Why baristas everywhere love me and a few other items of business

I’m not a fan of business meetings at all.

Not in the least.

They make me bored and crazy unless food is involved. In which case, I’ll eat too much because that’s what I do when I’m bored and crazy.

But alas today I have some business to discuss so I hereby call this meeting to order. If you were here in person you would be delighted to see some of my favorite snacks in the center of the table.

Frosted Mini-wheats. Baked Doritos. My friend Missy’s monster cookies. Diet Coke or Pepsi- whichever was on sale at the time of purchase. Starbucks. Trident Splash Strawberry Lime Gum.

Just call me gourmet.

So, here’s the stuff I want to discuss…

1. I’ll be doing some give aways this year and still have some spots open for those of you who have products you’d like to feature. I’m all about supporting women who have businesses that help support their families or their love of Starbucks. My favs are Etsy products!

So, if you have some sort of product that you sell and you’d like to be featured in one of my give aways, write to me at Holly @ Proverbs31.org (no spaces) . Be sure to include details about what you’d give away and a link for me to review your product if possible.

Each item needs to have a retail value of at least $35. I’ll fill in my spots for the next several months and e-mail those of you who fit the posts I’m looking to do with a give away.

Fun. Fun.

2. Renee and I are supposed to be working on an article where we are being interviewed by you. So, if you have a question or two you’d like to post, that would be ever so helpful. Otherwise I’ll simply spend the whole article talking about my ever embarrassing, long, high-maintenance Starbucks drink that I love and bore everyone to tears.

Post your questions in today’s comments— please. Pretty Please. With sugar on the top. Thank you. Have a nice day.

3. Just in case you have nothing to do today except try a new drink from Starbucks, here is the drink I affectionately call “Heaven’s sake, why don’t you just get back here and make it yourself.”

7 pump
single shot
vanilla latte
no foam
extra hot

I then get very neurotic and feel the need to explain it further:

That means fat-free milk.

The seven pumps are of the sugar free vanilla.

I only want a single shot of espresso because really someone who has the nerve to order this drink surely doesn’t need any more caffeine than just a single shot- wouldn’t you agree.

Yeah, I really don’t like foam when I’m paying $4 for a cup o’ joe. Please o’ please fill it all the way to the top.

And the extra hot doesn’t mean like scalding the skin off my tongue. That bothers me terribly all the live long day when that happens. Just like a few extra degrees of warmth. Just enough so I can still see a little stream coming out the little sippy hole when I get out to my car.

Which is where I am headed when you finish this drink— my car— I know that makes you very happy that I am in fact going to leave soon.

The end.


  1. says

    Cute! Brought a smile to my face.

    I guess a question I would ask is…”Your faith is visibly strong and spiritually you both seem so sound but I know your walk has not always been easy and carefree. What has been the greatest sacrifice you have had to make to be where you are, here and now, with your God?”

    A second question I might ask is…”What method works best for you in putting scripture to memory?”. I told a friend yesterday that as a teenager I would memorize chapters but now I struggle to keep a scripture verse to memory from morning until nightfall. I am looking for a middle-age method (if there is one)to make memorizing scripture work for me!!


    In His Graces~Pamela

  2. says

    *giggles from me* – – this is the first morning ‘meeting’ I’ve managed to stay awake for.

    My question for you:

    Statement first – – It appears that all of the speakers listed in your blogroll are married Christian women.

    Question: Are ther any Proverbs 31 Women speakers who are single and in their 30s?

    As a single, professional 30 something Christian woman, sometimes I feel very lost. I lead a Bible study of other 30 something singles and we express the same thing. Its like we must be doing something wrong that a good Christian man hasn’t snapped us up. Its kind of like we are ‘second class’ Christian women because we don’t have a family.

    I did find the Annie blogs through you, and I know they are in their 20s. Are there any single Christian speakers ‘like me’ in your organization? If not, why not? Do you know of any that blog?

    Gosh, hope this didn’t sound snarky in anyway. Love your blogs and hearing you speak last year, led my small group to do a year long study on the Proverbs 31 woman.

  3. says

    As I sit here sipping my herbal, decaf, sugar-free, orange-spice tea (I know, I’m a purist. Don’t hate me), my question to you is this:

    What is the one most effective thing you do to keep your speaking/writing/ ministry schedule balanced with your family life?

    Okay – go have a Dorito or two with your coffee and have a great day!


  4. Leigh says

    Question – You seem to really hear God talk to you, guide you? How do you know when God is talking to you?

    Often times I don’t know if or when he is talking to me and feel I am missing out on His blessings.

    Enjoying that coffee.

  5. says

    Ummm, yeah, I wish I had something homemade and cute for ya to give away, but no one would want anything I made, so I got nothin’….

