A Nugget for the New Year- Literally!

I will eventually get to my New Year’s Resolution for this year. But we have to take a little journey first. You see it all started this morning when I was reading and about half way through a particularly stirring verse in Isaiah, I spotted a nugget. Not of wisdom. But a literal nugget made of chicken pieces and parts. (It did not come from Chick-fil-A which is probably why said nugget never got eaten.) Yes, there it sat. So, right then and there I decided to do a little test. I left it just to see how long it would take for another human in my home to notice it and recognize where this day old, unrefrigerated nugget of pieces and parts belonged. Poor little nugget sat hour after hour right in the middle of my den- right beside Brooke playing with her cyber pets on Webkins. It sat through Ashley’s cartoon fest. It sat while Jackson walked past it umpteen times while making his grand plans for hanging with his buds tonight. It sat while Art got ready for work and walked past it to have me fix his tie.

Not a soul noticed the nugget except me! So, I devised part two of my plan. I asked the kids to come and sit on the couch so I could take their picture. I purposely posed them right with the nugget. Look at my evidence people- just look!

To your left you’ll see Ashley just chatting away while little nugget is close enough to hear every detail!
Jackson is posed right beside it. He even made a comment, “Look mom there is a nugget on the table.” I bit my tongue because I needed to complete my experiment. I needed to know, “Is there another human who will feel compelled to pick up the NUGGET for Pete’s sake- whoever Pete is.

And then here is my little Brooke Caroline- but do you notice the little detail about her photo? The nugget has been moved! Moved I tell you!!! Someone flicked it just a few inches but never bothered to pick it up. Are you feeling my pain? It has been 8 hours since the nugget was first discovered by muwah!

So what is one to do with such pieces and parts that have been on display like this all day? Sometimes she gets all in huff and demands to know who did this and why is it that no one but her EVVVER picks up things like this—blah, blah, blah. But on the day that she asked God to give her His resolution for her this year- she sees His Nugget of wisdom and decides to end her experiment and simply pick it up herself.

She then puts on her rose colored glasses that will surely transport her to places more tropical- where they don’t even serve little deep fried poultry parts-


without having a hissy fit, she purses her lips into a most sincere smile and simply throws the nugget away. But not without taking a photo of the event so that her bloggy friends who have surely found nuggets in and around and tucked under and stuck to- can relate and maybe even smile.

So that brings me to my New Year’s resolution:

Sometimes it is necessary to have a full blown hissy fit. But this year I am going to really make an effort to put on my big girl panties and simply get over things like this.

I think my study of Isaiah will really help that. “Forget the former things (like daily hissy fits); do not dwell on the past (even when it smells like day old chicken.) See (Look for God in every situation and if you have cool glasses like these that my dentist let me pick from the prize box last week, they will surely help), I am doing a new thing! (God’s abundance and my feelings of frustration and emptiness are a perfect match.) Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? (God is available moment by moment with perfectly designed wisdom and perspectives for my every toil and trial.) I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” (Boy does that perfectly describe my soul when it gets all busy and dried up- kind of like that nugget.) Isaiah 43: 18-19.


What do teenagers really think?

Right now, I am writing you from the airport about to put part of my heart on an airplane by herself. Hope, my almost 14 year old, is flying to Disney World to meet up with her best friend’s family for a week of fun, sun, and plenty of silliness. My little girl is growing up.

In an effort to make myself feel better and to connect with her on a very deep level, I’ve decided to interview her for today’s blog while we wait for her to board the plane.

Me: What makes you feel loved by me and Dad?
Hope: “When you get me things that I desperately need- like unlimited text messaging for my cell phone.”

Me: What do parents do that really get on their teens nerves?
Hope: “They don’t get you unlimited text messaging on their phone- that is really awful. They don’t understand them sometimes. If they would just listen teens are actually right some of the time. (she actually said most of the time but since I have editorial control—and way more wisdom— it is some of the time. I love being the mom!)

Me: What will you do differently when you are a mom?
Hope: “I will pay their bills because I will see that they need unlimited text messaging. I won’t make them do chores and jobs to earn their own money— ahem—I will just be the funnest mom ever.”

We interrupt this interview because her cell phone just rang. She is already out of text messages for this month- one week into this billing cycle. She now has to talk to her friends instead of texting– a complete and utter shame.

She is in the process of solving the problems of the world by discussing who likes who and why that person should not text that boy so much.

She’s back.

Me: Define true love:
Hope: “When your eyes connect together and you just know in your heart that he’s the one. HaHa. Okay, Mom, back to the texting thing- you can get unlimited texting for your whole family for only $30 a month and I think you and Dad should pay for that.”
(I feel a lecture coming on and I’m getting less and less sentimental about putting her on that plane.)

Me: What will you do when you’re like 25 years old and a boy tries to kiss you?
Hope: “Mom! At 25? I would kiss him back DUH.”
Me: You better just send him a little TEXT MESSAGE that says, “No kissy, no huggie ’till I get a weddin‘ ring!” That’s some great wisdom straight from a country song that you would do well to memorize.

Me: Do you have anything else you would like to share?
Hope: Can I use your computer?

(Now, the mist in my eyes has totally evaporated and I’m really okay with her leaving.)

Okay— here’s a little update about what happened as I said goodbye to her at the gate:
Me: I love you sweetheart.
Hope: I love you too, Mom. (She wrapped one arm around me and gave me that look that says, Even when I try to act all cool, I’m still you’re little girl.)

Oh dear- the mist is back.

And the Winner from my last post’s contest is:

Veronica from Toddled Dredge blog. Congrats! E-mail me at Lysa1@Proverbs31.org and give me your address. I’ll send the book off to you. And yes friend, I think Mary was tired by now too!


Just a little wisdom from the TerKeurst Family-

Brooke: “Mom, are you looking for gray hairs again?”

Me: “Nope. I just like getting my head this close to the mirror.”
Brooke: “Abby’s mom knows the trick.”
Me: “What trick?”
Brooke: “She has a wand that she waves over her head and it pulls out all her gray hairs. But it doesn’t hurt at all. And then instantly brown hairs just grow back right away. It’s really good Mom. You should get one of those.”

When you go to a very formal dinner on Christmas Eve and they are serving carved turkey, you really shouldn’t take the neatly staked turkey slices. Really you should just rip off one of the turkey legs which hangs off your china plate and then take your seat at the formal table and ask your mama why does everyone have two forks.

There are three ways to keep the deer from eating the pansies that your husband spent hours planting so that his wife could walk by them every day and say, “awww, my Arthur did that for me!”
1. plant deodorant soap under the mulch- but our deer like soapy pansies and eat them still

2. go to your barber and ask for a bag of human hair and then sprinkle it on top of your pansies- you’ve never seen a vision of loveliness like hairy pansies!- but our deer don’t mind the hair either

3. when drastic measures are called for you have to tee-tee on the pansies and well the deer seem to then stay away. I won’t tell you who discovered this nor will I share who’s chore this is everyday. But boy do my pansies look pretty!

And lastly, Art’s sure fire way to get his teen-aged daughter off the phone with her friend: “Hope, I got the nose hair trimmer repaired today! Did you hear me? The nose hair trimmer is fixed!” He just announced that very loudly as I was typing this so I had to add it in.

Have mercy. I love my family.
Okay, I know the Give Away is over but I’m still in the gifting mood. So, post some tidbit of your family’s wisdom (silly or sane) and I’ll pick the best one and send you a prize! My book, “The Bathtub is Overflowing But I Feel Drained,” could be yours— just for the posting.