned obligatory statements to God.

I need a fresh wind. I need to let God peel away the layers of clogged up un-truths. I need an encounter with Him. I need His reminders-

-even when I feel uninvited by others, I am chosen by Him.

-even when I feel terrible about losing my temper yesterday, I am forgiven and given the gift of a fresh start today.

-even when I want to lash out at the person who hurt me, I am given grace and the ability to extend it to that person.

-even when I question my abilities to fulfill the tasks set before me, I am reminded to stop depending on myself.

-even when I wonder am I really pleasing you God?- I am covered by a love so lavish it really has nothing to do with my performance at all.

Layer by layer— chosen, forgiven, given grace, reminded and covered with His love.

What a gift Jesus really is.

The majestic still visits us in the midst of our mundane, ordinary, everyday lives.

Sweet Christmas Blessings to you my friend!


Your thoughts?

On the one hand this weekend was great. I mailed my Christmas cards without the drama of years past.

Some of you may recall that last year I mailed about 20 cards without the address label telling the kind folks at the post office to whom they were supposed to be delivered to.

That’s just smart at its finest y’all.

I’m guessing there is a whole group of our family and friends that never received a card from us last year, but I have no clue who was in this group.

So, while I was busy double and triple checking that each card I sent this year had both the stamp and the address label on it, my husband was busy keeping the attack SQUIRRELS at bay.

At one point I stepped into the tub at the precise moment a gun shot rang out and I thought I’d cracked the tub. Which with all my sugar indulgences lately, could have been highly probable.

Would somebody please come up with a remedy to help a girl crave a celery stick over a cookie?

I mean for heaven’s sake- we can send people flying to the moon in a metal capsule, surely we can come up with something to tame the taste buds right?

Speaking of taming things, I was also working this weekend on some of my edits for my book. I have a chapter dedicated to making the choice not to gossip or judge others.

I feel this is a crucial chapter. But one of the reviews said this chapter fell a little flat. They felt like I am simply saying, “don’t do it” rather than getting behind the scenes of a woman’s life and exploring some of the heart issues causing women to gossip and judge.

So, I’m coming to you today asking for your insights.

Why do women gossip about and judge other women? What are some of those heart issues? Have you struggled with this and found anything that has helped you?

I’d love to hear a thought or two that you might have on this subject.

Or the subject of the celery stick craving thing.

Happy Monday…


Squirrels in the Attic- UPDATED

We’ve got a little situation in progress over here at the TerKeurst’s.

You know it’s bad when hubs has got the shot gun out and the dogs are being encouraged to “get ‘um!”

There is nothing like having a hole chewed in the side of your house to really put one in the Christmas Spirit.
Apparently, the squirrels have heard that we are having fun inside this abode of mine and they’ve decided to join us.

Usually, I am very hospitable.

Really, I am.

But when I have the stress of trying to make sense of my Christmas card list that is highly unorganized, having furry guests scampering about was getting on the last good nerve I had.

And then something…probably several somethings… somethings with sharp teeth and fluffy tails knocked out our internet.


Suddenly, I was thankful hubs had a gun.
We rednecks ring in the Merry Christmas with class y’all.

I love the thematic clash of my cards this year. Snowflake cards. Picture on the Beach. And since the post office was out of Christmas stamps, I opted for the desert scene stamp.

It just made me laugh. Right there in the midst of squirrels and chaos and promises to stop eating so much sugar.

Oh yes ma’am- that is what I’m talking about!

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