    As for questions…..I can help you there.

    1. What advice would you give to women who feel led to write Christian books or submit writings to Christian publications, but have no idea where to start?

    2. What is/has been your biggest struggle in ministry?

    3. In your opinion, what is the best way for women to develop the discipline of daily Bible study? And how do you go about your daily Bible study?

    4. If you could give one piece of Godly advice to young women, what would it be?

    5. What do you see as the biggest problem (spiritually and other) that women face today?

    6. What person has most influenced your walk with the Lord and why?

    7. At the end of the day, when the dishes are done and the kids are in bed, do you secretly walk to your pond and hop on the Sealy Posturpedic for some rest and relaxation?

    Those are all I can think of right now, if you need more, I’m here for ya, sister!

  6. says

    Lysa, I’m just curious…Do you still abstain from television??? I know you had made that committment at one time, but I didn’t know if it was forever or just for a short time.

  7. Anonymous says

    I love your blog and find it so inspirational! I still struggle with finding, or should I say, making time to spend reading the bible and just being quiet in order to listen to what God wants me to hear. I know I should, but it’s just like excercising for me – other things get in the way. Have you found something that works for you, or can you give me some advice on where to start?
    Thanks so much for all you do!
    Lisa S.

  8. says

    Lysa, you have to be one of the most humble persons I have ever met. You have a quiet confidence in the Lord. I know situations and people sometimes get you going, (I've read your emotions expressed here :o), but there's still this over-riding peace and trust in the Lord.

    Being a person who battles daily with fear, worry etc… yet who was raised in a Christian home and knows all the promises to claim in my head – how do you live out the "don't worry about anything" on a day to day basis, to experience that peace that passes understanding? You have such complete, unshakeable trust.

    I look at you and my heart cries for the deeper walk with the Lord that you enjoy. I want more. It has to come from more than just doing the right thing because I spend daily time in God's Word, I pray, I 'do' it all…but I want to 'be' closer. I don't want to be satisified with anything less than all of God I can experience this side of heaven. How do I go to 'more'?

    Thanks for being an example that 'more' is available to us,
    Love & prayers,

  9. Anonymous says

    I love reading yours, Renee’s, Mary Beth’s and so many others. In reading them, they are all so inspiring. I alwasy wonder – how do you put your selves “out there” at what seems so freely? Do you get nervous when putting sometimes personal things out there, or fear judgment or the like? For example, like the adoption process for Renee?

    Also, along with what Leigh asked, how do you know that it’s God talking to you? Or if it’s just your brain on a thought train; how do you tell between something you think or what God’s telling you?
    Thank you so much.

  10. says

    First off let me say I love Starbucks, however the Chef, creative side in my always has to try to figure out how they made it. My guys love the Caramel Mach.but were slowly were draining our funds going in and ording thres of them, needless to say what it was doing to the waistline. My younger son said to me “mom you can do this”. So one after noon we set out to make the perfect caramel mach. starbucks style. After 4 hours of mixing and tasting we had it. Needeless to say we were the hit of the marching band students. Before I knew it I was makeing gallons of it for Friday night footballs games. So I am faced with a delima, keep making it or stop. HUH!

  11. says

    Hmmm…I have pondered questions as I have been drinking my Starbucks morning blend mild with a shot of hazelnut creamer…extra hot. My husband laughs at me for sticking my coffee in the microwave right after I have fixed it, but that shot o’ creamer cools it off. 🙂 Okay…and the Starbucks at home is a treat I got for Christmas…it’s usually just Folgers. 🙂

    My questions for you ladies are these…the longer you walk with the Lord, have you found it getting easier to find your worth in Him? Have you found that being in a ministry where you are so very much in the public eye makes the struggle for finding your worth in Him more difficult? How do you fight the battle of self-worth?

    Looking forward to reading your answers to whatever questions you choose. Everyone is asking fantastic questions!

    K 🙂

  12. says

    Your blogs and books are awesome! I recommended to my mother just today that she start reading your blogs and Proverbs 31 devotionals. Great stuff!!
    My question – You’re obviously a very busy woman with focuses on your faith, family, work, speaking, writing, traveling, family (yes – it’s obvious how much you love your family), etc. How do you manage your time to balance all of your focuses in life?


  13. says


    My question probably doesn’t have a short and simple answer… How did P31 Ministries begin? And how has it “evolved” and/or grown over the years? Related to that – are you connected with/through a particular Church (or did you start out that way), or out on your own?

    Thanks and blessings,

    P.S. I have to know how many pump of flavouring are normally put in a Starbucks coffee?!

