The Best Gift for a Wife Ever!

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Okay, grab some tissues for this one. Seriously, get up and go get a tissue because you will need it. Today’s post is one for you to print off and give to your husband or boyfriend or stick it in your treasure chest for your one day husband. At any rate, this is the best writing I’ve ever read from a man explaining how to love a wife.

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Now, for the Best Gift For a Wife Ever-
This blog post was written by Milton Dykes whose wife Kristy is battling brain cancer. I know they would appreciate your prayers for Kristy. If you would like to read more about their story, click here. This is posted with Milton’s permission. I titled it the Best Gift for a Wife Ever because when husbands love their wives this way, no purchased gift could ever top any one of these suggestions. Here’s Milton:

This last week as I have been home for a few moments at different times while Kristy has been in the hospital dealing with a deadly tumor, some things have been very different for me. I don’t think I can explain but I’ll try.

I walked through the house filled with visiting family, but oh, it was sooo empty:

a kitchen…but no cook

a family room…but no family

a bedroom…but no lover

a back porch…but no one to share it’s view

a dining room…but no one to dine with….

I would return to the hospital to hold the hand of my dearest, most precious friend only to wonder if after the surgery would she, could she ever see me, hear me, touch me, talk with me, share life with me again? The pain and horror of those thoughts are haunting and more terrible than you could imagine.

So what does a man who has faced such possibilities have to say to other husbands?

Hold her while you can. Hold her tightly. Hold her hand. Listen to her heart. Look into her eyes. Look at her across the room with that longing, I love you look. Kiss her more often. Be completed by her wonderful differences. Capture the magic and share the thrill of it all. Let the little things go by the board–I promise they don’t matter even as much as the largest hill of beans.

Put some Cologne on and smell good for her. Take her to her favorite place to dine more often. Give a hand written, card with sweet words in it. Find out her favorite movie and share it with her. Turn football off and turn HG TV on. Let her hold the remote.

Grow up and get rid of some of your insecure, male ego. Get smarter and learn from her. Cook her a meal. Make up your bed. Wash some dishes. Do a little vacuuming. Repair something broken in the home without her asking. Let her buy a new dress without griping. You buy her a new dress without her knowing it.

Surprise her with something good.

Be male enough, strong enough, determined enough, to find your tender side. Find a few new, nice words and say them to her. Say them often. Say them sweetly and with quiet, moving, passion.

Share the moment…it might not last long.

Read her the Bible and pray with her. Pray over her heart’s desire in your private prayer moments.

Let God do something fresh in your lives together.

Thankfully, many of these things have been a part of our lives for some time…but some of these thoughts are in need of my attention. Some of them I have never done.

I could quote a ton of Scripture, but this is from a hurting, tendered heart.

No wife is perfect and there is a long list of things women need to know about men, but I can tell you from a fresh wound and hurt in my being that you don’t want to live and build a pile of massive regrets.

We will continue our romance. It will be sweeter, more precious, and it will have new sparkle….I promise!!

What will you do?

Ladies Listen Up:
I am asking you to put this in the hand of your husband. Tell him a man with new insight about life told you to give it to him. Print this and give to a friend whose husband might need some help. Milton Dykes c. 2007

Lysa again: Isn’t that the most beautifully expressed post by a man ever? I told you you’d need tissues. Now, for today’s contest, post some way that you could love your husband (or wife if a man is reading this) today in one of the ways Milton suggested. Because I believe Milton’s advice can go both ways, I have been personally challenged to get more intentional with loving Art after reading this.

Oh, and yes, I’m going to print it off for him and say, “Honey, this is what I want for Christmas. I want us to love each other this way. Let’s work on that.”

What about you?

So, post about this and you’ll be entered to win today’s One Cool Christmas Give Away! Thank you to Proverbs 31 Ministries for sponsoring today’s give away.


  1. rnmsn says

    I just want to thank you for a inspirational website. I just started receiving the encouragement today and it is truly uplifting and God centered. I pray that the spirit of Christmas will be with you and your family now and thru out the years to come. God Bless

  2. humbleheart says

    Wow, God is good to all of us. Thank God for his children like you to share blessings and insight that we so need to hear. We have been so blessed to have united our families in a Godly marriage this past October. Being newlywed should be exciting, it is also a bit challenging. Please pray that I open my eyes to God’s love and be more tender-hearted and compassionate. God bless you and your ministry, and Merry Christmas.

  3. says

    Its important that we learn and share from a brethren in Christ who has suffered as much as this lovely man has. Lets not wait until a tragedy or a loss occurs before realizing how precious our loved ones are. If you knew you would lose the one you love tomorrow what would you do differently today?

  4. says

    Ladies, I just want to tell you, to treasure your husband while you can. My sweet Danny just went to be with the Lord on November 28th this year. We truly had a marriage made in Heaven. Our love and devotion to each other was seen by all who knew us, or even saw us together. In 29 years of marriage, we didn’t have one argument. We had often talked about that, and just a couple of months ago, Danny said he was meditating one day and asked the Lord what the key was to that kind of relationship, and the Lord showed him, it was “instant forgiveness”. That truly was the key. I feel like my heart has been torn in two. It all happened so suddenly that I am still in the denial stage. I will miss him desperately until we are united again in Heaven. So please try to be “instantly forgiving” of your husband and see if it goes both ways, this is what love is made of.


  5. says



  6. redrose says

    The article has inspired me to savor the moment and to love my family and friends with more passion.

  7. Josie says

    My name is Josephine and I truly enjoy reading all the wonderful things you write. Going to bed tonight, I will have the sweetest dreams, and when I wake up I know I will be forever changed. I can’t change anyone else, so, why not change myself. I was blessed with such a kind and loving husband. He is my true soul mate of 27 years. A lot of things happen in so many years. He has never failed me yet. Now and forever I will not fail him. Thank you for all your encourgements. I always look for things to inspire me and your comments do just that. I am so blessed by even being able to write these few words. Thank you again for this blessing!

  8. says

    I am reminded of taking the time to “Just Be”, there is nothing like stopping what you are doing and realize the beauty that surrounds you. There are times we all get caught in the hustle and bustle of LIFE and forget the smallest pleasures laughing, crying, praying and pausing. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. Give a gift to yourself… PAUSE!

  9. says

    Thank you for the God-honoring website you have created. I appreciate all of the articles and especially the email devotionals. Though I don’t send on many forwards, I always send these on.
    God bless you!

  10. Sharon says

    I want to thank you for that beautiful advise to us women about not holding things against our husband… I was thinking about that alot today.I think one way to let our husbands know how much we admire them, is to speak well of them in public. Men need to be respected. That is one thing the Lord is teaching me lately and I want to learn how to be that beautiful wife on th inside and out. I have been married a year and I love it and I thank God for a loving Husband. Thanks again for your ministry of encouragement!

  11. SoccerMom says

    Thanks for posting this wonderful sentiment! Perhaps some of us “wives” can change a few of the duties and television shows, etc. and remember to cherish our husbands as much as they cherish us. The article was very thought provoking. Thanks.

  12. says

    This is so beautiful and true. We should never take someone for granted and need to go out of our way to show our love by doing those little things that make them feel good. This truly touches my heart.

  13. says

    This is so beautiful and true. We should never take someone for granted and need to go out of our way to show our love by doing those little things that make them feel good. This truly touches my heart.

  14. ericrahn says

    I know a lot of men who need to read this and take it to heart. As men, sometimes we take our wives for granted…what they do, say, clean up, etc. This REALLY made me think and convicted me to do more for my wonderful, precious, sweet-as-pumkin-pie wife whom I love with ALL of my heart!!!!