What do teenagers really think?

Right now, I am writing you from the airport about to put part of my heart on an airplane by herself. Hope, my almost 14 year old, is flying to Disney World to meet up with her best friend’s family for a week of fun, sun, and plenty of silliness. My little girl is growing up.

In an effort to make myself feel better and to connect with her on a very deep level, I’ve decided to interview her for today’s blog while we wait for her to board the plane.

Me: What makes you feel loved by me and Dad?
Hope: “When you get me things that I desperately need- like unlimited text messaging for my cell phone.”

Me: What do parents do that really get on their teens nerves?
Hope: “They don’t get you unlimited text messaging on their phone- that is really awful. They don’t understand them sometimes. If they would just listen teens are actually right some of the time. (she actually said most of the time but since I have editorial control—and way more wisdom— it is some of the time. I love being the mom!)

Me: What will you do differently when you are a mom?
Hope: “I will pay their bills because I will see that they need unlimited text messaging. I won’t make them do chores and jobs to earn their own money— ahem—I will just be the funnest mom ever.”

We interrupt this interview because her cell phone just rang. She is already out of text messages for this month- one week into this billing cycle. She now has to talk to her friends instead of texting– a complete and utter shame.

She is in the process of solving the problems of the world by discussing who likes who and why that person should not text that boy so much.

She’s back.

Me: Define true love:
Hope: “When your eyes connect together and you just know in your heart that he’s the one. HaHa. Okay, Mom, back to the texting thing- you can get unlimited texting for your whole family for only $30 a month and I think you and Dad should pay for that.”
(I feel a lecture coming on and I’m getting less and less sentimental about putting her on that plane.)

Me: What will you do when you’re like 25 years old and a boy tries to kiss you?
Hope: “Mom! At 25? I would kiss him back DUH.”
Me: You better just send him a little TEXT MESSAGE that says, “No kissy, no huggie ’till I get a weddin‘ ring!” That’s some great wisdom straight from a country song that you would do well to memorize.

Me: Do you have anything else you would like to share?
Hope: Can I use your computer?

(Now, the mist in my eyes has totally evaporated and I’m really okay with her leaving.)

Okay— here’s a little update about what happened as I said goodbye to her at the gate:
Me: I love you sweetheart.
Hope: I love you too, Mom. (She wrapped one arm around me and gave me that look that says, Even when I try to act all cool, I’m still you’re little girl.)

Oh dear- the mist is back.

And the Winner from my last post’s contest is:

Veronica from Toddled Dredge blog. Congrats! E-mail me at Lysa1@Proverbs31.org and give me your address. I’ll send the book off to you. And yes friend, I think Mary was tired by now too!


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    Being a mother of three daughters I could so relate to this. I sent my second daughter off to China at age 16. She was thrilled. I was a mess, hehe.

    I love your daughter’s view on being the perfect mom…yeah right!

    As for the no kissing thing, great advice! My daughter is getting married in August and is saving that first kiss for the wedding day…woohoo!

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    She should also memorize the part that goes, “Don’t give me no lines and keep your hands to yourself.” Maybe you could text it to her, but then you’d be wasting one and she’d go off again about needing unlimited text messages.

    I hope Hope has a fabulous Disney vacation!

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    As my daughter snuggled with me last night, she said, “Mom, I love you. You are my role model. I want to be exactly like you when I grow up.” I told her that I feel the same way about her; she is wonderful. You can imagine what that felt like to hear that. She’s 12. I pray that she still admires me in two years.

    We are blessed.

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    Good blog today, Lysa! My kids are driving me crazy, though. They aren’t near close to being teenagers, but they are are disobedient as ever! Oh my gosh! AAAAHHHHH!!!!! I need the week off! πŸ™‚ Hehe. Have a great day!

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this post. My son is only five, but I can almost hear us having a similar conversation when he’s a teen.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, by the way. I enjoyed “meeting” you.

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    I think Hope has an excellent example of how to be the “funnest mom ever” in YOU! πŸ™‚

    No, I haven’t heard of the game you mentioned! Now I MUST find it!
    I’ll be sitting in the Charlotte airport myself next Monday for a layover if you want to come over and have me whoop you at it. πŸ˜‰

    And Scott has REAL clippy clappy shoes at the top of his shopping list!

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    Your daughter doesn’t know how good she has it.
    In some places in the world, some children don’t even HAVE text messaging. Can you imagine their horror? How in the world do they communicate with their BFF’s?

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    Oh, I love the interview idea. I have a 13 year old son and I am now going to have to do this. πŸ™‚
    I really enjoy your blog. I just discovered it recently – it makes me smile. Happy New Year!

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    Hi Lysa…returning your visit to my blog (thanks, by the way, for your visit and comment). I love this post…sounds all too familiar except for the fact I have a thirteen year old son (who also would love to have unlimited texting capabilities).


  10. kmom3 says

    Texting and cellphones and airplanes, oh my. My three girls are only 2, 4 and 6. I am a cool mom if I buy Yoo-hoo. I am soooo not ready for texting! πŸ™‚ Maybe I should start praying now.
    Thanks for the smiles!

