Exactly How Does This Happen?

Because sometimes a girl needs that last little piece of yummy butterscotch, chocolate chip banana bread she goes on a rampage to find it. She looks high and low in all the places one might find the one piece of said bread left. Alas just when all hope is gone she finally discovers where her little helpers thought it most appropriate to store the last piece of banana chocolate chip banana bread. In the fridge with the left over stuffing, and pork tenderloin covered in turkey gravy because my turkey did not thaw out in time on Christmas Day. Yes, that is where she should have checked first- of course. I mean who doesn’t like a little turkey- pork- cornbread dressing flavoring on their butterscotch chocolate chip bread first thing in the morning. See the photo being introduced into evidence to the left and you will find said bread in the upper left hand corner. Do you see how those butterscotch and chocolate chips are just calling to me. I feel a bad country song coming to me.
And then of course there was this flood of cards in my mailbox yesterday. At first I was feeling the love toting this large amount of mail into my home. That is until I realized that the said cards were all ones that I’d sent with just one important thing missing. A stamp? No. A return address? Nope, wrong again. Oh, yes of course- an outgoing address! Now I can understand how one or two cards could sneak in the completed to be mailed pile. But six unaddressed cards? Have mercy.

And then when your dog goes missing who wouldn’t think to look behind your daughter’s bed in the fluffification tulle is supposed to cascade down looking very beautiful and princess like but that now just sits in a pile because someone pulled the hook out of the ceiling. Oh yes. But of course that is where the do got in and couldn’t get out. She’s now found and fine. But like I said y’all it’s sounds like a bad country song.
This post is just simply because sometimes a girl has questions and well— she’s sure her bloggy friends will have answers.
Now I’m off to the dentist to get my teeth fixed again— twang twang.
Almost smiling!


Merry After Christmas

The candy is slipping from the ginger bread house. The needles are falling from the tree. The turkey that was still frozen on Christmas morning has finally thawed and will be eaten tonight. (Did you know you can serve pork tenderloin with turkey gravy and no one will die? My kids think it’s all chicken anyhow.)

The presents have been given and opened and lost and found and lost again. The fridge is full of leftovers. The overpriced items will go on sale today. Little piles of Moon-sand can be stepped on throughout my house. (Maybe if I close my eyes I’ll think I am in the Caribbean. Whose bright idea was it to buy my child sand that you play with in the house—Santa!!!)

The Merry Christmas calls have been made and most of the cards have been sent. Happy Birthday to Jesus and the carols have been sung. The radio station is now playing something other than Christmas music. Pounds have been gained and bits of sanity lost. It has been a Merry Christmas y’all.

And as my little Brooke Caroline proudly announced, “It has been MARRRRRvelous!”

Yes, it has.

And now it is time to pack away Christmas. Maybe not right away, but at least by Valentine’s Day right? But let’s not pack away all of Christmas.

Let’s let some Christmas things linger throughout this year. The feeling of generosity. The family togetherness. The extra courage to share Jesus. The desire to cook and bake. (Okay this one is just for my poor family—I think I feel a resolution coming on.) Joy in our heart. Peace in our soul. (At least the joy and peace we found after the shopping was done.) Remembering to tell those we love just how much they mean to us.

And most of all may we carry with us throughout the year one thing we learned about Jesus this Christmas season. That would be a great gift in honor of His birthday this year. What was your one thing with Jesus this Christmas? Mine was Jesus loves me and His love for me is enough.

John 8:12, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Sweet blessings friends. And may you be Merry After Christmas too.


Merry Christmas Y’all!

One of my best Christmas presents this year has been getting to know you by reading your comments. And yes, I do read them all. Real life is so much more fun than TV— so blogging has become my down time at night.

Recently one of you told me you were sad that this One Cool Christmas GiveAway was ending because you felt like you were getting to the end of a good book and you didn’t want it to be over. Well, never fear— the contest is ending but my blog is not. So, just look at this as the end of a chapter. There are many more adventures to come my sweet sisters— oh yes and the one brother that posts- Scott (Cindy’s husband and father of 4 little girls whose play shoes are made from plastic.) You cracked me up about shoes- I bought them for Brooke from my local Salvation Army shop. On Wednesday’s they have a half price sale. You’ve never really gotten a bargain until you buy 1/2 price at the Salvation Army or Good Will. I like them both both the Army has a better selection of clippy clappies.

Doing this One Cool Christmas Give Away has been lots of fun for me. So, I’m thinking about hosting some more give aways next year. If you are interested in giving something away and getting some extra traffic through your blog, e-mail me at Lysa1@Proverbs31.org and I’ll keep this on file. When I organize another giveaway, I’ll contact you and get it all arranged.

Also, I’d love to spend a little time visiting your blogs during Christmas break. So, if you have a blog, post a comment below with your blog address and I’ll come visit.

Now, I’m off to make Christmas cookies and figure out how to host both Santa and the tooth fairy in one night! Yes, Brooke lost a tooth this morning. What are the chances of that? I told her to put that thing in a baggie and tie it to the Christmas tree. And she did with hot pink ribbon of course.


Again, it was so hard to pick! (I narrow it down and then do the eeny meeny minny moe thing!)I would give you all a prize if I could.

So, without further ado—-

Kiki Vogel– you are the winner of Yvonne’s book and Starbucks card

Becky Avella– you are the winner of Lelia’s $100 BeautiControl Certificate

Alyce- you are the winner of Dena Dyer’s Groovy Chick’s package

Congrats ladies! Please e-mail me with your mailing information and I’ll pass it along to the give away sponsors~ Lysa1@Proverbs31.org

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I pray yours is full of the realization how truly miraculous Jesus really is.

Can’t wait to see your blogs!
Sweet blessings~