  14. Angie Gullett says

    My question would be, how do you two get back on track with God, when you have gotten off track? I am going through a difficult time and it seems I have dealt with a lot in my life lately and feel so worn out and burned out. I can’t seem to get back on track and draw close to God right now. How would you be able to advise me how to get back to where I need to be?
    Thanks, Angie

  15. Anonymous says

    What is your litmus test for daily decisions as well the short and long range goals?

    How do you discern the genuine versus the artificial side of Christians?

    Are your speaking engagements reaching those on all socioeconomic levels or ones that are closer in line with where you are at in your life?

  16. Anonymous says


    The bittersweet of leadership.

    Sweet as you follow the Lord closely and depend on Him completely.

    Bitter as it subjects you to more judgment and criticism. In a way, this is good because you keep your heart before the Lord for searching. But the judgment and criticism has surprised me a bit (especially from Christians). Sometimes it stems from jealousy or misperceptions.

    Q: Does the “sting” of judgment or criticism lessen as you go on? Do you address the criticism or judgment? (I have found to just keep my heart quiet before the Lord and trust Him to handle it, but wondering if you have ever had to address it with the person and what happened.)

    Your insight and experience would be a great blessing to hear!

    Thanks for your honesty!

  17. says

    There are so many of the questions already posted that I also would like to know. I grew up going to church on Sundays (sometimes) and praying before meals. I never learned the importance of reading in the bible or knowing God’s word. I am trying so hard to change this for my kids but I feel as though they have missed so much due to my lack of knowledge on my part. We started attending church on a regular basis about 3 years ago and it’s only been recent (the last year) I am really starting to get it. It brings me to tears to think all these years have gone by. I hope I’m not babbling to much.
    Question: In your opinion, what steps should be taken to “get where I should be?” I try real hard on making the time to read my bible daily but I don’t know what other steps to take. Which of your books would you recommend as a good starting point? I have so many of them on my wish list, I’m not sure where to begin. Please forgive my blabbing on. I just get so inspired by all of these women and wish I could also be like so many of you.
    Thanks for all you guys give!!
    If anybody has any great tips for me, I would love to hear them. My email is cswartz12@msn.com
    God Bless.


  18. Anonymous says

    If you have immediate family members who are unsaved, how do you “really” connect with them especially if it is a parent or grandparent without being too preachy, etc. This one’s hard for me since I’m a first generation Christian (born again when I was in my early twenties).

  19. Linda A aka Squirrelly Mom says

    My Starbucks closed. I am suffering from severe withdrawal.

    The closest location is now about 15 miles away!!

  20. says

    I don’t know if you can identify with an “alien” like me or not…..someone who doesn’t have either a Starbucks OR a Chick-Fil-A within 60 miles! ha

    I would like to ask a couple of questions though.

    First Lysa…..how long did it take you to write your first book and was it at the suggestion of a publisher or did you write it first and then look for a publisher?

    And Holly…..please don’t take offense at this question…But I wondered if you ever feel that people sort of forget about or ignore you… being Lysa’s assistant….sort of behind the scenes and yet such an important part of the whole picture?

    Well…I better go and pour myself another cup of hazelnut cream coffee with a shot of half and half….no sugar!


  21. says

    Dear Lysa, I would love to know how you stay connected with your children – your daughters in particular. My oldest daughter is now 15, and sadly I am feeling the “slipping away” that so many of my mom friends have warned me about. She is a wonderful girl with a strong Christian walk, and we’ve been so close until just recently. I so hate the thought that hormones, peers…etc might change our relationship. I’ve prayed, prayed, prayed and have suggested we do the Bible study “Closer” together starting 1/1/09. I just feel so caught off guard and unprepared for this recent shift. Any tips or suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated.

  22. says

    Drinking my peppermint tea, with not a thing added to it! I love these little meetings. We can really get to know each other (well, if you answer all these questions, we’ll get to know you a little better anyway)

    My question: How do you keep yourself on task with all the interruptions (blogs, email, voice mail, phone calls, laundry that screams from down the hall, etc)?

    Okay, now I have to get back on task…see how easily distracted I am?

  23. TheTNWades says

    Lisa, my husband works P/T at Starbucks (which really comes in handy when you’re pregnant) and taught me what temperature to order my drink at. I love caramel cider but the kids drink was too cool and the adult drink was too hot, so I order at 150 degrees thanks to my sweetie. You could ask them for the ballpark temp next time.

  24. says

    Lysa, Wow it looks like you’ll be busy with this pool of questions. I’d have to agree with the one about balance. How do you do that?

    But my bigger question was already raised as well – an advice for those of us dealing with parents, siblings and extended family who don’t understand our faith. I grew up going to church and being good, but it wasn’t until 9 years ago when I was just out of college that I gave my life to Christ. My mom has said I’ve changed, but doesn’t understand and appears like she doesn’t want to when I try to explain. I know Renee has talked about fear of rejection and as God calls me out of my comfort zone and is moving me to share more that is my biggest fear – that my family will reject me. I know I must obey God before my mom and I’m doing that, but any words on how to rest in His peace while walking thru this valley? Or any valley or storm for that matter.