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    Hi Lysa! Once again you made my heart smile when I read your words! I know how you felt putting your daughter on that plane. This past July, I put my son (17) on a plane to Jamaica with his youth group for a mission trip. It was his first plane ride and I was soooo freaked out, but tried to stay calm so I wouldn’t get him freaked out. He did fine. I cried. Oh well! That’s the way the mom cookie crumbles, I guess!
    I have a 5 year old too, so I have a long way to go. Having only boys, I don’t know how having a teenage daughter is, but I sure remember being one! LOL! I put my parents through the ringer with all my ups and downs. I recently found an letter in my High School Senior Memory Book that I had written to myself many years ago. (I won’t say how many for fear of sounding old!) I had forgotten all about it, but found it in due season. It started “Dear Starr,” and went on to remind me how a teenager REALLY wants to be treated; Just in case I ever found myself as the mother of one. Wow! What wisdom was in that letter that I had long forgotten! I think God allowed me to find it at just the right time. It is on my blog and titled “Wisdom From The Past” if you care to read it.
    I hope you have a wonderfully blessed New Year!
    Starr LaPradd

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    Lysa, I love reading your blog everyday. I can’t get through it without laughing at something. I am raising my 8yr old niece who has just begun to discover boys this year along with her 9yr old cousin. This has been a rolla coaster ride I will never forget. All the oohs and ahhs over all the boy bands. I haven’t gotten to the text messagiing stage only because that is the one electronic gadget she still doesn’t have because I won’t buy it. My sister has provided generously all the others. Gotta Love that. NOT. Her dad tells her she can’t date until she is 30. The thought of actually kissing one hasn’t entered her mind yet. Thank God for that one. She can’t stand to hear me talk about men in that way. She still says “Gross”. I just know I am going to need a lot of laughter and grace to get through those years so keep writing.

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    Oh my land! I had the SAME conversation with Luke days before he turned 13 this month…we were only going to go for the 400 texts per month but Dave decided we better get unlimited texting instead…thank God he did…because the day of his birthday he had 70 incoming texts and 36 outgoing texts…in the first 2 hours…I am NOT kidding! I must tell you what he did on Christmas Eve…he texted 25 of his friends (of which they ALL texted him back and agreed to this) and he told them to all put their ringers on the loudest ring and he would text them all at 6:30am on Christmas morning so they could ALL wake up at the same time and then go wake their parents up! It looks like he is putting his leadership skills to practice…agh! It worked…we were all up at 6:30am along with 25 other families…yikes! Hope you got my e-mail regarding the give-away….did you? love ya, Shari

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    Oh that was so sweet! I have tried to do that with my daughter before, but she is only 6! I can’t wait till she’s older and has lived life a bit longer, to get some really interesting answers from her. Well, maybe I can wait..they grow up way tooooo fast!
    Take care,Alyce

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    my daughter is only 3, so we have not worries on TMs right now or kissing boys. Though I do direct a dance ministry of 25 girls and seeveral of them are in teh age range of 13-15 and wow some days I think I am going to go crazy, texting their friends during dance practice, they even send my phone text messages, my poor husband had to up me to unlimited so I could get texts from my dancers!
    ps thanks for stopping by the blog, my dad read it and was like, was that the Lysa that spoke at our church awhile back? I was like yeah thats her, isn’t she hilarious!

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    Lysa, I can not believe what a mean mom you are I mean ACTUALLY making your daugther talk to her friends on her OWN cell phone. Seriously though, we did not have cell phones when I was in school but I couldn’t even use the house phone whenever I wanted to and heaven help the kid that called the house before 8am or after 8pm! Don’t worry, but the time she’s 16 there will be a whole different list of issues! Good luck! Christine G.

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    She sounds like a fun, spunky girl! I’m sure it will be no time at all before my little 2 year old is taking her first flight alone…

    Thanks for visiting Makeshift Mama! It was fun coming over to your site and seeing what you have going on over here! It sounds like you are making a big difference in people’s lives…

    Happy New Year!

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    Lysa-with three teenagers who cannot live without their cell phone (well, one has learned to live without it due to a poor choice and she really is making it) we finally gave up on the free texting. The three teenagers and my husband and I now have unlimited texting. Really, for us, it has been a blessing. We have opened up lines of communications and many conversations have started because of a text message. They talk to us when they are with their friends-we seem to always be in “the know”, or so it seems. Have a blessed New Year. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in and through it (would it be selfish to say in and through me?)!
    In His Graces~Pamela

  19. Heidi from Ohio says

    I was about her age when I went to Florida by myself to spend a month with family. I don’t really remember my mom being overly worried, but I guess in my 14 year old mind I was caught up in the excitement of it all!!!

    My older brother, who was the rebellious child, is now a father himself (which in and of itself is sort of scary, but he’s made a great dad!). He’s actually admitted that the older he gets, the more he understands our parents and their ways, and even said he’s getting to be like dad more and more!

  20. Kim W :-) says

    We got my 18 yr. old a really cool cell phone for his Christmas gift. First one for him – I felt sorry for him, he was the ONLY senior that didn’t have a phone!! We got 200 texts per month, but I can see already that isn’t going to cut it. I think that the teens use text WAY more than talking. Too bad we can’t cash in some of the talking minutes for text!! Or maybe someone should invent a text only phone with a reasonable price for unlimited text. They would probably sell like hotcakes!! LOL
    We went out of state to visit relatives last week & my 17 year old niece apparently had over 3,000 texts in a week. (yes, that was three THOUSAND.) It would take me months to find all those letters on the phone & push them!! LOL
    Lysa, let us know when you cave on the unlimited texts!! πŸ™‚

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    She looks just like you! Gorgeous! She’s at DISNEY!!! WOOHOO! We’re headed there Saturday and are tooooo excited! We were told that there were 95,000 people in the DW parks last New Years Eve…she’s going to have a blast…if she can move.

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    Ahh, yes, the teenager. The American Teenager, no less. I have a 21 year old, an 18 and a 15. I also work in youth ministry. I love having teenagers around. I also love it when college students go back to school after break! They could have a bucket of nuggets in the middle of their beds and not dispatch them. Great post!