    Thank you for the opportunity to pose some questions, I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say.

  25. says

    Lysa – I always order my starbucks extra hot too! I’ve gotten some flack for it from my friends but it does make a difference!!

    I loved reading through the questions that you have already. I can’t wait to see your answers.

    Here’s some from me:

    Approx how many emails do you get a day? Are the majority requests for speaker or people emailing with struggles, etc?

    Also – how do you determine what speaking engagement you will do and which you need to turn down?

    This is fun!!

  26. says

    this works out perfect! I lead a Gather & Grow group for aspiring speakers and writers in the Atlanta area. I am preparing for our January meeting and wanted to ask you and other leader ladies for nuggets; but not your infamous, immovable chicken nuggets.:)
    My question is: What 3 criteria are essential for a communicator to get their main point across so your audience remembers your message and walks away changed?
    thank you

  27. says

    What goals have you set for yourselves in the coming new year, personal, familial, professional, spiritual, etc.?

    What does a typical day in the life of _____ look like?

    I look forward to the answers to some really great questions.

  28. says

    I love your blog when I get a chance to read it. The questions that the other commenters are AWESOME!!!

    My question is simple…What’s for dinner at your house? Seriously, I am always looking for practical,quick healthy ways to feed the family. Do you have any to share?

  29. says

    I read this yesterday and pondered here and there what to ask…love your blog! Drinking dark, black coffee from my new coffee maker this morning…no Starbucks here.

    Anyways…was there ever a time early in your ministry walk that those of close relations didn’t pour out their support to you and if this happened how did God lead you to handle it? Kind of dealing with what Jill asked previously.
    Have a blessed New Year!

  30. says

    I’ve read through all of the questions and there are some great ones. I look forward to reading your answers.

    My question comes from the “running a non-profit view.” When you first started P31 were people lined up to give money to support your cause? If not, how did you convince them you were doing good works? How do you overcome those financial rejections? I seem to take it personally when people don’t want to support my cause…go figure!

    I do like me some starbucks, however, I’m a Dunkin Donuts girl. Caramel Swirl Latte (Hot or iced) depending on the weather. Do you guys even have those out there?

  31. says

    I just thought of something else… Have you ever thought of adding this element to SheSpeaks? Training women to start their own ministries? That comes a little easier for those who get book deals but as you know, it takes money to run a ministry. How about equipping women with the necessary training, forms, contacts, etc to get their 501c3. Maybe writing or speaking is not their thing and they want to do ministry outside of the church.

    Happy New Year
    Paula G.

  32. says

    I have seasons where I just can’t get my thoughts focused and feel like I’m on track spiritually. What do you ladies do to refocus when you feel this way?

  33. says

    We are almost Starbucks twins! I leave off the extra hot and substitute soy for fat-free. Too funny!

    Questions for you and Renee – these can be for both of you or interchangeable.

    Can you describe a special quiet time with the Lord that led to a life-changing decision?

    What do you use for your quiet time devotions? Do you have a special format or plan that you follow?

  34. Suzanne says

    I really enjoyed your “latte” posting! My son is home from college where he works at Starbucks in Virginia. I asked him about your drink. He is familiar with it! ;o) He knows a shorter way to say this….

    He said you can ask for:

    solo grande
    7 pump
    no foam
    extra hot
    skinny vanilla latte

    The skinny is fat free and sugar free. Just thought it might bless and encourage you that there is a slightly shorter way to order it! :o)

    LOVE you, your ministry and your heart for the Lord. I lead a MomCare group of young moms at my church. We quote you and forward your messages to them all the time.

    Thank you for your ministry to all of us.

  35. says

    Hi Lysa,
    Enjoying a cup of pure water right now, but a caramel chai sounds good too.

    My question:
    How do you keep your adopted boys ‘connected’ to their country/roots?

    I’ve been working with orphans and street kids in Africa for decades, but I travel back and forth between the States and there. We’ve been asked to consider adopting a 12 year old I’ve known since he was 2, since his mom is dying of AID’s,and he has started stealing. We’re praying about it, and I’m pondering the practicalities of what is best for this boy, especially considering our ‘nomad’ lifestyle.

  36. says

    Hi Lysa. I am a mom of four who has been designing and selling jewelry for four years. I would love to give a give away. I have an etsy site JennifersFinerThings. I am updating it and there is a wordless bracelet that might be what you are looking for. If not just pick one you like. I have followed you and your ministry for over a year, alas I live on the west coast and attending a “She Speaks” seems a bit of a dream. If this can support you in any way, let’s do it!